Sunday, 5 August 2012

Let's party with John

Good morning campers, this is my frugal diy camping breakfast. A mug of coffee with powdered milk, a banana sandwich with no spread, and a cookie.I'm sat outside my tent waiting for it to dry as we had a downpour about 7am. I delayed getting up untill it was over, and now the sun is shining. This place is next to a very busy railway line, with trains passing every few minutes. I have to be carefull not to be in a state of undress for more than a few seconds whilst getting changed. I don't want to give the passengers an eyefull of my boys pants and skinny bottom, might cause them to choke on their latte as they whizz off to work. I hear the cockeral is out calling to his ladies. Tis everyone's small holding dream at John's place.

As you can see my £10 tent looks cosy from the inside.Even with the heavy showers it stays dry. I sleep well on my sunlounger/camp bed. Can't beat bringing the bedding from your home bed with you. Home from home is best. I shall be packing up shortly and moving on to Arundel Youth Hostel for two nights. Looking forward to meeting blogger Sarina later on today.

A few snaps from the party last night, no doubt John will be posting more on his blog later when he has a minute.
The party guests are arriving.

Everybody mingling. Most people brough food and dtink, it's amazing what can be achieved when everyone mucks in.

John makes a bee line for the ladies, ha ha. There's no stopping him now.

The music was provided by anyone who wanted to get up and sing. Here is John doing his bit.

I went to bed about midnight and the party just carried on. Funny, I never heard the last couple of hours, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was a gonner. Thanks for a great party John, welcome to the ranks of Pensioner, have a great life.

Catch you later, Toodle pip.


  1. You look to be having a great time. Your £10 tent looks fab! Just come back from a camping trip and my more expensive tent leaked badly. In fact it started to flood! Everything came back sopping wet. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Your dome away from home looks very comfy. Glad you had a fabulous night.

  3. And John was worried that no one would turn up!!!
    Jane x

  4. Thank you for coming to my party Ilona. You are a lovely lady. I don't want to spoil your Meanqueen image so I will not tell everyone that it was you who bought the drinks in the pub. Missing you already. Have a lovely time in Arundel. xx

  5. Looks fab Ilona-Were your singers on at the pub in Helston last week? They look remarkably similar and have dopplegangers otherwise. :-)

  6. Having a bed in the tent certainly takes the strain from getting off the floor. It does look cozy. What was the occasion for the party? I know you must have said, and I forgot. It looked like a fun party.


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