Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My sleeping partner has moved on

When Annette was here at the weekend I slept on the camp bed in the spare room. It's only a cheapish fold up one, more like a sun lounger really, and not meant for sleeping on. It's very comfortable though, I sleep very well on it.
It looks like Lily has decided that it's a great place for him to sleep, so easy and convenient to climb onto, as it's only a foot from the ground. Poor old thing is getting on a bit and not as agile as he used to be. This arrangement is ideal for him. I haven't the heart to take it away, so here it will stay untill he gets fed up with it and finds somewhere else. At least it gives me a break, for the last few months he has been snuggling up under the covers right next to me to keep warm. I haven't dared move in case I squash him. Maybe now that it's spring he wants his own bed.  
I've just been watching Timothy Spall on the BBC iplayer. He sailed his flat bottomed boat around the coastline of Britain, it's been ever so interesting. This week he went to Whitby, Scarborough, Spurn Point, and ended up at Wells Next the Sea. If you want to see more pictures of Whitby, and Spurn Point, if you remember I have been to both of these places, tune into the iplayer. Sorry I don't think our overseas people can get it.


  1. ah - how thoughtful of you MQ - I hope you serve breakfast in bed ?
    I have some 'cat steps' plastic thingies covered in sheepskin for my OAC's to climb up on.
    He looks very content.

  2. He looks completely content. Very sweet.

  3. Aah, how could you move his bed! I love these programs but we rarely get anything like it here...'Coast' was great.
    Jane x

  4. Bonnie the cat sleeps on my bed, and I worry about disturbing her in the night. I must be mad!

  5. I have three felines who share my bed, though it is more like I share theirs. Lily looks lovely.

  6. I remember when out Kitty and Fred were on their last legs, they used to take the stairs a few at a time poor old things.
    I fully understand you not moving the camp bed but only another cat lover would get it. lol

  7. My cat Merlin shares our bed, if I move over, he doesn't like it and moves himself. He actually noses his way under the covers - he's not daft.


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