Saturday, 4 August 2012

Portsmouth - The Spinnaker Tower

Back again with a bit more. Life is very laid back at John's place, although he wouldn't agree with me at the moment as he busy's himself with the party preparations. This morning we went to get a few supplies, and this afternoon I have blown up forty balloons, so I am a bit out of puff now. Later I took Sadie the dog for a walk, and she was happy to go with me.

Right let's crack on. Portsmouth yesterday was a busy day for me. I was thinking I might go back another day while I am down here, but I think I've seen most of what I want to see. The iconic Spinnaker Tower stands 170 metres high, and gives panoramic views of the harbour and beyond. On a good day you can see up to 23 miles away.

A fast lift takes you up to the first viewing platform, which has a glass floor in it. Are you brave enough to walk across it, I'm not, but the kids love it. I am a bit disappointed with the photo's, they don't come out well because of the tinted glass. I have done my best to rectify this but they look a bit blueish. Here we have the boat coming into to park, from the Isle of Wight. It has a tight squeeze to get in it's berth.

In she goes, almost there. The harbour is very busy will all sorts of crafts coming and going.

The little passenger boat down there is the Gosport Ferry. I took a ride across on it. It only takes a few minutes to the other side.

Off she goes, backwards and forwards. There are trips around the harbour, but I thought at £7 it was too much, so I took this little ferry for £1.30, a cheap boat ride.

Here you can see the Historic Dockyard where I was earlier.

There's the ferry landing in Gosport.

Some of the views inland are pretty spectacular as well.

There's a train just leaving the station.

And the Isle of Wight Ferry is on it's way again.

On the second viewing level there is a coffee shop which takes bookings for afternoon tea, and it can also be hired for weddings. The crows nest is on the third viewing platform.

More Portsmouth to come. I'd better log off now, it won't be long before some of the party guests will be arriving. I have to get myself dolled up. Toodle pip.


  1. You are braver than I, going that high. No glass floors for me, either. The first picture and the last two look the right color. The others look green to me, not blue. Still, the view is worth the unearthly color.

  2. We want there one hit sunny day last October! OH has lovely pic on his phone, I was too scared to go to the top! Well done you!!

  3. I used to go on the Gosport ferry every day , from Gosport to Portsmouth on my way to Portsmouth University (Poly as was). It's 5:17pm here so add on 5 hours....10:17 your time...and I guess things are going with aswing where you are!!!
    Jane x

  4. In about forty minutes that train leaving the station will be passing the bottom of my place, about ten yards from where you will pitch your tent.


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