Sunday, 30 September 2012

Getting stuck into some jobs

It's been a bitting and a bobbing Sunday, a bit of this and a bit of that. After breakfast and a Rocky walk I thought I really must wash my hair, haven't done it for a week. So it was boil the kettle and stick my head over the bowl in the kitchen sink and wash, then boil another kettle and rinse. The floor needed washing so I cleared all the cat food dishes away, and sucked up the debris with the Dyson, then got down on my hands and knees to wash the floor with the rinsing water. I like to get my nose close to the job so I don't miss any. Clean as a new pin, could eat your dinner off it, ha ha.   
I went on to Dyson the rest of the ground floor, it's all carpeted apart from the kitchen. I've decided to not bother with slippers in the house any more, fed up with them falling apart, I now just wear two pairs of socks, one thin and one thick and chunky. It's much more comfortable.
Heidi cat was playing hide and seek, mum can you find me. Yes Heidi I can see you.
Lunch time, one of my lovely lunches. Lettuce, chick peas, potato salad, pickled onions, cucumber, mushrooms, grated cheese. On the sandwich cheese with garlic and lettuce. Scrumptious. Washed down with a mug of warm diluted fruit juice. It was hot but it had cooled down a bit by the time I got to drink it.
After lunch it was out into the garden to fill the brown recycle bin with garden rubbish ready for collection tomorrow. Some hedge clipping and weed pulling, and I stripped the plants out of the greenhouse. I found two measley tomatoes and the second knobbly cucumber. A bit pathetic really. Oh dear not a good season for salad growing.
Then another Rocky walk, and paint another box file for the rest of my sewing stuff. Decided on orange this time.
Here are the two together, rather pleased with this, all ship shape and Bristol fashion, as they say. Three scruffy boxes dumped and replaced by two sturdy smart looking receptacles. I don't keep my Philly cheese in there bye the way, that's where I keep my pins.
I hope you had a nice weekend, I quite enjoyed myself. Had a bit of good news from Sue. We took in a mum cat and four kittens ten days ago, they were going to be dumped but someone rescued them and passed them on to us. Four new homes have been found with very nice people, for all five of them.
Toodle pip.


  1. Bits and bobs kind of days are often quite fun.
    You certainly crammed alot into your day!

  2. Great news about the cat and kitten!

    We've had a pottering weekend too. I enjoy them.

    Your cucumber and tomatoes are placed in an interesting way!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sft x

  3. I am not going to fall into the trap of mentioning the position of those tomatoes and the cucumber. Oh blast it!

  4. Your salad and sandwich looked tasty, all the different textures and flavours. I like fillings like that, crunchy and flavoursome, very good. Not going to say a word about your veggie arrangement. :-) It's good to get fired up and get all the little bitty jobs done and out of the way for another while. Pleased to hear that the kitties got rehomed. Your sewing thread and nick nacks are all neat and tidy. The orange box reminds me of a liquorice allsort. Enjoy what's left of your Sunday and have a good week ahead. Cheers, Christy.

  5. Beautifully placed but a little small for me!

  6. same here with the bits and bobs......

    Gill in Canada

  7. With me,that makes six dirty minded readers!
    Please give Heidi a kiss from me...just because.
    Jane xxxxx

  8. Ha, wish my floor were that clean! In the picture of your sewing supplies, how deep are the boxes? Tall, I mean? How tall are spools in the lower right of the picture, the ones that are standing up? Aaack! I just saw "dirty minded readers" and wondered what I missed. THAT is a funny arrangement. It hardly looks like it was"measley" and "pathetic"....good description.

  9. great news about the kitties getting new those new folks can cope with the never ending floor cleaning cats shed enough fur for a dozen every week...

    organizng my stuff is always a pleasant pastime...your make-do boxes are an inspiration for me to find some smaller boxes for inside the larger ones...

  10. I am forever vacuuming the floors and carpets, especially with 2 longhair cats. They tend to leave hair absolutely everywhere. I like the way you found a use for those boxes, great idea.

  11. Hi Illona, just a quick comment to let you know I'm still avidly reading your blog every day. My 4 year old loved these pics of Heidi so thanks for them. I clean my floors the same way as you, everyone thinks I'm mental but I don't care, I know my floors are cleaner than theirs!

  12. Hi PP. The height of the spools standing upright are 6.5cm, the height/depth of the box is 7cm.

    Glad you like my bits and bobs, ha ha.

  13. Everything looks ship shape to me (bar the knobbly bits)). I like to get down on my hands and knees, too, to clean the floor that is. It's a good work out.
    Love from Mum