Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Buildings in Portsmouth

Bet you thought the holiday pics were all done, well they're not, there's loads more Portsmouth to plough through, you will be bored silly by the end of it, ha ha. I've lumped these together under the title 'Buildings', probably won't remember much about them though, the memory isn't so good these days.

This used to be a pub, as you can probably guess. Inside it has been converted to bedsits, they weren't able to change the outside due to it being a listed building. There are two wooden carved statues on each side of the door, still intact.

This is Charles Dickens birthplace museum.

St John's Catholic Cathedral.

Gawd knows what this building is, possibly something to do with the University, or the navy.

Some public houses.

There is a walking route around the old part of Portsmouth, follow the chain pattern in the paving stones and it will lead you around the narrow cobbled streets.

It was a nice sunny day to sit opposite the Spice Island and eat my sandwiches, watching the boats passing.

This is the Royal Garrison Church. It was bombed during the Second World War, and the nave has been kept roofless as a memorial.

Now I'm lost, I snapped a few buildings because I liked the look of them. I was on my way back to the car at this point so wasn't taking much notice of what they are.

I like the way the trees have cast a shadow over the white front. Looks a bit Banksy I thought.
There is a pub for sale here, if you fancy buying it.

St Thomas Anglican Cathedral.

Oh cor blimey, look at the colour of this. Eyes down everyone.

Still a few more pics to come, I'll slip them in another time. Toodle pip.

PS I seem to have lost the slide facility for the photo's, has the cat run over my keyboard or is it the same for everyone else? They now enlarge like they used to, one at a time.


  1. If the building you are not sure about is opposite the main gates of HMS NELSON then it is the wardroom. If not..then I'm as lost as you are!
    Thanks for the warning about that bingo building!!!
    Jane x

  2. That is one red building! When I click on the picture, the picture enlarges. However, across the bottom are thumbnails of each picture, just no slide show capability.

  3. Hi

    I just wanted to ask if you wanted my spare ticket for the Paralympics. I bought it for my Mum but she isn't going so it's spare and I just want to give it away to a good home.

    It's for the 8th September-start time 10am.

    Just let me know. If you don't want it I'll think of a plan b.

    Sft xxx

  4. Ilona, what lovely photos of lovely buildings....I enjoyed viewing them all..thanks for showing me Portsmouth through your eyes.

  5. I grew up in a village between Portsmouth and Southampton, so Portsmouth was a place for days out to look at the ships, go shopping, or maybe visit the Kings Theatre in Southsea for a pantomime at Christmas. You have found some of the interesting old buildings that survived the bombing in WW2 and the subsequent 1960s concrete jungle that took their place. Great photos that "took me back"! I used to love sitting by the Still and West, overlooking the Harbour.

  6. Hi SFT, Thank you for asking, that's very kind of you to offer a ticket. I'm sorry but I'm not keen on sport, not keen on crowds, and not keen on sitting still for longer than an hour or two. I'm sure there will be someone who would be only too pleased to take it off your hands. Thank you again.

  7. Ilona, lovely photos; its only when we become tourists in our own town that we see things that have been there for years. Did you hear the pompey chimes? Please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me

  8. Ilona you have done a great job as you have made Portsmouth look almost nice. My brother lives there, and i must admit i find it quite an unattractive and depressing place.
    Hope the little bird is ok by the way

  9. Thanks for the bright vivid pics Ilona.
    Had forgot Charles Dickens was born there.


  10. It is weird to see Portsmouth through a visitors eyes! I remember coming here nine years ago and being completely enamoured, having come from a small town. now all I tend to see is the grime and overcrowding! We do have some wonderful architecture though and the seafront and common are lovely. Thank you for opening my eyes up again.


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