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Friday, 13 July 2012

Chop 'em all down

Here we go, look what I found in my 'in box', this morning.


I'm Michelle from Bla-de-Bla. We have a suggestion which we hope will be useful for your web site.

We may be able to offer you some free of charge content for your web site, in return for a link back to our site.

We have a dedicated team of professional writers. We can have them (at our expense) research and write some content specifically for you to publish on your web site

You have complete control over the subject and focus for each piece; the content will be unique to your web site and there are definitely no costs or other commitments for you. All we would ask is that for each piece of content you agree with us, you allow us to include one simple text link to my site within the content.

If you approve the content on your site, will provide social media promotion and drive traffic to the article (building your traffic and social signals).
Please let me know if this would potentially work for you and we can come back to you with further details.
Thanks and kind regards

and my reply.......

Hi Michelle, You obviously haven't read my web site. There is absolutely nothing on there about borrowing money. The whole point of my blog is living within your means, only buying what you need not what you want, and finding happiness in simple things, things that money can't buy.

I know enough about borrowing money to know it ruins people's lives. Money Saving Expert Forum is full of threads about the misery of debt, most of which is caused by loan companies targeting vulnerable people. I do my best to steer people away from borrowing, and to look at their own spending habits for the solution to a happier life.

I have looked at your site, with the words Pay Day Loans emblazoned across the top. No doubt there are many more like yours. If I had my way I would remove the lot of them from the web, television, newspapers, and any other advertising media. I would close you down.

Just to make my position clear for anyone else reading this. Pay Day Loans, and any other loan companies which offer quick easy money, with very few checks on whether the borrower has the means to pay the exorbitant interest rates, are the scourge of society. This particular email comes from a broker, not the loan company itself but a person who puts themselves forward as a middleman, someone who finds business for the loan company. They get a cut when some unfortunate individual is sucked in and signs on the dotted line. What you have to remember is that there is always someone out their who is ready to cash in on someone elses vulnerability and eventually their misery. 

Avoid these types of loans at all costs, even if you aint got two halfpennies to rub together. There is a better way. Stop spending money you don't have. I know I've said it before and I hate repeating myself, but I think this message has to be repeated over and over again untill it sinks in. Don't get sucked in by these adverts. Someone somewhere is living a life of luxury on the massive interest rates they charge. They are leeches and will milk you dry, don't let them. Stop taking out these loans, stop handing over your hard earned cash to line their pockets. 

I'm off outside before I blow a gasket. I'll work my anger off with my loppers. Every branch felled will be another loan company gone to the wall. Yay :o))   


  1. Good on ya Ilona - if only we could fell those loan sharks as easily as using your loppers! Things are desperately tight, moneywise, in our house but I'd still never consider the pay day loan sharks and their 5000% interest rates. They should be outlawed! How can it be in anyone's interest (except their own) for them to exist. If people must borrow money - they should go to their local Credit Union.

  2. Some states in the US do outlaw payday loan places. Of course, out state, one of the poorest in the nations allows them. Not just the poor use them. My friend's ex used them all the time and he was a radiologist at a hospital. She was appalled at his actions. I was shocked because up until then, I thought that people making as much as he did and had as much education would not step foot in those places.

  3. Very well said Ilona. I am amazed that this type of company is still legal - surely there should be some legislation to ban them?

  4. A resounding 'hear, hear!' from me!

  5. They are nasty little leeches prreying on the unfortunate and those that do not understand the repayment terms! Good for you! How anyone who works for these legit companies can sleep at night I will never know.

  6. Total loan sharks, dont know why it is not illegal.

  7. I can see the steam coming out of your ears from here Ilona lol
    It scares me so much how easy credit can be obtained by gullible people (like the overdraft given by a high street bank to my 19 year old son who now cannot get out of it as every time he gets paid it just clears his overdraft and the only way to survive is to go back into it again and incur more fees!)

  8. Don't get me started on overdrafts. Banks chuck money at you right left and centre, then screw you into the ground. Grrrrrr.

  9. well said. I think that the advertising regulators should ban all money lending adverts along with adverts for compensation claims.

  10. I agree with all the comments on this page and good for you Ilona for seeing them off. I always laugh when these adverts come on as my eyes go straight to the tiny tiny print across the bottom of the screen where it tells you they will charge you 2 million percent interest for the pleasure of borrowing their money!

  11. Well said that woman. I read an article on being frugal recently, and the young woman's idea of being frugal was to spend £60 on a pair of Manola Blahnicshoes from a charity shop- some people really do not get the message!!

  12. Gosh, you wasted a lot of words on that person..."Dear M I have two words for you...second one is off, the first rhymes with duck."
    Jane x

  13. Hear, hear Ilona. I agree with everything said above. Unfortunately these 'sharks' are always aiming their 'fantastic loans' at vulnerable people who may be in trouble already and their 'helpful loan' will only make them far worse off in the end. Ann x

  14. Well said! They'll not read it though, they are too busy sending the same email to hundreds of bloggers in the hope of getting a bite. But well done on biting back!!

  15. Next time get them to write the article, then send the same reply. Waste their money as they waste other people's :)

  16. I wish they would all go away too. What did my parents do in the 70's when there was mass unemployment and no minimum wage? They have never relied on credit - ever - no credit cards, no overdraft and certainly no payday loans. We cut back and did without, it wasn't particularly nice, but it wasn't forever. I think we do live in a society of people feeling they have certain rights to things and our culture is I'm afraid buy it now pay later. The only problem with later is that they can't predict what's going to happen in the future. They take a payday loan out to get them over a minor crisis with full intentions of paying it in full on payday. But then the boiler stops in the middle of winter, or the car breaks down, the washing machine breaks, over time stops it doesn't get paid, so they take another payday loan to pay the first and you have signed your life away paying a zillion % for the privilege. I understand your anger Ilona.

  17. Ilona.... you're a STAR!!

  18. Totally agree with you, Ilona. Was appalled to see that one of these awful pay day loan shops has now opened in our little market town - what a wicked concept these things are.

  19. When sentences start with, "I have a right...," you know you're going to hear some self-entitlement statement that explains why they have the manicured nails, $150 tennis shoes, and SmartPhones. But, they're past due on all their bills, houses in foreclosure (or, they simply walk away), and complain non-stop about how bad the world is treating them. No, some people will never catch on that they are responsible for their own financial troubles. Not EVERYONE lost their jobs or faced major illnesses. But, there was a never a 'want' they didn't fulfill, on the charge card, and now somebody wants to be paid. I haven't used a card in years. You go after them, Girl, and imagine every one is a bush that needs trimming. Come visit when you can.


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