Friday, 6 July 2012

Making a pot out of scrap

The rain is non stop here today, relentless bucketing it down. The lawn is like a bog with puddles all over it. Thankfully the drains are able to cope and I haven't heard about any local flooding. They have it bad in other parts of North Lincolnshire though, my house is safe thank goodness.

Anyway, here is a little indoor project that you might like to have a go at, if you can crochet. It won't cost anything, all you need is an empty jar, and a ball of wool. Start by making a circle the same size as the bottom of the jar. There is no pattern, I just make it up. Then bring the crochet up the sides. If your jar is narrower at the top like mine is, you will need to decrease a few stitches as you go along. Round and round the jar untill you get to the top. Then stitch in the loose end just below the top on the inside so it doesn't show.

Next I cut some shapes out of a scrap of fabric. Then I used a spot of varnish on a brush to seal the edges to stop the fabric fraying. If you haven't got a tin of varnish you can use clear nail varnish, or use fabric which doesn't fray. Or you can crochet your own decorations out of different coloured wool.

I decided not to use the yellow flowers, I didn't think they were needed, it looks kinda nice with just the leaves stitched around the bottom.

And there you have it, a container for your paint brushes......

or your knitting needles......

or a few sprigs of green from the garden.

If you want to make a pen holder you need to use a smaller jar, this one is too tall, the pens disappear inside. Because the top is narrower than the bottom the cover can't easily be removed. If you use a jar which is the same circumference all the way down, you will be able to take the cover off to wash the jar, if you put water and flowers in it. Have fun designing your own, or a gift for someone else. Toodle pip.


  1. That looks brilliant! You're so creative! :)

    1. P.S I'm trying to ignore the rain! Will have to whip out the brolly when I go to Bristol for training next week though! No running home to get changed there!

  2. That looks pretty, I have been thinking of covering a few pots and have lots of scraps of wool. Have you had a look at Attic 24's blog she has lots of simple things like that on her blog.

  3. hello
    that looks wonderful!! brilliant idea!!!
    have a fab weekend,

  4. Nice job! Looks especially pretty with the greens in it :)

  5. very smart Ilona, I do like the red and green combo.

  6. Is there any end to your crafty talents?
    I keep trying to send you some sun (33C + humidex today = stinking hot) but everytime the sun gets halfway across the Atlantic the rain clouds push it back to us!
    Jane x

  7. That`s a pretty thing. The red and green would be good for Christmas ( which will be here before we know it at this rate!).

  8. Beautiful and creative Ilona, I hope you are drying out now! We have had floods today in places we have never seen floods before, but now it is sunny again and everywhere is drying up quickly thank goodness. What is the Trent like at your end? We are fearing that when all the water drains from the hills that it could burst it's banks here.....

  9. I keep being drawn to learning how to crochet. Might be something to try in the future when I've got more time on my hands. x

  10. Bloomin 'eck Ilona thats lovely. You've got an eye for design. Have you thought about selling your things at a craft fayre? I have started rag rugging, I've been collecting scraps of fabrics for ages with the intentions of doing something creative with them. A shop by me sells handcrafted items so it got me thinking....

  11. Really lovely. You clever girl! Stay safe in this awful weather Ilona x

  12. Hi Ilona
    redone this.
    I love the covered jar, it is a lovely idea.
    We had lots of rain yesterday afternoon here in Thornton (North West England)but no localised flooding like we had a couple of weeks ago. Today looks like the sun is going to shine all day.

  13. Thats a nice idea. I love making things. Im knitting toys alreadyfor my little bump.

  14. This is such a cute idea! I am going to make one thanks :)


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