Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Keeping the frostbite at bay this winter

Fingers and toes are always the first to feel the cold when the temperature drops. I don't switch the heating on untill I am half frozen with icicles hanging off my nose, even then it is on very low. It's easy to save money by delaying flicking the switch and putting on extra clothes, including socks, scarf, hat and gloves. All well and good if you want to sit on the sofa and watch tele, but what if you want to keep busy with your hands, maybe some sewing or knitting, or surfing the net. Almost impossible if you are wearing gloves.

You could get some fingerless gloves, or even knit a pair yourself, but sometimes I feel that even those get in the way. I've ended up stitching my gloves onto the piece I've been working on when I haven't been concentrating, ha ha. Gloves without any fingers would be better, so I've made myself a pair of hand and wrist warmers, ready for the winter.

I have this small childs hoodie, age 3 to 6 months, bought for 25p from a charity shop. I had it in mind to make something with it at the time I bought it. I suppose I could always give it to a family with a small child, there's nothing wrong with it, which proves that all childrens clothing can be bought at charity shops, kids don't know it's second hand. Anyway, here goes, I'm going to take the scissors to this.

Cut the sleeves off like this.

Make a single hem all around the edge. Hand sew it. The stitches shouldn't come through to the front if you use fleecy fabric and use the same colour cotton.

Next, with the seam on the side of the little finger, pinch together back and front, and put a few stitches in it to hold it together.

And there you are, toasty warm hands with your fingers and thumbs sticking out which allow you to carry on with your hobbies.

If you are using the computer the thickness of the fleece acts as a cushion to make it more comfortable for your wrists.

Now I've got to think of something to make from the rest of the hoodie.

I'm on the little computer tonight, my big one has been invaded by gremlins. I've sent an SOS to the lovely Mark, my computer fixer. Help Mark, I need you. Toodle pip.


  1. VERY cool idea - must copy.

  2. How about one of those tubes that you put over your head to make a sort of neck cowl, really keeps the draughts out - Hubby uses one when he is fishing

  3. Cut off the body just above the pockets and hem like you did the "gloves." Cut out the zipper, hem the front. Make a slit for a button hole on one side and sew a button on the other side. Now, you have a short scarf-like item that comes under your chin but warms your neck all around. When you make the slit for the bottonhole, sew all away around the slit about 1/4 inch from the slit for a little control of the slit. Or, do a blanket stitch around the edge of the buttonhole slit.

    Then, cut four circles about 3-4 inches across. Sew two together and sew the other two together. Slit one side of each slightly off center. Slip on your ears--ear warmers! If you don't like the ear warmers, you can cut a band to slip over your forehead, over ears, and behind head--just one long headband, but wider and wider yet over the ears.

    Make yourself a little bag for your belt out of the hood. Just slip the belt through two more slits after you sew up the hood to actually hold something. Dog snacks? Cell phone? A sandwich for your walk?

    Can you get enough material with or without the ear warmers to make some ankle warmers? I always get cold ankles when I sit and socks and pants leave a bare place on my legs. I suppose those would be "above the sock warmers."

    You can put Winnie the Pooh somewhere even if you have to cut him off and stitch it back on. Cute. I guess that is Winnie the Pooh!

    Now, I have to find one to make me some gloves for computer in the winter. My wrists get cold when the cold air creeps in.

  4. Love the hand warmers. Well done. I might make some for the family.
    I often shop in charity shops. Over the last 12 years I've got my daughter some lovely outfits. Now I take her in and she's learning to find some bargins. A couple of months ago she found a plain black jacket and we jazzed it up with some marabou feathers around the collar and reveres(already had some in) and added some ribbon bows and beads then turned back the cuffs. One funky jacket for a pre-teen.

  5. A brilliant idea, those should keep you even cosier this winter.

    You could just edge the sleeves of the little top and sell it for 50p or £1 on your next stall to raise money for the pussycats. It would keep a child nice and cosy as a little hooded body warmer. And you would have made a good profit AND gotten free hand warmers!

    Sue xx

  6. very impressive! x

  7. Good ideas here - I'm making some wrist warmers right now with recycled sweaters - also leg warmers.
    PP - love your ideas, but you had me doubled up with laughter at the ear warmers ! i'm sure it works well and is practical and frugal, but the thought of me sitting here with little green ear warmers on ! oh my ......
    I think I should be sitting on a toadstool in the garden 'cos I'd feel like a Pixie !
    (no offence - perhaps it's my English sense of humour!)

    1. Wean,
      No offense taken! I have some black crocheted ones I wear. Under my black hair, they aren't noticable. However, when people see them, they laugh. Green would be a little like a pixie.

  8. Amazing. Ideas like that don't come easily to me!

  9. great idea.
    You reminded me that when I was young, I lived in an unheated damp flat, where I went to bed wearing hat and gloves as well as the usual nightwear, with cardigan over the top!

  10. love this idea and will borrow it. i suggest making a small travel cushion out of what is left.the front of the hoodie becomes the back of the cushion retaining the zip and pockets as cushion opening and storage for small items.the back of the hoodie becomes the front of the cushion. stuff with whatever you have handy at the time.with the remainder of the sleeves what about making mug "jackets" perhaps putting the motif on one. any scraps are the ideal colour for christmas decorations/applique.

  11. I was thinking of the cowl, although I have knitted some as presents last year. I knit/crochet wrist warmers and they have been much appreciated by the recipients.

    My husband has just finally gone through his last lot of those woollen socks he has in his steel toe cap boots. The heels have all gone through and I'm just not going to darn them, as he has so many socks I can say goodbye to these. However I have a carrier bag full of them and can't bring myself to throw them out. I have been thinking of leg warmers, and such out of them.

    Also, I could use the socks to put over my hands to clean my bike!

    If you want a couple of pairs to do something creative, let me know and I'll post them off. They're that marled wool and nylon mix like those fishermens socks.

  12. Lovely idea! I`ve made similar warmers last year by knitting short tubes and stitching them together in the samew fashion as you have done with yours.

  13. Great idea - I have kept some old childrens clothes that aren't good enough to give away. What about a pencil case with the zip area. Pin cushions or purse with the rest? The green fleece might be good for Christmas crafting. You've got me in the mood for making something now ;)

  14. The neck warmer is a great idea. I (mistakenly, way back when) bought a Buff multiway headwear thing as a necktube for riding the bike in Winter. It doesn't get caught in wheels or zips and just heats the air around your neck. With stretchy fabric it can be used as a sort of balaclava, twist it in the centre and fold it in half to make a beanie type hat - it's very versatile.

    That's why I made one from a pair of Hubby's old undercrackers. Nipped off the elastic waistband and made a long rectangle of fabric, hemmed it top and bottom, and made it into a tube. It's very nice, but has Space Invaders patterned on it ;)

    K xx

  15. lol kitchenbunny. I thought about a neckwarmer for the rest of the hoodie.

  16. That is a very clever idea...I'd have to make them for when I travel to colder climes...thanks for the idea.


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