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Monday, 24 December 2012

Hanging around paid off

Oh dear, I didn't notice the time. I'd better write a few words before I retire to beddybyes. Got a bit absorbed with watching old sitcoms on Yootoob, can't beat a bit of old fashioned humour. Remember The Liver Birds, and Keeping up Appearances. Mr Bean is another good laugh, they're all on there.

I did the dash to Tesco tonight, had to hang around till 7pm though to get the real bargains. I got there a bit too early really, but didn't want to miss out by being too late. I was struggling at first to find things which were cheap enough, then I spotted the man on fruit and veg with the ticket machine and bingo, I was on to a winner. My fridge is now full to bursting. Total shop was £20

Just a few examples, mushrooms were 97p down to 10p, sprouts were 75p down to 8p, prawn cocktail £2 down to 50p, houmous £1.10 down to 11p, prepared pineapple £1.40 down to 14p, casserole veg £1.50 down to 15p, salmon fish cakes £2.63 down to 63p, steamed salmon £4 down to £1, salad in bags £1 down to 10p, fruit pies £1.80 down to 45p, and lots of other stuff. I've got loads of veg, I quite fancy a veg curry for tomorrow, will make a change from stew.

I've been drinking some more of the red wine tonight, but this time I mixed it with red berry juice. It made quite a nice fruit punch.

It's been raining here most of the day, so I've made a start on the next painting project. Remember the car body panel that looks like wings. It's had a couple of coats of paint and I've made a rough drawing of what I want to put on it. I was going to go outside in the back garden to repair a broken table/work bench, but couldn't because of the rain. That job will have to wait untill we get a dry day.

Anyway, I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I haven't been able to post comments on all your blogs, I may get round to it eventually. Have a good day whatever you are doing.
Good night.


  1. Happpy Christmas to you, well done with your supermarket haul, sounds delicious. Just managed to wrap the furry one's (collie bitch) present without her noticing (a very frugal £1 soft toy fom the CS, fortunately she doesnot destroy them and they last for years).

  2. Hope the rain stops long enough for you to go for a nice stroll tomorrow. I am happily pootling about on here as everything is done here. Christmas dinner for 3 has come in at £4.70 for 2 courses and a nice bottle of beer and lemonade to treat ourselves to a shandy! of course that includes lots of leftovers too. Time to fill my hot water bottle and wander off. hugs ginny

  3. Hope the weather clears up so you can get out for a walk. Sounds you have enough bargains to cook up a storm. Have a great time over Christmas doing whatever you fancy. Looking forward to reading whatever 2013 has in store for you and sending all best wishes.

  4. Merry Christmas to you too Ilona, enjoy your day
    Judy xx

  5. Merry Christmas Ilona! Thanks for providing us with your frugal wisdom all year long.

  6. Happy Christmas Ilona. Have a lovely day. Catch up with you soon. x

  7. Nice score at Tesco s. Merry Christmas, Ilona and a very happy 2013.

  8. Have a lovely and peaceful day! xxx

  9. Sounds like a very good shop.

    Have a lovely Christmas Ilona, all the very best.

    The offer I emailed about is for whenever you need it not just for Christmas :-)

    Sue xx

  10. Merry Christmas to you, also!

  11. This is is, hanging around.... I can never be bothered to wait but good for you getting all the bargains.
    Enjoy your day

  12. Merry Christmas again, enjoy your day. I loved the Liver Birds too, didn't know it was back again. Do you remember the one from the late 60s "Take Three Girls"? I loved that one too. Liza Goddard was in it and Susan Jameson, I don't remember the other one.

  13. A very happy Christmas Ilona.

    Glad you got loads of bargains.

    Toni x

  14. Merry Christmas Ilona and I hope ALL your wishes come true in 2013. Linda xx

  15. Greetings to you from across the pond. Enjoy your day however you choose to spend it. Perhaps with a walk between showers? :)

  16. Merry Christmas, Ilona!

    Leslie in South Dakota

  17. A very merry Christmas, Ilona. You certainly got some bargains yesterday -amazing prices - well done! Anne (South west)

  18. Merry Christmas to you. We'll be fed for the rest of the week with leftovers!
    Love from Mum

  19. Merry Christmas Ilona!
    You did extremely well with your bargain shopping....patience is a virtue they say....and it always pays off.
    I absolutely adored Mrs.Buc-ket on Keeping up Appearances. Used to watch it religiously.

  20. Merry Xmas Ilona,and thank you for a very entertaining Blog,xx

  21. Merry Christmas, Ilona.
    I'm quite impressed with your recent shopping trip. The prawn cocktail sounds so lovely. That and diet Coke used to be dinner when I was just starting out. It was always packed in a cute fancy glass jar that became a juice glass when I was done with it. I haven't seen any in the store for quite a long time now. They do sell a ring of prawns with the sauce in the's all plastic, so it's probably a cost thing. Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean is one of my favorite holiday 'films' of all time. lol! I hope your New Year brings many more bargains and adventures. Take care and enjoy the holiday :)


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