Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Keeping my hand in

Aye up me ducks, what are you up to then. You'll be pleased to know that I am still doing a lot of walking, but the bad news is that I haven't been very far afield, so there are not so many trips to report on. I am out every day walking in my local area, just to keep my hand in and to keep my fitness levels up for when I start on the biguns next spring. At this time of the year a lot of people suffer from that SAD, Seasonal Affected Disorder, due to the short dark days. A good way to combat this is to grab every opportunity to get yourself out in the open air and get whatever bit of daylight there is onto your body. It definately makes me feel alive when I am out in the countryside.
I am reading a book at the moment about a chappie walking the Pennine Way. He is a poet and giving readings along the way in exchange for free meals and accommodation. I could do that and give frugal talks instead of the poetry, ha ha. I'm halfway through the book and he is halfway through the walk, he has just arrived in the Yorkshire Dales after struggling for days through peat bogs. This is one aspect of this long distance path which puts me off, I cannot see the fun of squelching through a quagmire and coming out the other side splattered in mud. I have walked some of the nice bits of the Pennine Way, the Dales are lovely, but I will give the bogs a miss. 
There's a long distance walk taking place this week, some presenters from Radio Humberside are walking from Bridlington to Scunthorpe, for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. There are frequent updates about it on the radio, it sounds as though they are having a good time. All this talk, and reading about walking is giving me an appetite, I can't wait to get out there again. I've had an idea for the spring. Instead of planning a route, why not just set off with no plans in mind whatsoever. Take a couple of os maps, and wander willy nilly making it up as I go along. I reckon that could be quite good fun, a real test. Sometimes it's good to have a plan, then you can see the sights you want to see, but an unplanned route would be full of surprises, and I like surprises. Hmmm I'll think about it.
In the meantime here are some local walking pics. Yesterday at Normanby Hall and the Park. 
Cor, doncha just wish we lived here :o) 
Rocky has a new friend.
Today, down Wood Hill along Flixborough Bottoms, across the fields. 
On the way back up Wood Hill.
We met a whole group of people from a local walking club, must have been about forty or more. Not my cup of tea to walk with that many. Bringing up the rear as the back marker was Graham and Lady. Poor Lady was struggling a bit so I offered to take her back to her house so Graham could carry on with the walk. She was a bit worried at first when he went one way and we went the other. A few treats soon took her mind off it, she has walked with me many times.  
Back home for a healthy lunch. Salad leaves and water cress, cous cous and sweetcorn, coleslaw, and a piece of grilled white fish. Very nice, especially as the fish was free given to me by my friend who doesn't like it, and the coleslaw and salad was reduced yellow sticker bargains.
I think I might have do a big shop tonight as my fridge is bare. Toodle pip.


  1. I particularly like walking in the autumn, it's the leaves on the ground and the fresh air. You hit the nail on the head about the shorter days and getting as much light as possible. My dog is like Lady and gets very tired so easily these days. We now do two short walks a day rather than one long one. That seems to be working better for her. It's sad because the mind is willing but the body says no :(

    Rocky looks so cute in those pics, he's such a good sitter!

  2. Lovely photos Ilona. Thanks for sharing.

    The only problem with going walkabout with no set destination is that you end up spending more time finding a bed for the night, etc. and can't search for a good price.

  3. Nice post and photos Ilona. Glad you are keeping fit, and Rocky is looking good.

  4. As usual a great blog. I feel as though I am on the walks with you. Till tomorrow.
    Dianne - Hereford

  5. You are lucky to live in such a nice part of the country. Where I live is not too bad but there's not much scenery. Love the pictures of the trees.

    What a great idea to just go and find out. I wish I could do that, although I've done it when I've gone abroad, just got off at the airport and not known where I was going to go.

    I read a book about a man going on a journey from Plymouth to Edinburgh, taking no money, accompanied by a King Charles spaniel. He was dependent on his own wits and the generosity of others. It's called Broke Through Britain, by Peter Mortimer, who is a freelance author. Look out for it, you'll love it.

  6. Rocky is so cute, lovely photos. We get a lot of ramblers up our way. Often enormous groups of 30-40, we often say they must not see much wildlife as the wildlife will always hear them coming :) Still different strokes for different folks and all that, we're like you though Ilona and like a peaceful jaunt.

  7. That dinner looks lovley. And what gorgeous walking country. Rocky is a great little dog.

  8. Rocky is a lucky little fellow to have such a doting stepmum, I am one of his fans, lovely walks, wish I had been out and about walking in the sunshine today instead of at work, but there you go, you've got to do what you've got to do.

  9. Good evening from House fairy
    Hiya, you are an inspiration! I did the same today. Off I went to the local park with dog and camera... Cannot go far as I do not have a car of my own due to costs.

    Dog, golden retriever and I waked up and down the park paths. I sat on nearly all the seats for a few minutes. Took some photo's of the tree's in Autumn colours of reds, golds and green. Quite a few people I did not know said hello or good morning.

    Came home and we had lunch, then afternoon sleep, it was difficult to stop the yawning. The walk must of done us both some good.

    Take care...

  10. Hello Ilona.

    I have just finished reading your entire blog and all I can say is wow - you are amazing.

    I think I need a lie down now :-)


  11. Gorgeous photos as always Ilona, I especially love the fallen Autumn leaves but my favourite photos are of course of Rocky♥♥♥ he rules:)

  12. Your meals always looks so creative!


  13. My goodness Toni, you have my permission to lie down. In fact you deserve a medal. Welcome.

    Dog walkers unite, House fairy.

  14. Ilona, I read a book called "Hiking Through" a man's story of a hike along the Appalachian Trail. It was free to me and I'm more than happy to pass it along to you...the postage is e mail me your address if you would like it.
    Jane xx
    Ps I love the pic of Rocky!

  15. Lovely pictures, do you ever show Rocky's mum the pictrures you take of him when you're out and about together or would she be jealous that he's having such a good time without her (it's about time he became your dog, you truly give him a life worth living and enjoying).

    Sue xx

  16. I`d be glued to the comp if you were to embark on that type of walking adventure. Beware though that you might well end up having to sleep rough on occasion if you can not find a bed for the night. Would you want to put yourself through that, I wonder?