Monday, 18 February 2013

Head in the clouds

Image source NOAA Photo Library

Oh wow, what a dream that was. I woke up thinking I had been in a disaster movie. Do you ever have dreams like that? Like you have been on a long journey and it took all night, but in reality the dream probably lasted only a few seconds. I don't dream very often but when I do it is of epic proportions, and so vivid in my mind. I have usually forgotten all about it half an hour after waking, so I'm sat in bed recording my dream here before it is lost from my head forever.

The most scary thing about this dream is the fact that there is no way that I could have known about the scene I saw. There was nothing in my head which could have prompted my memory to kick in, nothing to remind me that I have seen something similar in real life. Where it came from I do not know.

It has happened before, I dream about the future, about how the world might be in a hundred or a thousand years time. I don't watch science fiction films, but I find myself in places I percieve as the future. Last night I was in a tall building looking out over a city. A short distance away was a building of a similar height. It had like a cone shaped top to it, with a shiny steel outer covering which wasn't one complete moulded piece, but panels welded together.

I could see right into the building, there was a middle aged man sat inside, at a control panel. He had lots of electronic equipment at his fingertips. Lots of switches and buttons, lots of screens and dials to monitor, a bit like an aircraft cockpit, only much bigger. The man wore a blue checked shirt, he was rugged and of chunky stature, his grey hair was cropped short.

As I was watching the steel cone there appeared to be fireworks coming from the top of it. Shooting up and out in all directions, not coloured but silver sparks against the darkened stormy sky. It looked spectacular and I was in awe of it's beauty. A storm had been raging, the wind was blowing the black clouds, they were swirling around the top of the city.

My eyes were transfixed on the steel cone, the noise of the wind grew louder, I felt a slight tremor as the building I was in seemed to waft a little with a particularly fierce gust. As I focussed on the steel panels I noticed one of them lift slightly, it was like the bolts that held it together were finally giving in to the force of the wind. First a corner lifted, then a whole panel was ripped off and went flying through the air. More panels came adrift, as the wind raged, exposing the man inside to the elements.

A few seconds later, the wind took complete control and ripped the whole cone from it's base. It toppled sideways and completely broke away from the main structure. The fireworks had not been fireworks at all, it was the movement of the steel surfaces together which had caused the sparks.

I saw the man, fire had broken out around him, he seemed calm, his hair had caught fire and he tried to put it out. Then his clothes caught fire, and the floor around him started to collapse. At that moment he realised that the end of his life was upon him as the flames were licking around his body. It was as if he accepted his fate. He said, 'If this is the end, then it's a good way to go'. Then the floor fell away below him and he disappeared into the bowels of the building.

Then I woke up. I go to some strange places in my dreams. I sometimes wonder if these dreams are premonitions of the future, or just a vivid imagination on my part. Who knows. There you go, I have recorded my dream in case someone in a billion years time is able to pluck my blog out of the cyber archives. The visitor from outer space will read it and think, aha, she was right. That's if they can understand English.
Toodle pip. 


  1. Some movie producer will be knocking on your door soon for the rights to this incredible dream sequence which will be made into a blockbuster movie.
    That is a very vivid description of your dream. I wonder if your brain is picking up your emotions of disappointment at not being able to go on your planned trip.

  2. I rarely dream but often find myself in the same place...I sort of step back from the dream and say to myself "Oh, I've been her before", then carry on dreaming.
    Jane x

    1. I've been reading up on dreams, that's called lucid dreaming, where you know you are in a dream but decide to stick with it and carry on dreaming. It's fascinating stuff.

    2. I'm lucid....I'm lucid... great news!!
      Jane x

  3. I also think this might make a good movie. Scary. I find my dreams always have a element of something I have watched on TV in the evening. I now choose to keep my evening TV very, very light and happy.

  4. Fantastic dream. Let's hope there's a second instalment. Keep a pencil and paper by your bed just in case.
    Love from Mum

  5. I wonder if this one will make you laugh? A long time ago now I dreamt that my Husband and myself were going on holiday. We were flying to our destination, but not in an aeroplane. We were flying along side by side in classic Super Man pose!! Also my Husband had our suitcases on his back. As we flew along we pointed out forests, lakes, houses etc just as you would on a normal journey. :)

  6. Perhaps you just me the man of your dreams. ;) Didn't you just post a while ago about how you didn't need a man? Perhaps this man needs you? Not that far off from the big Holiday of Love. ;) I have dreams that are like that only by the time I think about writing them down they are long gone but for a few piddly bits.

  7. Wow what a very vivid dream. I have had 2 dreams I remember lately. Firstly I was married to Dougie Howser, obviously the older man. And we had a bright blue car. And then my other dream I owned a food truck/wagon selling falafel in Cheltenham. Make of that what you will.

  8. Dear Ilona,
    So many times I've been blessed to learn some of your wonderful tips for living well and enjoying life frugally. I believe I've read all your blog from beginning to date. There has been something I've always felt I wanted to share that is greater than any tip in the world. And that is about the true love and salvation from my Lord Jesus Christ. Ilona, I wish you this more than all the money and joys of this world because it is worth far more. Thank you for all you do for your readers. Please let this reader share the best she has with you!

  9. What a dream! I have very vivid dreams and sometimes wake up thinking I should write that one down it would make a good story / film but then the day overtakes me and it is gone from my mind.... Last night I dreamt I was having a medical and when they weighed me they said 17 stone 1 pound! I was horrified and assured them they were very wrong (I AM overweight but nowhere near that much) and spent the rest of the dream trying to think of ways to either find my correct weight or exercise madly to reduce it :0)

  10. Dreams are sometimes weird.
    I had a dream about my eldest son once. It showed him coming home to visit and looking different. I woke crying. That same night my son had been mugged and beaten over the head with a concrete block, breaking his nose and having him hospitalized for over a week. Now, what do you make of this kind of dream? I believe that we as human beings have some connection to each other, even if we are miles apart. Some of us have a stronger intuitive connection than others. Mine and my son`s connection must fall into that category, I guess. I often find myself dreaming about my kids if I had some worry or thoughts about them the day before, so your dream must be something connected to whatever your thought patterns were the day before.


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