Monday, 6 August 2012

Lovely day for a walk

Good morning , it's a sunny one again. I've just popped in to make some notes for a radio interview I have today. I'm getting a call through at ten past one on the mobile from Radio Humberside, for a chat about money saving tips, and I need to be ready for it. I hope to get a good days walking in today, another quick look round Arundel, then off across the fields somewhere else, who knows where I'll end up, ha ha.

I've had a good breakfast, a tin of rice pudding and a piece of Sarina's cake. There are lots of families staying here of different nationalities, everyone is very friendly. Anyway, must get on, catch you later.


  1. Have a lovely day Ilona. Good luck with the interview.

  2. Don`t walk those pegs off too soon. Have a great day!


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