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Friday, 14 September 2012

Freebies from my friend

I'm sitting here coughing and spluttering, and sniffing a piece of toilet paper impregnated with olbas oil. I don't buy tissues. Where has this cold come from, I havent't had one for yonks. Must have been close to someone with germs, and they have landed on me. How chuffin inconvenient.

My friend Helen dropped by today, bearing free gifts. She has decluttered her bathroom cabinet, and ended up with stuff she will never use. I will have it thank you very much, usefull stuff which is going free is welcome in my house.

There is everything I need here for lots of pamper nights. Shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, body lotion, shower gel, bodywash, cleansing cream, herbal lavender repair mask, ha ha, yes I could do with a mask. Some Body Shop Lavender products, I love lavender. Pity I can't smell it at the moment with my dose being blocked up.

The neighbour from across the road has given me a big bag of apples, she always has too many. I hope you don't think I do all the taking, I've been handing my glut of courgettes out willy nilly to whoever wants them. I do believe in sharing, if you have too much, give it away. Anybody want a curly cabbage? Helen gave me some veggies as well as she is going on holiday tomorrow. There is too much here for me to eat before I go away on Tuesday, so I shall pass some of it on.

Hooray, I can hear again. My ear hurts though because the woman who fixed the hearing aid left a bit of the flexi pipe protruding from the earpiece and it's given me earache. I'm going to get my craft knife and slice a bit off. I asked about a new earpiece, and she said come back for a re asssessment and hearing test when my cold has gone. Can't do it now as my sinusses are blocked. Oh hang on a minute, my dose is dribbling.

I was hoping to do my camping trip with a shopping trolley and a bus pass, but the weather has been such crap, raining every night, windy most days. I'll have to put it on hold for a while. I'm going to have to go, I need to put some cream on my dose, all the wiping has made it red and sore. Oh, chuffin heck cough cough splutter sneeze. Think I'm going to bed early tonight. Have a dice weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. Poor you. Tuck yourself up in bed with a honey and lemon drink and sweat it out. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your cold. I have a succestion. If you have an empty squeezy bottle going spare you can make yourself a sinus wash. All you need is 250 ml pre-boiled water thats left to cool and mix about 1tsp of salt into that. Fill this into your squezzy bottle. Then stand by a sink, holding the squeezy bottle to the nostril and squeezing it gently into one nostril. Make sure to open your mouth whilst doing this. You will end up with all the mess from one nostril coming out of the other one. Having used half of the bottle fill on one side repeat this with the other nostril. It will hopefully flush the sinus through. You can do this twice a day. Morning and evening is recommended. Together with olbas oil on a tissue this should help to sort your problems sooner. Best of luck!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm surprised that you haven't been given tubing to do it yourself. I have had hearing aids for over forty years so I have got used to hearing services not doing the right job! I was given a sheet that shows me how to cut the tubing to fit and I regularly get spare tubing when I get my hearing aids checked. I asked if I could have two spare moulds for when they break (which they sometimes do, mine have cracked before) but they 'were too expensive' - pah! You are right to cut the tubing with a craft knife or scalpel, that is what I was told to use. The tubing also accumulates wax in them which you can clean out ocassionally but eventually it gets too bad and thats when it needs replacing. Apologies if you know all this but just thought I'd mention.

  4. I would recommend hot toddy rather than the very sensible honey and lemon!! I wish I was closer to you too, where we are in Norfolk at the moment there are loads of blackberries. I have made as much jam as we can keep in the motorhome for the next few months, but could swap you some apples, we love a nice apple pie!! Actually, once the wind has dropped I am going out to pick some to try to make blackberry liqueur. Hope you are feeling better soon, take care. xx

  5. Poor you. It is always worse having a cold when you NEVER have one! I'm sure it will go pretty quick - your healthy walking, fresh air body will tell it where to go! Good luck on your trip when you do get going. I am envious, being only able to walk 4/5 at most these days! Ann x

  6. Saina just gave me a great tip. My sinus surgey means I can't blow my nose for a month...this is great!!
    Jane x
    PS Feel better soon, I eat lots of raw onion when I have cold.

    1. Check with your surgeon before you try it!!!! I work as an ENT nurse and some of our surgeons would have a fit it you did it. Most recomment a nasal spray with a saline type preparation but no complete rinses.

  7. My Mum and Dad always used to make me gargle with salt and water and I always used to gag. I don't know if it works but if you could manage to do it maybe it might help?

    Sorry you're snotty and hope it clears up.

    It's lovely to have a lot of stuff you weren't expecting, like a pile of magazines you wouldn't buy but as a gift, great.

  8. What rotten luck. I was looking forward to hearing about your adventure. I suffer with sinus problems and use a plastic jug type thing with a shaped spout to pour warm salt water through my nostrils. It clears out junk and last time I got that itchy nose when a cold is starting , I mediately used it. The cold didn't develop . Btw it's called a nettipot I believe. Hope this helps
    Brenda in the Boro

  9. Awww. I hope you feel better soon. Just cozy up in your favorite blanket and just rest. Drink lots of fluids. Cliche, I know, but it really does help. As for nasal rinsing or nettipots, I myself, never do either of those things, but anyone who does I'd advise to use distilled water. There are nasty little micro-organisms in tap water you do not want up your nose.

  10. Just wanted to pop in and wish you well, I have been reading your blog for a few months and worked my way through most of your older posts too. Its nice to read about what you get up to and how you save money, best wishes.

  11. Poor Ilona:( Get well soon♥ We have been keeping coughs and colds at bay this winter by slicing an onion in a bowl then placing it on our bedside tables:) xxx

  12. hope you get well soon colds are no fun. My mum and I just picked a bunch of apples from a tree that grows down by the train tracks and have been busy making and canning apple sauce.

  13. Poor you. Get well soon. I also swear by a hot toddy.

  14. Poor you! I hope the worst of it passes soon and you can enjoy a jaunt soon. Meanwhile, maybe hot water with lemon juice will help a bit. I sip it all day long when I have a cold.

  15. Good job you have a vast supply of tissue! Get well soon.
    Love from Mum


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