Thursday, 13 September 2012

What's all this ear then

Oh dear, what was I saying yesterday about taking stock of what you have, and never having to buy stuff again. Well, I've just come across these toilet rolls hidden in an old suitcase. Another 40 of them bringing the grand total to 194. I think I'd better stop buying them. I had a feeling there ought to be more when I posted yesterday, didn't think to look in here. Just goes to show how easy it is to forget what you have. So I reckon my toilet rolls will last me at least three years, if I am carefull, ha ha.

I've done another mileage check on my route for next week, eight days, about 160 miles. I might stretch it to nine and bump it up a bit more. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could reach 200, maybe I'll plump for around 180, I'd be happy with that. I have my first bed sorted out, one of my forum friends from Down The Lane, she is also a blogger, has offered to put me up. We will be having a night out at her local pub as well, there is entertainment on, should be good.

I've been trying to find out if I can get online with the netbook with BT Openzone wifi mobile broadband. I have my home broadband and landline with Orange, they are the same company as BT. Apparently I can't because I don't have my mobile phone through them. It's not worth me changing it because I am on PAYG and it is very cheap because I only use the mobile for texting and the occasional call, and I don't want to be locked into a contract. Besides I only use the netbook about four or five times a year when I am away from home. It will be cheaper to carry on topping up the dongle as and when.

I heard something on the radio which might be of interest to some people. The government have millions of pounds to give out as Warm Front Grants. They stopped doing it for a while because they ran out of money, but they have started it up again. I got a grant of £3,500 which gave me cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, a new boiler and new hot water tank. If you want to check if you are eligible to apply go to this site
if you are not sure apply anyway, you don't know till you ask. 

I'll do a bit of a catch up on some of the comments here. Angela you ask how I managed to aquire such a lot of pairs of socks. Some of them are donkey's years old, I hate to throw them out untill they have big holes in them, and some of them were given to me by friends who emigrated. I got quite a lot of their clothes.

Hi Cheapchick, my shorts came from the mens rails in the charity shop. I too wonder why they don't make womens shorts with big pockets. In fact I get a lot of my clothes from the mens rails because I mainly wear sweat shirts and tea shirts, and I like them baggy. I am at that age where I hate tight fitting clothes, so uncomfortable. I have nothing to flaunt so I'd rather keep myself covered, apart from my legs of course, because they are still in good nick, the only part of me that is, ha ha.

Mo gives a detailed description of a second hand coach built pram she had, first it was used for carying babies, then the kids played with it in the garden. I remember making a trolley out of pram wheels and a wooden box with my brother. Tying a piece of rope to it and using it like a chariot charging down a grassy slope. Such fun we had.

Teresa, I think it is absolutely bonkers the way people keep buying new stuff just because the colour matches or it is in fashion. Throughout my whole life I have never decorated my houses because I didn't like the colour. My first house had a lot of building work done to it so I had to decorate it, I think that put me off, I hate painting now. I didn't decorate the second and third because they already had wallpaper on, the doors were painted, and they had carpet down. I can't imagine living in a house which looks like a showhouse, afraid things might get grubby, be carefull of this, don't scratch that. Oh my, give me a comfy homely place any day where I can just slob out. Take the room where I am sitting now. The walls are pink, there is an old fashioned floral border all around the top, a picture rail about two feet down from the ceiling, the curtains were left by the previous owner they have pink flowers on them, tha carpet is dark pink, and there is an old fashioned built in wardrobe with a white painted door. Why should I bother changing it, I can live with the colours, it's perfect for my office.

Anyway, that's enough yacking, I'm off downstairs to make a mug of cocoa. Got to be up early in the morning, I have an appointment at 8.15 at the Audiology department of the hospital. My hearing aid needs an adjustment. The little tube between the earpiece and the bit that goes over the top of your ear, has furred up a bit and it's blocking the sound coming in. They will fit a new piece of plastic tube, free of course, and clean it up. I'm going to ask if I can have a new earpiece, I've had this one donkeys years.

 Nighty night. Sweet dreams.


  1. It drives me mad to see all those makeover progs where everything goes in the skip to be replaced with something worse in my opinion.
    Early appointment! Hope all goes well and you can hear clearly again. Most memorable visit to audiology was when Mum dropped her hearing aid down the lav!

  2. I have just realised that my house hasn't been emulsion and gloss painted for over 10 years. I found a bit that had still got some paint from before that, that I had forgotten to do.Also, I didn't do the ceilings even then, so they are really grubby. I must do it soon as I had some work done on the front window and it is bare plaster now.

  3. Hope you got your earpiece sorted.
    Thanks for commenting about Rupert and Willow, poor Tom was trapped for 1 1/2 hours like that. lol
    We have been cat free on the beds for the summer but we notice that now the evenings are getting colder they are gradually creeping back at night, not so good....

  4. laughing to myself seeing your toilet roll collection because my husband shakes his head at me claiming that there will be world shortage of loo paper and I will be able to corner the market. Just so happens that Britains Tighest Person program was replayed here again in Australia the night before last so I just had to play my husband the bit with you talking about 2 for a pee, 3 for a poo.

  5. Better hide those loo rolls from your visitors, you don't want them seeing that lot and being too lavish with your stash LOL
    I always like your attitude Ilona, why follow expensive trends and fashions? it's towells that get me. When I was a volunteer for the dog rescue, people would donate bags of beautiful fluffy towells because, I suspect, they'd redecorated.