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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Taking the plunge

Hands up who likes a bit of excitement in their life. Today was the day when the bungee jumpers came to town. I found them setting a crane up at the bottom pub when I took Rocky for a walk this morning. I mentioned before that I love cranes. It was 8am and people were busy getting things ready for the charity bungee jump that has been arranged.

The pub is next to the river, and the water level is a lot higher than it usually is. The little jetty is submerged,

and that lump of wood sticking out of the water there marks the edge of the river bank. Someone said it was the full moon last night that's caused it to be so high. Not so much a river now, that looks like another continent over there, the other side is miles away.

I went back down there later in the afternoon to see how it was getting on. Quite busy a lot of people have turned out. The kids loving the bouncy castle as usual. Plenty of beer swilling going on. Don't know if anyone actually threw up while they were flinging themselves out of the cage.

Anyway, there they go, being hoisted up to a great height.

Scream as you come down, ha ha.

This was a tandem jump, available for those who were too frightened to do it solo.

We had the lads from Red Watch, Humberside Fire and Rescue here, showing the kids and grown ups around their shiny red fire engine.

These two were drop dead gorgeous, I would let them carry me out of a burning building any day. I asked them if they would come and fit me a new smoke alarm, as I had bashed the last one off the ceiling because it kept going off every time I boiled a kettle. They said yes, ring up and make an appointment. Can't wait :o))

It was a lovely afternoon, and no I didn't bungee jump, not my thing. I don't like heights, unless I am on a roller coaster, now that's much more exciting. I did go a bit mad though, I bought half a pint of cider. It was £1 flippin 60p. Good grief....... it was nice though. Toodle pip.


  1. What is it about firemen, eh? :) I think they must keep them very busy! Do they really fit smoke alarms? I bet we need a new one all of a sudden! :D

    I'd love to do a bungee jump, although the thing I most want to do is a parachute jump! My Mum did one for charity when I was a kid and I thought it looked brilliant! (She did land in the wrong field, but hey, she did it! :D)

  2. I think you needed the cider, whatever price, after coming across those firemen. I had a smoke alarm fitted a few years ago when they did the rounds. They were two girls! Very pleasant lasses though.

  3. Woohoo...thanks for the pics of the eye candy...I mean the very nice firemen ;) I love your pics and your blog is always a delight to read!

  4. I won't be on a roller coaster or bungee jumping. For excitement I can cross a bridge in a car. Or, use my step stool. That's high enough for me.

    I hope you got their names so you can ask for them. I had firefighters come here when I thought the faulty stove was burning the place down. Those were the tallest, most muscled group of men I have seen ever in one place. They were massive. But, I was near passing out from fright, so they were hard to appreciate. However, I recovered and remembered them detail.

  5. Lol at you ogling those firemen! Can't stand heights myself, and its something that has crept up on me over the last few years. Went to Cliffords Tower over the summer and ended up sitting on the steps because I went light headed and tingly. Didn't even attempt The Marquess of Angelsey's column I was left at the bottom holding the sandwiches. Glad you had a good day - £1.60! Well sometimes you just gotta live.

  6. Forget the bungee jump,I need new smoke alarms!
    Jane x

  7. haha, I've never seen the appeal of firemen myself, or any other uniformed types for that matter! Great photos from the day, I thought you were going to tell us you'd been bungee-ing when I started reading, hehe!

    My sister and cousin did one for charity a couple of years ago (blogged in August 2010) and I went up in the cage, just for a look at the view from up there. I could never do the jump though! Dave did one though, he'd done it before and fancied another go!

  8. You big spender you! Save a fireman for me!
    Love from Mum


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