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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Time is going toooo fast for me

Blimey I've missed a day, I don't know where the time goes. I see some more new people are posting lovely comments, welcome new people. Lets have a look at who has popped in. I am trying to keep up but you are all way ahead of me.

Hi lilyredcloud, thanks for your compliments, I feel a trifle embarrassed when people say nice things. I will drink a toast to you when I open my next bottle of wine, and pretend it came from you. I have two bottles awaiting consumption, given to me by my doggy friends for helping them out.

Hi Wimmera from Melbourne Australia. I hope your friends are having a lovely time now they have got off the treadmill and moved to a smaller home. Thanks for that story.

Hi Lucy, I admire your determination to read my blog from start to end, maybe we can have a virtual party when you finally catch up with the rest of us. Keep reading gal :-)

Hi Pam from Lincolnshire, nice to meet you. If you love your job keep at it, no need to retire just yet if you don't want to. As long as you are enjoying your life that's all that matters. The swing bridge you mention, would that be the one at Sutton Bridge? If so I know it well. I hope to visit Norfolk one day, I'll give you a shout as I am passing through and we can meet up.

Hi 50 and counting, thanks for that insight into the Canadian/American healthcare situation. It's great that we can learn about how things are done in other parts of the world on my lidl ole blawg. You've gotta say that with the accent.

Hi Samantha. You told us about how good neighbours help each other, doing favours and getting favours back. I like that idea. We all might need some help one day, so best to look out for others in case they need help. What goes round comes round.

Hi Marlene, I'm pleased you have discovered that being made redundant doesn't have to be the end of the world. Be happy with your five pussies, give them a hug from me.

Hi anyone I have forgotten, and thanks for the email Judy, much appreciated.

There has been some brilliant comments on the Getting off the Treadmill posts, read 1 and 2 to get the full story. Thank you all for your input, it has been very enlightening.

Right, what am I up to. I can't move too far from home at the moment. Barry is still in hospital, he should be home any day soon. The good news is that Scruff dog has perked up a bit. A week ago he didn't want to go out of his garden and wouldn't come for a walk because he was so sad. All he wanted to do was lie on the settee and wait for Barry to come back. Now, when I put the key in the door he jumps up to greet me with a waggy tail, and is happy to have his collar and lead on and go walkies. I feel like that woman what was she called, years ago, who did the dog training programme on tele. Her catchphrase was singing the word 'Walkies'. Barbara I think she was called.

Rocky came back on Saturday and he was jumping for joy when I fetched him for a walk. He has been across to visit and walk with Scruff a few times. I am sure it has done Scruff a lot of good, they are the best of pals.

The kittens and mum cat are doing really well. Janet came to visit today and between us we photographed them all individually. Not an easy task to get lively kittens to keep still for a nano second, ha ha. We will put these on our page on the catchat web site soon. Janet usually sees to that job. They all seem to be scoffing themselves silly. They are getting plenty of food down them, and of course this makes them quite productive at the other end. Luckily we have been given four huge bags of cat litter, by a friends OH who works at a factory which produces it. I happened to meet them yesterday while out dog walking, they were walking their two dogs Lulu and George. How kind people are.

I'm getting a bit restless, need to go walking soon, and camping when the weather picks up. Still busy this week, I'm also watering the plants in a friends greenhouse, they have gone away, back at the weekend. Still bits to do next week, it's looking like the last week in June for a holiday. Hope we get some sunshine. Ooops nearly forgot, I was on Radio Humberside this morning again. They rang and asked if I would talk about using coupons and vouchers when shopping, and getting discounts on the Groupon site. You could listen to it on the BBC iplayer, go to local radio stations. I was on just before 10am. Sorry haven't got the link to hand. Phew, got to go. My stomach is grumbling. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi Iam Simone from Malta I look forward to read your blog everyday!

  2. Barbara Woodhouse I think.
    I can't imagine my life without animals, they bring so much joy.
    Jane x

  3. I love animals to. They bring us such happiness. Im hoping fr a little holiday at my aunts bungalow at Whitley Bay to remince about my childhood. I had such happiness there with my dad I.miss him so much.

  4. I was just going to say Barbara Woodhouse but Jane and Chris beat me to it.

    I'm glad Scruff is perking up, I hate it when animals are not bouncy, I feel so sorry for them.

    Went on the bike on Sunday for a ride, needed some exercise after all that rain. Did a circuit, called at the Garden Centre, drank my own water and bought a Kendal mint cake as cakes were £2.50. I only had a bit of money as I wanted eggs from farm and hadn't intended to call at Garden centre. I certainly won't be buying cake there now they've put the price up.

    Today went to the Co-op and bought lots of things with yellow stickers on.

  5. I would hate to be without my dog and cat. Even though Bonnie, the cat drives me mad sometimes with her fussy eating habits. She always ends up getting her own way too.

  6. Ilona you were BRILLIANT on the radio - as usual. I was shouting at the computer "her name is ILONA! not Iona!" Lol. If you are ever on your travels in Yorkshire you can stay with me for free as we have a lovely spare double room (we live near Holmfirth). You are amazing as I would be a complete nervous wreck on the radio. Groupon is, absolutely a way of getting us to part money for unnecessary items. Never used them.

  7. Hope Barry is home soon to be with his beloved Scruff:) Pleased to hear that Scruff has perked up though:) I'm sure little Rocky really missed you Ilona. You have brought so much joy into his life♥ Hope you can arrange some walking/camping soon. Linda xx

  8. I realise that I haven't been popping by much recently. Hi! Time's flying for me too. x

  9. thanks for the welcome i am from north east scotland and love hearing about rocky, scruff and the puss cats



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