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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Simple solution to an irritating problem

I've had a problem with my pillow for ages, and it's very annoying. About time I thought of a solution. It's got real feathers in it, lovely and soft when fluffed up with a good pummelling, but as the night goes on my head sinks lower and lower into it and all the stuffing is moved to the ends. It finishes up like a gigantic pair of ear muffs. I am fed up of having to sit up in bed and give it a good bash two or three times a night to restore it to it's original height.  
Seems to me that the pillow is too big for the amount of feathers, there are not enough to fill it. As I haven't got any feathers to add, then I need to reduce the size of the cover. Clever eh, ha ha. So I shook the pillow so the feathers fell to one end, and made a seam with the machine, three inches away from the end. Therefore making the pillow smaller.
Magic, one fluffy pillow. Let's hope it stays like that all night long, I'll let you know tomorrow. You could probably do the same with any pillow with any stuffing. They do tend to go flat after a while. Give it a whirl if you have any well used flat old pillows, maybe you'll get another year out of them. This is my top money saving tip for today.
I've noticed there are some new followers, welcome to my humble abode everyone. You don't have to take your shoes off to come in here, be carefull where you sit, there are a lot of cat hairs about. I will get round to getting the Dyson out eventually. No airs and graces here, take me as you find me.

I am slowly getting round to looking at your blogs, here are a few of the links.
My friend Dibble has recently started a blog, I say friend but we have only ever met on  I feel like I already know her quite well. She has some lovely pics of the Lake District where she is lucky enough to live.

Take a look at Vintage Vixen here. Some great fashion ideas.

Here is another good one, Kay from Cornwall writes about allsorts, this is what she says,
would love to be as dedicated to frugal blogging as some of my fellow bloggers but personally, I find that writing about lots of different things on my blog keeps it fun for me to write.

If you're interested in life on a farm, this is for you

This is Alison's blog, all things simple.

Here is Theresa's blog, cooking and crafts.

Phew, there's a few to be going on with, you'll never be off the computer now, ha ha. Happy reading.

Kitty news. We have recently rehomed a cat which has been in our care for about eight months. Bow is a long haired pretty pussy who can be a bit of a handfull, she likes to be in charge and tells you so. Luckily someone came along to offer her a home in the perfect environment. A house in a very small village, middle aged couple, she will be the only cat, and will have the run of the house and garden. Suits her down to the ground. No doubt she will be setting her own ground rules, and the new owners will soon become her slaves, ha ha. We are pleased she has a new home.

Thank you for reading, off to do a bit more painting, the new masterpiece is coming along nicely.
Toodle pip


  1. Ilona, I've done exactly that same thing to one of my ancient down pillow, and it worked beautifully! I hope you are happy with your results.

    Splendid news about Bow!!! It's marvelous the way you and your friend-in-feline-rehoming take the time and care to make very well-matched placements. Every "happy ending" puts a big smile on my face, too :)

  2. What a great idea with the pillow, I'm off to sort mine out, they're a right old state.
    Great news about Bow! x

  3. I tried changing the feathers from one pillow cover to another one - NOT recommended!
    Love from Mum

  4. From House fairy
    Good tip for those with feather pillows.
    I have lots of Pillows on my bed. The one I mostly sleep with is called "Dream Wizard". It has an air pocket inside. I bag like a balloon that you blow air into. So never goes flat.

    Then I have 2 Temper travel pillows, both were freebies. They are very nice, can sleep on one at home or away.
    I have 2 v pillows on the bed too! I sit up and read or watch TV in bed early mornings or at night.
    We all are so diffrent in what we do!

    Glad one of the cats has a new home. Being a one and only will have the new owners full attention and get best seat in the house.

    Here, we have a large golden retriever. All the neighbors know about him! He has a large WOOF!
    Often rushes out in the garden to tell people, birds and cats that he lives here.
    He has a funny habit. Anyone coming into the house always gets presented with a present! usually a shoe. Does it every time, family included.
    Best wishes...

  5. Ive done that before now. At the moment I have a woollen pillow which has gone a little flat but I don't mind, don't like my head too high. In the loft I've got some of those very large square pillows which look great on the bed but you don't know what to do with them when you sleep on them. My room is so tiny that I've no room to display pillows/cushions, even if I were inclined to do so.

  6. Now there's a good idea.

    Hi, I just found your blog. I've done something similar, retired early and downshifted. We're restoring an old cottage, mostly ourselves, as it needs a lot of work. Like you, I love walking. And coming to terms with country life!


  7. Hi,Jan here.I found your blog recently,so thanks for the welcome.No worries about the cat hairs,have a house full of dog hairs here.People who come here either accept them or don't come again!I don't like 'sterile' houses,where you know you're making a mess just by being there.Could never be comfortable in a show home,not that I have to worry too much about that.Hope the re-homed kitty soon settles in new home.Waiting to see your finished masterpiece.Thought your rock pool looked amazing,you must have a great imagination to see what the end product will be like.I just see a load of seperate items.Probably need to change how I think!

  8. what a great idea!!! I will be doing that this weekend

  9. Ilona, thank you so much for the welcome and the mention of my blog, I feel like I know you already too.

    I am enjoying reading your blogs and getting lovely ideas from you.

    I have many cats too, all rescued so the cat hairs are here too.

    Thanks for your blogs, you are a star.

  10. That is a great idea! It amazes me how something so easy and simple to fix does not pop in my mind, I have a lot if feather pillows I am going to repair this way. So glad you post your ideas! Have a great day :)


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