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Friday, 13 July 2012

Another good day for gardening

Aye up, I'm back again, read one get one free, ha ha, (ROGOF)  I thought I would just let you know I haven't been sitting on my @rse all day, here is proof that I have been busy busy, wrestling with the lilac trees, and the bushes all around them. I've made a start with the loppers, oh how I love my loppers.

And the end, only twigs left standing now. Looks a bit scraggy but not to worry, it will soon pick up again and flower next year. I love the smell of  lilac flowers but they soon look horrible when they go brown.

I went round the other side into my neighbours garden and cut a load off there as well. The blue plastic sheeting comes in handy for keeping it all together. There is too much to bag up. My lovely neighbour said help yourself to strawberries, she has them growing in the borders. Luverly jubberly. A drop of evap milk and they will go down a treat.

I took a load to the council dump, but there is still some more junk to get rid off. I'll make another trip tomorrow. On the way back I called in the Spar shop to look for any reductions. Managed to find a half price lettuce, 50p, and a packet of five cereal bars also half price for 50p.

I can't be bothered to go shopping tonight, I will manage over the weekend with what I have in. Tonight was baked beans mixed with red kidney beans, on toast, and scrambled eggs. As it's the weekend I've opened the bottle of white wine which Barry gave me. I'm expecting it to get a bit windy later on :o) Toodle pip. 


  1. In case you haven't seen this -

  2. Do you have to lop lilacs every year? Now, I want srawberries! You could do yard work for her for berries? Yeah, wind and wine go

  3. Jane,
    That was a very good site. Only the offal I could not handle! Good food and good-for-you food does not have to be expensive.

  4. Gosh, missing the strawberries already. Sick of winter here!

  5. Hi PP, It is two years since I last lopped the top off my lilac, it all depends on how tall you want to allow them to grow. Chop a bit off every year or a lot off every two years.

    Thanks for the link Jane. A good site for meat eaters, but not for me I'm afraid.

  6. Ilona I have just discovered your blog and I think you are amazing :)

  7. Why thank you very much Anony. It's pretty amazing that you found my blog, and thank you for leaving a comment.

  8. That is a big bowl of strawberries. Did you leave her any?

  9. A good day's work, that's for sure. Now, why didn't I think of a blue tarp when I was trimming all my trees! I've done it with boxes... next time, for sure. Hope you kept the windows open during the windy wine session! 8-)


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