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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The hall of mirrors

Good afternoon. I've just had my lunch, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and scrambled eggs. All the curtains are hung back up in the living room, the skirting boards are painted, and I still have some paint left over. I'll have a look round to see what else needs painting and do it next week, but for now, I am fed up of painting. I get bored and start rushing it and smudge the paint everywhere.

A bill has landed on my doormat. Severn Trent Water are asking for £29.67, the six monthly charge for surface water drainage. This is reasonable, but very soon I expect the bill from Anglian Water for the amount of clean water I have used. I don't expect a shock with this bill either because I am very carefull with how much water I use. I am due for a bath this weekend, and that water will be used to flush the toilet for the following week. Some people might think this is a chore, what a lot of faffing to save a few pennies, but for me it is no hardship. I do not feel disadvantaged knowing I have to watch every penny I spend. The quality of my life is not compromised in any way by lack of money. I am far happier now, than  when I was working a stressfull job of 60 +  hours a week.

This morning I went to the hairdressers, I needed a trim up, this is what happened.

My hairdresser is lovely, she cuts my hair for free. Another advantage is that I don't have to travel to the salon. The only downside is that I have to clean up the mess, ha ha. Toodle pip


  1. Hi Ilona, I loved the video. My nephew does my hair usually but he's ill at present. I was sick of my mop, I like it short, so I got DH to have a go with the clipper thing I do the rest of the family with. I have to say, after a week it looks nice. He thinks I look like Sevilan off Blakes 7, if you remember the programme. Enjoying your blogging.
    Brenda in the Boro

  2. I think I'll try clippering my bonce too..My hair is really short and I have it cut every four weeks. If ended up looking like Severlan I'd be happy!
    Jane x

  3. Great video Ilona, I sometimes do my own hair but every now and again I go to a hairdressers. My local one has gone up enormously in price, to £30!! so I go to a different one in Lancaster who charge £11 for a dry cut, no blow dry. I have it cut quite short so I don't have to go too often and I suppose it gives me a template for when I get the urge with the scissors. I use proper hairdresser scissors as I've doing MrS's hair for 40 years and he's now grown a beard so I do that as well.
    Mrs S

  4. I have been cutting my own hair for over 25 years. I have always cut my husband's and kids when they were small. Once in awhile I think I need to go in and get mine done professionally and you know what? Every time I do, the beautician makes such a muddle of it, I must "clean up" the cut when I get back home. I always swear I will never go back. This time I mean it. I figure I save about $300 a year. If you spend less than that it means you are waiting too long between cuts and your hair looks terrible. So I figure I am spending over $300 a year to look bad most of the time. And your hair looks wonderful. You should open a shop!

  5. I do mine too.
    I've got one of those robocut things which is quite good but I have done it with just scissors before too. I do my son's using scissors over comb and OH does his own with some self cut clippers.
    My daughter keeps her eyes open for free modelling sessions in hairdressers but she will do her own too.

  6. Love the video of the kitty cats! I pretty much restrict my hair cutting to a trim of the bangs. Right now the visit to the hairdresser is affordable, but when retirement arrives on Wed the 10th hair cutting may be something that falls into the DIY category.

  7. Your hair looks great Ilona! I do mine at home too...mine's very short so I get the clippers out every 4 weeks. Easy peasey :-)

  8. Your Food Diary section has dissappeared!!

  9. I remember when we were kids, my late mum had a haircutting comb with a razor in it. It looked like an instrument of torture but cut our hair fine. It was like this one...

    I also remembered Billy Connolly mentioning about the haircutting comb in one of his shows. I hope you don't mind me posting this, Ilona, it's quite funny. From about 37.41 to 39.35 in this clip.

    Since I have read your posting on cutting your hair, Ilona, I've been browsing videos on YouTube about cutting your own hair. I might attempt to trim up my childrens' hair at some point, if they allow me. I'd have a go at my fringe if it meant I didn't have to go to the hairdressers every 8 weeks as my hair grows like billyo. Thanks for the post. Cheers, Christy.

  10. So funny- have cut my hair many times and have evn had compliments on the cut! It is amazing how many people WON'T do it! I think yours looks great! And maybe you have inspired someone else to try.

  11. You are so entertaining! Thanks for the opportunity to smile!
    Ann G from Canada

  12. Sorry Anon. The food diary is still there but I thought I would have a break from adding to it. I didn't realise anyone was reading it. I'll get it started again when I next go shopping.

    Thanks for the links Christy. I couldn't sit through an hour of Billy Connolly but I found the bit you mentioned.

    1. Hi Ilona,

      I should have put a warning on re Billy Connolly, X rated for the language. Sorry about that. Cheers, Christy.

  13. I always cut my husband's and children's hair. I only cut my bangs and had really long hair. I never cut mine. When I did cut the family's hair, I put a sheet on the floor and shook it outdoors or put it on the line. You might try that and have a dedicated hair cutting sheet.

    Several weeks ago, I had exbf cut my hair, only taking a half-inch off. He did a great job. I cut the part from the ears forward while he cut all the length and layered the back. I put pincurls up all over, took them down one at a time and handed it to him to cut. Here is a pic of haircut he gave me:

    Yesterday, I broke down and paid $25 for a haircut. I go in with clean, dry hair and get a cut only. She curled it for me and it looked so cute. A guy I see once a week at a dinner paid me great compliments! Maybe that is a clue I should do something to my hair? Too much trouble.

    Your hair looks great. It also looks thick and very forgiving. Lucky you.

  14. Frugalfishfingersarefunandtastyontoast7 October 2012 at 08:46

    When I click on the food diary nothing comes up apart from this message: 'Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist' Dont know what's happened or if its just my computer playing up!!

  15. Core blimey what a long username, I aint typing that lot up, ha ha, I will call you toasty. I've just fiddled with the Food Diary, it could be that I missed a click when editing it, the new dashboard is a bit confusing. It should be there now,

  16. It looks fine to me. I do the same, only as my hair is long I just part it right down the centre, pull it over each shoulder and do it from the front, with one mirror or just by looking down at it. I've done that since I was 17 - that's twelve years of free haircuts - as soon realised I was never happy with paid for hair cuts so I may as well bodge it up my self free of charge! I think I do a better job, haha and I don't mind if it's not completely level at the back, though I usually do manage to get it level.

    My dad has always cut his own hair - he would never visit a barbers! He always cut mine and my sisters too which we hated as he did a horrible style but I wonder how many pounds it saved over the years!

  17. I used to cut my kids hair years ago. I then had long hair and just cut the ends once in a while. Now I work in a customer orientated environment I need a tidy hair cut. But I only ever go for a wet cut every 2 month. It costs me £15 to have it done. My hairdresser lady is brilliant with my hair and I`m always pleased with the result.

  18. I'd love to be able to cut mine but my right arm sadly won't do as its told and get round the back.with restricted movement in one arm its a case of forking out for a trim.When my hair grew back after chemo it seems to grow very quickly and its quite thick,but I do know a lovely lass who cuts it at her house and only charges me £7.00 which supplements her income a little and saves quite a bit of mine at the same time, so its win/win.She was a full time hairrdresser before she had to stop work to look after her little boy who is autistic.I know to go to a shop evry three months would probably cost around £30.00+ where I live so my trims not too bad.loved the video and am enjoying your blog


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