Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bimbling with Sarina around Arundel

I said goodbye to John at 11am this morning. The garden had been cleared of all the party paraphenalia and it was back to normal. The sun was shining and I was on my way once more. Always moving on that's me.

I booked myself in at the Youth Hostel at Arundel on arrival, which meant I had a choice of bed in the dormitory because I was early. I always choose a bottom bunk, I'm too old to  go clambering up the ladder to the top, ha ha. After a quick snack Sarina arrived, it was lovely to meet her at last after reading her blog for so long. She brought a little dog with her which she was looking after. Sarina drove us into Arundel where we parked up and went for a walk.

The sun had brought everyone out, the park was full of people.

We took a walk around the lake.

Arundel Castle stood high on the hill, we went to see if we could get in. Alas it was too expensive. The woman on the entrance was not too impressed with us because we had a dog, they are not allowed. We weren't impressed with the entrance charge and told her so. I said I wouldn't pay it even if we didn't have a dog, she walked off in a huff, ha ha

Instead we listened to a brass band free of charge in the park.

I thought this pub looked rather splendid.

Apparently this is a folly in the castle grounds.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral was free to go in.

This tower is in the middle of a field.

Sarina was my tour guide for today as she knows the area. We said our goodbyes back at the hostel, and she presented me with a gift, some home made chocolate cake, and carrot cake. Thank you Sarina, it was lovely to meet you, and thank you for coming all the way from Brighton. See you in Blogland.

This is my home for two nights now. It's a big hostel, and very busy with holiday makers, mainly families. They also have people camping in the garden. I had another walk for a couple of hours after Sarina had gone, it was still sunny and I don't like to waste time sitting around.

I'll catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. You have such a busy life but it's never too much trouble for you to take along armchair visitors (like me!) on your trips. Thanks for another lovely day trip!
    Jane x
    PS Any cake left?

  2. The castle looks amazing but the entrance prices to these things is sometimes astounding!
    It must have been great to meet Sarina, what a nice day. I wish I had been there too!

  3. How nice for you to meet Sarina, I read her blog and also her comments on 'Taste the Goode Life' blog. She sounds like a really nice person.
    Sounds like a good time was had at the party. You certainly get around Ilona.

  4. Just out of interest sake, how much was the castle? It is a shame they don't have lower pricing if you live within 200 km

  5. Bimbling - now that is such a good word for what I did yesterday!

  6. Another walk after our 3 hours out there? Where do you find the energy? - Anyway, I did enjoy it, even without going into the castle grounds.
    Talk to you soon, in blogland!

  7. Love the pictures of Arundal, When I did some private nursing I had a client in Stenying and one in Findon Valley (bungalow city) and on my days off I loved going to Arundal, I never went into the castle, far too expensive even in the late 80,s the Catholic church is lovely especially when they have the yearly flower festival. Pleased you are having a good holiday Ilona and the party at Johns went well.


  8. Hi Cheapchick. The cheapest price was £8, and that didn't get you into very much. The leaflet is in the car, I'll get back to you with the full price list when I post later.

    Hi PP. The party was for John's 65th birthday, he is now officially a pensioner.

  9. We lived in Chichester for a year, back in the late 70s, and we always enjoyed going to Arundel. There`s a good wildlife park for wetland birds just north of Arundel.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Sussex.