Thursday, 23 August 2012

Save £20, spend £23

Oh alright then, I give in. Several of you told me in a previous post that I should clean my Dyson, after I had a phone call from someone trying to get me to book a service for it. I cut the salesman off in his prime and declared that I don't pay for servicing my appliance, it either works or it doesn't work. When it breaks I will get it fixed.

Then yesterday Mark asked to use it to suck the dust out of the back of my computer. He then went on to tell me that he had to take his Dyson apart and clean every single piece of it before it gets packed into a container for it's journey to Australia. Apparently there are strict rules about anything coming into the country has to be squeeky clean to elliminate contamination and the spread of disease. He said they inspect every single item before they will let it in.

He showed me how easy it is to remove the filter. He struggled a bit with mine as it had ten years of dust build up in there, ha ha. Ok ok Mark, I get the picture, you don't have to spell it out to me, I know I am a lazy slob where maintenance is concerned. Right, where is the instruction manual.

I am one of those people who never reads instructions, I want to push a button and hey presto it works. I don't want to have to read up on which button to press, just press them all till I find the right one.

I think the table in the garden is the best place for this job, there is dust everywhere.

Good day for doing this, it's sunny with a slight breeze. All bits are clean now.

Just got to wait for the filter to dry out, and then I will be able to suck away to my hearts content. Seems a shame to start using it really, it will get all mucky again. Maybe a good reason not to do the Dysoning, ha ha.

You'll never guess what happened! While I was eating my lunch the phone rang, a woman from a Service Centre asked me about my Dyson. I couldn't believe it, what a coincidence. I'm sure she didn't believe me when I said I wouldn't be needing her service as I had just done it myself. She said they do a full and thorough service for £20. I was telling her how easy it was, when she put the phone down on me in mid sentence, cheeky woman.

Anyway, the moral of this story is, that as I have saved myself £20, I now feel justified in purchasing a shopping trolley for £23, which I have seen in a shop in town. I have been looking for a second hand one for ages but I have to give up because there aren't any about. Those who buy them new are keeping them. I've had my eye on this one for about a week, it's the right size and looks robust enough for the job. I have looked on the internet at prices but it is very difficult to see the quality in those small pictures, and they seem quite expensive anyway. The one in town is in a sale, so it's quite a good buy. Think I'll go and get it.
Toodle pip.


  1. It will be interesting to see if it works better. My husband cleans ours out regularly, I think it makes a difference, but then ours is always full of dog hair LOL

  2. I can't believe she hung up on you! What appalling "service"! I guess it's a good idea to keep up the maintenance, you'll get another decade of work out of it now!

    The only thing I bought new and have to maintain is my sewing machine. It needs oiling every now and again. It's meant to be once a week but I don't usually use it that often, so I just do it every time I use it for an extended period. It's a bit of a faff because the oil is very runny and runs down the foot, getting oil all over the fabric, so I have to use scrap fabric to wipe it all off and sew it for a while to get rid of the grease!

  3. I had a Dyson once, but got rid of it. It was sooo heavy to carry up and down the stairs, I'm probably the only person on the plant who doesn't like them.
    By the way, how did you take that picture ? are those someone else's hands ?

    1. We had one once but hated it too so that makes 2 of us!

  4. he he - that should be 'planet' !

  5. Chris does all our maintenance work...although I do wash the filter on the Dyson...that I know I won't break!
    Chris just cleaned our chimney..saved us over $200...WOOHOO!
    Jane x

  6. I followes Frugal Queen's instructions and serviced mine a couple of weeks ago. What a difference it has made. Only snag was the filter took about 3 days to dry! I have longish hair and the trick about using the penny to free the grid at the bottom and cut out all the hair made such a difference- I usuall risk chopping off my fingers. I adon't like the Dyson and would never buy another one but it was so expensive about 11 years ago that I just keep using it.

  7. I leave 'maintenance' to DH. Wean, I too find the Dyson cumbersome and I have an awful tussle trying to take the hose off to hoover the stairs. Hey Ilona, welcome to the trolley club. I'm on my second one, having worn the first one out. No more lugging heavy bags.
    Love from Mum

  8. My vac is an Electrolux but it still needs cleaning. I have been going to do it all week but kept finding excuses not to. OK I feel guilty now, will go and do it right away...... well its a bit late now maybe I had better do it in the morning.

  9. Ten years? It is a wonder you did not burn out the motor. My filter needs changing about every two to six months, depending on how often I use it. You have cats, so I am sure you get more in yours than I do in mine. I have a Royal cannister that cost over $600 dollars in 1984. It is only my second vac and should last to the end of my needing one. It makes a high-toned noise if the filter and all is neglected.

    Funny, I never touch any appliance until I read all the directions. When I get a new-to-me car, I read the little book for the car all the way through. I am a reader!

    It is funny in an odd way that she hung up on you. I would call back and complain about poor customer service. She had her nerve...same thing as "cheeky" I suppose.

    If you own a fan, take off the back and use a toothpick, tweezers, whatever to get lint and hairs from the spindle that is in the back that is connected to motor and blade. Take off the front if you can and clean it thoroughly. If your fan quits, you can clean this gunk out and it will work again. I resurrect fans I find on the side of the road and give them to people who need them.

    It feels good to save money. It makes me happy when other people save money.

  10. Enjoy your new trolley. Post pics!

  11. I have a fourteen year old Hoover, and I clean/service it every time I change the bag, seems to work better this way.

  12. I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award and I am now asked to pass it on. I want to pass it on to you because I think your blog is really Lovely! If you’d like to accept this award then please take it to your blog and pass it on – if this is not your thing then please accept this as a compliment on your blog.

  13. My OH takes ours apart to service and he does a fab job...I used to pay £50 for a service and free replacement parts.....not anymore I dont:-)

  14. Wean I am with you so there are two of us on the planet. Working as a cleaner, my heart sinks when a client opens up their broom cupboard to show me their DYSON. I love the Miele cylinder. Light to move around and the tools and suction are brilliant.


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