Thursday, 15 November 2012

I've done my duty

Whoopeeeee, my fridge is full once more. I toddled off down to Tesco last night and got some super bargains. As usual I hung around the veg department, there was a new young man in charge of the pricing machine putting the yellow stickers on. A few people showed an interest so we all gathered round and baggsed the items we wanted. It was quite civilised, but I noticed one woman seemed keen to grab everything in sight. I soon elbowed my way in, ha ha. 
I have put the full list onto the food diary if you want the details. I added it up as I went along, and stopped when I got to just over £40. That was my limit to use the £6 off voucher. I also had £10 off frozen food, so basically I got two bags of salmon steaks for nothing. I paid £24.45 in total. There was some pet food in there as well so it wan't all my food. I even look for the reductions in the meat products for the cats. There was a bag of hot cooked chicken reduced to £1, a nice treat for the pussies. 
Tesco have quite a few buy 2 get 1 free offers on at the moment. I got three bags of sultanas, three pots of cottage cheese, and three packs of cheap ham for the cats. Worth stocking up if you are definately going to use the items. 
Another boring pic of my dinner tonight, veg of course. I managed to get broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, sprouts, potatoes, parsnips and fennel all reduced. Enough to last me over a week.   
And I dipped my veg into this, it was 25p. Lovely.
I have done my duty and been to vote today, though I don't know why. I bet it will be a poor turnout because I can't see many people bothering. The government must be awash with money if they can afford the salary for a brand new position of Police Commissioner in every region. I studied all the candidates and made my selection. To be honest I am not bothered who gets the job, except for one person who I definately don't want to see in the post. So the gobby bloke from across the river in Hull who knows how to swing a right hook when he feels like it, and lied and cheated on his wife for years, definately didn't get my vote. Horrible man.

I've had a couple of comments from people I don't recognise. Comments which make me think that they are trying to advertise themselves on my blog, but being very crafty about it, pretending they read my blog and being nicey nice. I can tell when they are giving me a load of bullshit, it's obvious they are sitting for hours and hours on a computer churning out the same old smarmy words, they must think we are daft. On checking these latest ones though I see they are posting under a yootoob account name. There are so many people trying to make money on yootoob now. All they have to do is post a video on there, monetise their account and wait for the clicks to roll in. Much easier than spending hours writing content on a blog. So beware, we've now got yootoob spammers.

Can't think of anything much else to say, except, catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Ooh, that veggy plate looks good!
    Jane x

  2. Food looks yummy :-)

    Voted too but don't know why either :-0


  3. Oh gosh .. I so love brusselsprouts .. must get some.

    Vicky x

  4. Looks very good! I love it when I find items on sale, at Aldi's yesterday they had 10 pounds of potatoes on sale for .99 cents so I picked up twenty pounds and 5 pounds of onions for .59 cents, made my day!

  5. good for you on your savings!
    Some people buy reduced items because they are reduced....not because that it what they would buy that isn't really a saving.
    All the best!!

  6. That bloke across the bridge didnt get my vote either, I'd rather give it to Rockin Rocky.

  7. I don't like him either. I bet he gets the job. I didn't vote here. George did, his first ever time of voting. He thought it odd that he had to make his cross with a pencil. So do I actually. Far too easy to rub a pencil mark out. Not that anyone would cheat. Not in England!
    Do you ever find any cut price fillet steaks?

  8. I always vote because, as a woman I consider it to be a duty to the sisters that have given their lives. However, this voting for a police commisioner is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. It's a shocking, repeat shocking waste of money. In the times of cut backs and austerity I think this government should hang their heads in shame. Me and OH have voted with our feet.

    Your tea looks nice though, well done on the bargains :)

  9. you always get such good deals well done!!


  10. The vegetable plate looks delicious and makes me hungry. I must go eat my sweet potato, beans and snaps, and chicken I just baked.

    I get those spam comments. Don't click on the links or you may introduce bad things to your computer. Mostly, they are so complimentary about a pedestrian post of mine and do not use proper English, even if you English read it. I just keep clicking on spam without ever clicking the link.

  11. I too have had some of those spam comments, I was a bit concerned about viruses and stuff so I just deleted them. The smoked salmon taramasalata looks delicious.
    Kindest Regards

  12. We voted too. When we went at just after 9pm, we brought the total turn out in our polling station to 87!

  13. I really must give this shopping late at night a go, I find shopping rather stressful usually and get it delivered but maybe at night there will be less people about. You are an inspiration as usual Ilona.

  14. Good Morning Ilona from House fairy
    Your dinner looks colourful, I like shopping for yellow sticker items too!

    Now here is a story. My OH is always telling me to cut back on shopping as he pays the bill. I am thoughtful and careful, always use vouchers and look online for offers before I leave the house.

    Any way he decided he could do better, so I said I was not going food shopping this week.
    Yesterday he went up Tesco, our local big store.
    He came back with some good things...toilet rolls , apples and oranges, marg, bread and milk, 1 small cauliflower, few carrots...
    Boasting he had spent £50 and used my vouchers ...
    Soo...I said he had done well and what had he bought for dinners next week? started muttering about using stuff from the freezer????
    then declares we could have the cauliflower for tea. I looked at him as he is a meat eater...
    Wednesday, for dinner I cooked pasta in Ragu sauce with toast, apple for pud and he flatly refused to eat it (no meat you see).
    How many weeks can you say freezer? not much meat in there , mostly frozen veg and chips.

    It is another nice day today, doing some choirs. Putting the washing on line, washing the dishes and cleaning out the coal fire.
    Taking the dog walkies around mid day as that is the warmest time to be outside.
    I hope you have some heating on to your house Ilona?

    Wonder what your next post will be? take care.

  15. Some brilliant bargains there. Thanks for the tip about Yootube spammers, I'll watch out for them.

    Sue xx

  16. All I want from the police is that they uphold the law. Do we really need someone else drawing a wage for them to do that?

  17. Your dinner looks delicious. I love veggies.

    And please tell me that the lying, cheating scrapper you didn't vote for was not someone who was being considered for police commissioner??

  18. Hi Theresa. The gobby lying cheat from Hull didn't get the job, ha ha.


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