Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The beginnings of a masterpiece

This is going to take flippin ages to finish this amazing creation, so be prepared for a long wait. The car front wing has been rubbed down with sandpaper and two coats of pale green silk emulsion paint have been applied. This is a small corner of it. I can see the finished result in my mind that I am aiming for, but it's going to take many hours to get there.
I am not good with long term craft projects but I shall stick with this one because I am keen to see how it turns out. Besides I have invested the astronomical sum of two whole pounds in a starter set of acrylic paints from Home Bargains, and 99p on a set of fine brushes from a shop called The Works. They have quite a lot of artists goodies in there, but I went for the cheapest in case it all goes tits up, ha ha.
I think this is going to be so fantastic that everybody will want to buy it, and keeping in mind the number of hours I have to put in to create this masterpiece, I shall not be taking anything less than £1,000. This could be the start of something good, ha ha.


  1. Good luck with your altered art project ... the paints look great. I often pick up arty bits and pieces that are inexpensive from The Works - it's a great wee shop. Elizabeth x

  2. It's looking promising. £1000 seems reasonable considering the outlay on materials.

  3. I recently bought some cheap paints too. I'm a dreadful artist! Good luck to you!

  4. Nice that you got a little artistic treat, its food for the soul. I am trying to avoid The Works at the moment coz I want to make my cards without spending. I really have enough stuff.

    I loved your video tour, I wish I was as organised as you with my craft stuff. Your treadle sewing machine brought back some memories. I had one about 40 years ago and I called it 'sparky' as in sparkys magic piano. On that machine I could make anything. No one else could use it though because they didnt talk to it like I did LOL. I was bought a 'posh' machine that did all kinds of stiches so sparky left home for pastures new and I must admit I missed him.

  5. Yu and Grandma Moses will go down in history!

  6. From Housefairy -
    I think your artwork is a green meadow, field of green grass. With a flower to show Autumn shades of orange.
    With Christmas coming, I guess there is going to be red in a diffrent corner?
    We shall have to wait and see...

    My project today was sorting through my clothes to take the unloved ones out of the wardrobe.
    Tomorrows project cut off the buttons, ribbons etc..
    Take care.

  7. Oh dear it's out of my price range:( Looking forward to seeing your finished masterpiece:)

  8. You could take orders, or go to a car show and sell them there!

  9. Looks like fun, can't wait to see it finished! :) Have a great day!

  10. After seeing the other and how nice it turned out, this one will be just as nice. It does seem like fun. Best of luck with it.

  11. I'm glad you showed the unfinished project because it definitely has a charming brilliance to it at this point.

  12. Why not have a little competition here ?
    guess what MQ is painting on the car piece ?
    I may be completely off track here but I think that a flower in a field is too obvious for HRH MQ - I thought it may be a stylised 'eye' but can't think of any pale green creatures ! - could be an underwater scene maybe ?
    I think the lovely Rocky may be involved here.
    Don't keep us in suspenders too long .........


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