Thursday, 8 November 2012

Two walks and a ready meal

Howdy all. It's been a good day for dog walking, crisp and bright, and sunny with a slight breeze. My friend Helen came round with Henry, I borrowed a couple of dogs and Rocky, and we all went a walk in the woods. Here is a little video I did, Mummy Helen is the pack leader. Ignore the first couple of seconds, I shouted to Helen and forgot that I had pressed the start button, ha ha.
After a lunch of beans and scrambled eggs on toast, I got on with some painting. The masterpiece is coming along nicely. When it's finished I'm going to take it back to the bodyshop where I got it from, and ask them if they want to buy it. I think it would look good on the wall in their reception area. I think they will be impressed. They might even order more.  
The sun was still shining mid afternoon, time for another little bimble, this time around Whitton, another village on the banks of the Humber. Hundreds of Canada Geese are gathering, I love seeing these, even better when they are flying overhead chattering away.
The sun is going down, time to make a move back to the car.
My food stocks are getting a bit low, so I'm using up what's in the freezer and cupboard. I've checked the dates on my Tesco vouchers and I've got another week yet. I was going to go tonight, but haven't got time and can't be bothered, so I'll leave it till next week. I hate shopping at the weekend so I'll try and manage.
So what have we here. A home made ready meal. In the bottom is a defrosted portion of veg stew, ingredients courgettes, runner beans, onions, and pasta.
Sweetcorn and cous cous cooked in a pan and spread on the top. Eat out of the tray. Cheap and easy.
Right, I must go, things to do. Got a busy day tomorrow and I must have a bath tonight. I will be mingling with other people rather than dogs, so I must make an effort to smell nice, ha ha. Get out the bubble bath. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi,from Jan,love the video,what a beautiful spot and great to see how well the dogs get on together.Rocky looks as pleased as punch.Waiting to see your finished masterpiece.Do you think you can develop a creative streak or are you born with it?Something I'm a bit lacking in but hope some of your inspiration will rub off on me!Fingers crossed.

  2. Lots of tails wagging there! Happy dogs. I noticed the black lab didn't like you trailing behind. He kept waiting for you to catch up. I love that pack instinct of dogs. Your dinner looks lovely!

  3. Hi Ilona, I loved that video - thank you - watched from my living room sofa in London, where the closest I've been to woods today is the trees on the street!

    That is a nice friendly group of dogs you have (some minor arguing over sticks aside!). Rocky and Henry are both really lovely :) Or maybe it's just because I almost feel like I know them from your blog - Rocky in particular!

  4. That was a very nice bimble. Rocky is so lucky to have you close by.

  5. I made a bean and cabbage hotpot last night, I was out today so told Chris he had a ready meal for lunch...leftovers. Well, it WAS ready!
    Jane x

  6. What a lovely day you've had. Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed it.

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely day Ilona. You are an inspiration. :)

  8. From Housefairy - Morning.
    Lovely video, shame you needed to use your car for the walk as petrol is so expensive. You all looked well and exercise is good.
    Today after choirs, I am walking into town. Is takes about half an hour each way.

  9. You know what? I actually have never eaten the combinations of foods you have/do, but what you present usually looks very tasty. And this meal...especially while NYC is in a temp-freeze at the moment, looks delicious. I have much of what you do on hand, but never thought of the combinations you make. Thanks my son is home from school, the result of the wacky weather causing a major head cold to come on suddenly. Although I do have to go out and about a bit....I do believe I'll be perusing your 'food' posts and printing out some fun/yummy ideas!

  10. P.S. Must add: your videos are also a delight. Keep them going... :o)

  11. Hi Ilona, Lovely day you got for your walk out in the wood with all the dogs. Rocky has got a great temperament, gets along with all the pooches you are around. It's nice when there's bright sunshine and there's a little bit frost, everything shimmering in the sun. I'd avoid the shops at the weekends too, especially just now with everyone out doing Christmas shopping, it's a Crimbo free blog so I won't mention anymore. I'm reading your blog everyday, just not had time to write up comments. Felt really honoured to have a look around your lounge the other day on the video you posted. You've got a cracking garden, loads of space. I liked all the photos you've hung up with the butterflies on the corners too, very nice, very colourful and cheery. I liked your little cat ornaments, cute. I liked in your video above how, Henry, I think it was, waited for you, as if to say, come on, hurry up. You've got a way with animals, Ilona, that's a cert. Re your food stocks, I'm sure you'll make whatever you have in stretch, you're very inventive with whatever you have to hand. Well I better get going, parcels to pick up. Take care. Cheers for now, Christy.

  12. Nice to see the video but I felt sorry for the black lab who looked as if it was rather too much for him, sitting down then trailing along with his tail down. Labs are such waggers so he must have been in some discomfort. He looked rather ungainly on his back legs too (arthritis?) and I really think he'd been taken beyond his comfort zone.

  13. Hello, Ilona, from a really cold western Nevada in the western US. You have a lovely woods to walk in, I am very jealous! I agree with Tracey, Alfie is pretty stiff-legged. Hopefully he wasn't in too much pain later on. My dogs (a Lab mix and a Husky mix) get glucosamine / Chondroitin mix everyday. It really seems to help. Thanks for all the videos, I look forward to the next one.
    Renee :)

  14. Hi all , as the owner of Alfie and Ollie I feel I need to reply to the above points. Alfie is an old dog, he is nine but has always been an old dog if you know what I mean. I used to take him to dog obedience when he was a puppy, one of the exercises was a sit/stay for a minute he always failed it because he would lay down after 30 seconds, it's the way he is.

    The Kennel Club standard for a show dog is that the tail does not go above the height of the back ie. straight out. He does have arthritis of the front legs and has been seen by the vet. Both dogs are on Joint Aid for dogs which has the above ingredients plus some more. He loves the walks and is now fast alseep on the sofa. Hope this puts minds at rest and thank you for your concern. Paul

  15. Hi Paul
    I also had a very old dog she died at 15 1/2 she loved her walk bad legs or not. What do you do make them stay home when it obvious they want to go out.
    lovely dogs by the way

  16. Ilona, what a lovely video of you and the dogs going for a walk, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Rocky is a cutie pie, and the black Lab that kept your company as you took your time walking behind them all, was his way of making sure that you were okay.
    When I had six dogs, sometimes the others would run on ahead, but one of them always made sure to hang back with me until I caught up.