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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Home made free makeover

How many people have got a box like this tucked away at the back of a drawer somewhere? This is my entire collection of makeup, there are things in here which should be in a museum, ha ha. I haven't bought makeup since, oooh about twenty years ago. Not long after that I stopped wearing it altogether. Getting ready to go out is a lot quicker if you don't have to plaster your mush with a load of war paint. Just a good scrub up and slap on the moisturiser is all I do now.

Right, so what have we got here. Foundation, blusher, eye shadow in pencils and powder, eye liner, lippy, concealer, and a couple of brushes. I used to do Body Shop parties so I acquired some of their products at a discount. I have been keeping this stuff just in case I needed it again, but to be honest it all looks pretty crappy and probably wants dumping.

This is my No7 Colour Palette.

Body Shop compressed powder and sponge applicator.

Rimmel compressed eye shadow duet. Iced Sky and Blue Mood. These were my favourite colours in the seventies.

Suitable for all types of skin, Everyday Foundation from Body Shop.

There is some Avon, Boots 17, Maybelline, Girl Cosmetics, Rimmel, and some Charlie. The Maybelline super-frost green eye shadow cost 29p from the Discount for Beauty store. I always bought the cheap stuff. I remember searching through the cosmetics counters at Boots and Woolworths when I first started work, trying to get the most for my money.

Right, now I am going to give myself a makeover, which costs not a bean, absolutely nothing, zilch, that's if I can remember how to do it, ha ha. Here is the before photo, oh dear, I look a bit washed out. This is my normal look, the face I have on every day, freshly scrubbed and moisturised. I am still using the Formula Skin Care that I got from Marks and Sparks a few weeks back. If you remember I had a voucher to use up so I spent half of it on a pot of cream which is supposed to visibly smooth and firm me. Can't say I have noticed any difference though.

First slap on the foundation cream, squeeze the tube and it shoots out all over the window sill, ooops. It's a bit thick and gluey, but hey, spread it out without stretching the sagging skin. I think you are supposed to do it in an upward motion with your fingers. For the eye shadow I have to use a cotton bud, because my sponge applicators have all disintegrated with age. A little bit of pencil on my very sparse eyebrows. A bit of black eye liner, got no mascara so my lashes will have to stay stubby. Waft the blusher over my cheeks, and dab all over with the powder. A spot of lippy and there you are. It took twenty minutes to do, don't I look glam, no don't say it. It looks ok on the photo, but close up I look like a drag queen with a mask on, ha ha.

This was a makeover from years ago for Chat magazine, don't think I have changed much, have I, ha ha.

Toodle pip. Have a fun weekend.


  1. I think I've got 3 lipsticks - that's it. One of the lipsticks is right at the end but I like the colour. If I need to go to a 'do' I borrow DD's mascara. I never reached the 'happy' stage with make up - it was put on either to look older or look younger - I never found the in between.
    Love from Mum

  2. Firstly, to set things straight, I am not one for make up, lipstick being the only thing I use.
    BUT..... I have to say that you do look good with that little bit of make up, ie the 'after' pic.
    I also understand te drag queen comment, as I feel the same when I have done this in the past!!!!

  3. The after piccy looks very good, you still have good features.

  4. HaHa. I got a good laugh on this post because I just dumped all my old cosmetic stuff. I've gotten dermatitis and can't wear any of it, it looks good for about 3 hours if I use a lot of lotion first, then starts making me look like I have leprosy so I end up washing it all off anyway. I'm with you, who needs it. If you don't like how I look, then don't look.

  5. Your eyes really look very nice in the last second picture. I loved the drag queen comment! The older I get, the worse foundation looks on me. A bit of lipstic or lip balm is about all I use now. Maybe, if I actually look at myself, I might use blush and a smidgen of eye shadow.

    I was digging through my makeup, wondering why I still have it all. You and I should get rid of most of what we have since bacteria can grow in makeup. But, I don't. I will, maybe.

    The big hair on the 20-year-old picture is great.

  6. Meant to say--Your eyes look nice in the second picture...after the self-makeover.

  7. I tossed my makeup a few years ago after never touching the stuff for ages...just can't be bothered since I've never been good at applying your hair now...oh, the big hair we used to have!

    You do look nice all tarted up...not like a drag queen...

  8. I must say, I have some make up still stashed away, but don`t use it anymore. My glam days of Bellydancing were the ones when I used alot. Not needed anymore now. My eyesight isn`t what it used to be and I find it difficult now even applying the cole pencil to the eyes. So, I gave up using any make-up at all.

  9. You scrub up well gal :0) Guess you're not too worried about the warnings to throw make up away once it has been opened for a certain time, supposed to be a hot house for all sorts of nasties....

    I have one eye shadow that is about 5 years old, one face powder slightly newer, an eye liner also about 5 years old and 2 lippies - that's it. And it only comes out if hubs takes me for a meal or something.

    (I think you have got very striking features Ilona)

  10. Actually I don't think you have changed much. You look lovely with makeup, you honestly look 10 years younger in the after picture. Drag queen? Drag queens wear much more makeup than that, huge false eyelashes, heavily drawn eyebrow, lots of sparkle. Yours looks soft and natural. I wish my makeup lasted twenty years! I have to buy something almost every month. I have noticed Poundland are selling branded makeup so I've started changing my brands a bit because I'm a cheapskate.

  11. Wow! What a difference in the "after" picture! You look so much younger!

    I hope you had a good wash afterwards - that makeup must be absolutely laden with bacteria if you've had it for 20 years.

  12. Wow, you look great with a bit of slap on! I had never noticed how lovely your eyes were before, it really brings them out. You look softer in the face as well, definitely suits you to have a bit on. I look terrible without make up and the foundation I wear every day which is spf15 has protected me from the sun.
    Keep it up you glamour puss, 10 years younger!

  13. You know, the only thing I might suggest is to not use blue as an eye shadow, otherwise your look lovely. Mind you since I retired I've not used any make-up at all, threw it all out.

  14. I think you look better in the 'after' photo than you do in the earlier photo, you've hardly changed at all really. You just look more natural now.

    I do think I look better with a bit of slap on. Particularly my eyes as I'm blonde eyelashes and brows. After years of wearing glasses and then contact lenses, I always wear eye make up if nothing else, other than moisturiser which I always wear.

    You have really good eyes to make up, nice shape and make up really flatters them.

  15. You have such gorgeous eyes Ilona. I think you look lovely in all 3 photos:) I've always loved wearing make-up but these days I tone it down somewhat. Linda xxx

  16. I'm agreeing with a lot of people here, you are putting yourself down. You look stunning with 'a bit of slap' on. It is definitely worth the effort!

    I wear make up most days, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara (no eyelashes to mention) blusher (people say I look pale without it, but then, I am pale naturally) and of course, lippy. Lippy is just for blowing kisses to men who let me out into the road..... But my job is a receptionist and you have to do a certain amount of looking pleasant for the customer. NHS service provider, dealing with minor injuries.. so who wants a sour faced puss asking personal questions? And unfortunately, my skin is 'environmentally challenged' which means that most of the time I have spots... at 57! I don't wear make up on my days off or on holidays. But that's just to give me a rest from the 10 minutes hair dry and make up process.

  17. Have to agree with the majority that you look "alive" with a little makeup on. Don't you think we get lazy about our appearance as we get older? I know I use to fuss more when I was working and I was younger. I still wear foundation every day because I have a "blotchy" skin and makeup helps blend the redness, etc. I have a drawer full of many different brands that I've tried over the years but always went back to Estee Lauder and I've worn it exclusively for a long time. I should dump the rest but I just can't seem to do it. Who knows...maybe my blue or green eyeshadow will come back in style...LOL

  18. I used to have a make-up box just like that.
    I really liked my make-up, but I can't wear it anymore. *sigh* (I break out when anything touches my face now.) I finally threw mine away.
    As for you, you need no make-up, Ilona. Both make-up pics are lovely, but I much prefer the natural you. However; it is fun to have a make over day every once in awhile isn't it?

  19. I'm wondering if I should feel inadequate now: I never, ever wear make-up! Can't be bothered with it. I do however wear a little bit of perfume on special occasions.

    Now I think about it, I hardly ever brush my hair throughout the day! I have curly hair - you can't tell with curly hair, can you? Oh dear! I must look like such a right mess lol!

  20. You do look slightly younger and a bit more glam with the make up on, and your eyes look really lovely, the eyeshadow really brings out the blue of them.

    But you have such good bone structure you can get away with wearing none, and it is so much easier to go without when you're busy isn't it.

    Definitely worth it for a special occasion though. (Oh and I much prefer your do it yourself makeover to the professional one!!)

    Sue xx

  21. you look great with a bit of slap for an occasion and I think your hair suits you better now than it did in the older make over pic ! pretty good make over - not that you need it !
    Love your blog !
    Rosa x

  22. I need to show this to my daughter. You do not need heaps of different make ups DD!

    Did your mum wear makeup MQ? I ask because mine did and as a result, I never have and as a result of me not doing, my daughter does LOL

  23. Sometimes I think about buying make-up but then I look at the prices and start thinking about the fact that most drugstore brands still test on animals and I just can't justify animals being tortured for the sake of vanity. Plus I just can't be bothered like you say a good wash and moisturize and I'm ready. I even found these tutorials for making your own face wash and moisturizer. can't get much cheaper than oats this is very nice but a bit pricy initially . Now hopefully the links will work.

  24. Actually I think you look lovely with some make up on- you should get a mascara ( cheap of course!) and it will really complete the job.
    I don't wear make up every day but I'm fair like you and it definitely makes me look better when I do wear it.
    Well done you - considering you don't wear make up every day I think you did a great job.


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