Friday, 24 August 2012

I've joined the trolley dollies

Hiya. Little Rosie wants pics of my new shopping trolley so here goes. I was in Westgate Store on Tuesday and saw they had two of these in. Westgate is part of the Co op chain so I don't usually go in because everything is so pricey, but worth a look as I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere else. They were priced up at £22.99 (I hate 99p), on special offer from a recommended retail price of £44.99. No way are they worth that, but at the sale price it's a maybe from me.

When I went back yesterday I was chuffed to see they were having a '10% off' day on everything in the store, so even better. I paid £20 69, and they only had one left. Some trolleys are quite small and flimsy, I wanted a larger one where I didn't have to stoop when I dragged it behind me. As you can see the handle comes almost up to my waist.

I also needed one with robust wheels, but without paying a fortune for it. Checking prices on the web they can go up to around £100, yikes! The spec doesn't give a recommended loaded weight, but I suppose it's like everything else, if you abuse something and it isn't the de luxe version you could hit problems if you tried to push your luck. I think these wheels will be ok for me. I am still toying with the idea of using it for a camping trip using the bus pass. Can't do it in the next ten days or so though because I am busy.

It has a zip pocket at the back.

And a drawstring top. I can see a problem with water getting in if I have it fully loaded and get caught in a downpour. I might make an ajdustment, an extra lid which fits over the sides, like a skirt. The fabric appears to be waterproof but I can always put things in plastic bags as I pack it.

And if I wanted to use the little trolley for transporting bulky packages I can always remove the bag. Neat.

Right, onto photography. Wean asks how did I take the picture of me reading the Dyson Manual. They were my hands Wean. When I took this one I put the camera on my window sill which is about the right height to snap me sitting in my office chair. I set the timer and a red light flashes for ten seconds then it clicks the shutter. The problem with living alone is that there is no one else to help with the picture taking. If I want to make a video with me on it I have to start it off and run round to the front of the camera, or set it up and sit still in front of it.

Instead of buying an expensive tripod to help set up the shots, I came up with this idea, a way to hold the camera safely in position without it falling over. Line it all up and you've got ten seconds to get yourself in the picture. A piece of box shaped polystyrene packaging, with two slots cut into it with a stanley or craft knife, to place the camera into depending whether you are taking landscape or portrait. Don't make the slots too big or the camera will slip too far down into them, you want a tight fit. Also be carefull not to make the landscape slot too deep so the lens is not fouled. Switch the camera on before you insert it.

The clean Dyson has been road tested, or should I say carpet tested, and yes I can report that it appears to suck a lot better than it did. So thank you Mark for nudging me in the right direction, I probably wouldn't have done it without your nagging, ha ha, only joking.

Right, lunch time, but I'll take Rocky out first.


  1. Cool trolley, I have my eye on a mad pink zebra stripe one :-O

    I have one with 3 wheels to help it bump up steps (He calls it my off-road trolley).

    What a great idea to use it as a camping trolley, can't wait to read about your trip!

    1. Impressive trolley - I like it. They are so useful too.

  2. Hi Ilona.
    Love the new trolley, I joined the club a couple of years ago and it has saved my back.
    You said you hate the 99p I did too until I asked someone why it wasn't rounded up. They told me it was because the till had to be opened to give the 1p change as there were people just pocketing the rounded up amount as they didn't have to register it. If that makes sense.


  3. Fab! You can get some really funky trolleys now. It used to be a choice of different coloured tartan, which is fine, but sometimes its nice to have something bright and bold. Great price! I have been looking for a new one for my parents and was shocked at how much you can pay for a good one. The 3 wheeler ones (like Kaths) are cool too!

  4. Nice trolley - but I got one recently from Red Cross charity shop for only £2.00 ! yah !

    Thanks for the info re taking pics - I'll try that I think, I've had a couple of people ask me for a pic of myself (don't know why !) the only one of me on my blog is of me 'loving' my Sopicat ! in my scruffs - but I don't care - he was the most important thing - and as you say, that's one of the drawbacks of living alone - but the advantages far outweigh this don't you think ?

  5. I remember my grandma having a shopping trolley it was a funny little wicker thing but I liked it for transporting dolls and teddies. Trolleys have certainly evolved (in a good way) since those days.

  6. Love the idea of bus pass camping. Great trolley to use

  7. That's a pretty cool trolley. I think people of all ages could use that. :) I like that you can remove the bag - pretty handy touch.

  8. Mine is just a wire basket, no fabric. I keep thinking I will make a cloth or plastic liner. My wheels are not sturdy. They are just pushed onto the axle, no cotter pin or anything. I approach curbs slowly and ease it up and over or down. You could always keep a large trash bag in the trolley and use it to pull over the top when it rains. It would not blow off since you would pull it down. Plus, the tie on the trash bag could be snugged to fit.

  9. Hi brendaintheboro, I've been reading your blog and I'm amazed at how many miles you cycle, you must be super fit. Forgive me if I don't comment on your blog, but Wordpress send me junk mail which I don't want. I'll keep reading though without commenting.

    Good for you Wean, that was a good find. I have been looking for a trolley for months in charity shops and car boot sales, but I had specific requirements so I thought it best to bite the bullet and buy new.

    Hi Eve, yes I know about giving a penny change, I did shop work years ago.

  10. Love the trolly, very smart. Bus pass camping is the best !

    Cleaned and repaired my vac today, see what a good influence you are.

  11. I am so happy for you that you bought the exact kind of trolley that you wanted (nice one too)...good for you, sometimes patience really pays off.

  12. Very cute trolly, I like the pattern. We clean our vacuum out at least every six months. It sure helps to coax more life out of the unit.

  13. I seem to be the only one who doesn't really like your trolley. Here in France we still have a thriving BASKET culture; no plastic bags, no £22.99p trollies, just hand made, proper, shopping baskets!

  14. Just catching up with your posts.

    A lovely trolley which I know you will get your money's worth using.

    And we have been inspired to give our Dyson a jolly good clean too.

    Sft xx

  15. Hi Ilona, I have a trolley and I keep a heavy duty black bag in the zipper pocket so if there is a downpour, I can just tuck it down over the top and pull the flap over and it seems to do the trick. Another thing, always look for the lowered kerbs, especially if you have it loaded. I chanced a high kerb with a fully loaded trolley, twisted my wrist and dropped it, so the handle got cracked. Mended it with some black gaffer tape, it does the job. I'd be lost without my trolley, had it for about 7 years and it's lugged loads of shopping. Hope you are keeping ok. Haven't had chance to check out all your posts. Cheers for now, Christy.


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