Monday, 4 February 2013

Your turn.....

Hey, I'm having a day off today, can't be bothered to write a blog post, so I'm handing it over to you. All you peeps out there can write it for me. Howzabout it? What have you got to say then?

Here are some topic suggestions.....
What I did yesterday.
What am I going to do today.
What I do to save money.
What do I spend my money on.
What crafty things I have made.
What did I make for dinner.
Where I am planning to go on holiday.
Where do I go shopping.

And any other topic you can think of. Burnsy calls his show on the radio  a Free for all Friday, when he can't think of anything to say.

So this is the Monday Magazine, where I get to read what you have to say. Yes, you got it, basically it's a cop out, so get your thinking caps on. Ha ha. Usual rules apply. Spam will be zapped. Sarcasm and nit picking, will be zapped. Comments subject to my approval before they are published. I'll be back later to check up on you.
Toodle Pip.
PS. Anyone got any good jokes?  


  1. Anyone got any good jokes? LOL None that are printable!

  2. I would like to tell you about what I did with a chicken.
    First off it was a 3lb chicken and cost me £3

    The first thing I did was bung it in a stock pot with seasoning, onion, garlic, potato, carrots and thyme and covered it in hot water. Then I wopped it in the oven and slow cooked it for 8 hrs. Then I lifted out the carcass carefully, removed the 2 drumsticks, shredded the meat off hte bones with a fork and chucked the meat back in the soup.
    I got 6 bowls of soup out of that. Thick and very filling
    For the next meal, I rubbed a splash of oil and some seasoning on the chicken and put the chicken into a hot oven for 30 mins while I cooked some potatoes, carrots, and cabbage - roast dinner for 3
    The next meal was chicken and salad in tortillas, enough for 3
    Then I whacked the remaining bones back in the stock pot with about 3 pints of water and some onion and carrot and herbs and slow cooked it again, to get some nice stock for the freezer divided into half pints to pull out as and when needed.
    12 meals from 1 x 3lb/£3 chicken, plus the stock, pretty good in my opinion.

    1. Thank you for your recipe, I'm sure it will be usefull to a lot of people. Did you grind up the bones and put them on the compost heap?

    2. I dont do that, the smaller bones soften and disintegrate, but the bigger ones go into the food caddy to be collected and recycled municipally, as I dont want to attract rats. I looked into hot bin composting, which is better for anything meaty, and still trying to decide on whether it is worthwhile for my paltry amount of wastage.

  3. I've left you an award over at mine, nip by and pick it up.

    And to answer your quesions (you little 'copper outer' you)

    Yesterday - I drove from Manchester to home (Berkshire).
    Today - I'm doing as little as possible but lots of Blog reading!
    To save money - I simply don't spend what I really don't have to.
    I spend my money on - food and true necessities only.
    I have made - Cards, soaps, lavender hearts, willow wreaths and lots of bitty bits that I can't think of at the moment.
    What did I make for dinner - Lovely Hubby made it for me last night :-)
    Holiday - I really don't know.
    Where do I go shopping - local shops or the place with the best bargains - I'm loyal to no-one (except the milkman).

    Sue xx

    1. Thank you for the award, I'll go and get it.

  4. Hi Ilona, great idea even for a cop out!
    I have had a busy few days so today I am planning on having a lazy afternoon.

    Catching up on missed TV programmes whilst finishing of a crochet blanket.

    1. Put your feet up Sharon, don't wear yourself out. There's always another day.

  5. Yesterday and today - trying to get another blog up and running, but it's like having to learn it all over again 'cos I forgot how I did it !
    what do I do to save money ? don't spend it
    What do I spend money on ? only stuff I can't make, grow or barter for myself ! so that's not much.
    Crafty things I have made ? too much to mention
    Dinner yesterday was a lovely veggie chilli con carni - plenty left for today and for the freezer
    I dont go on holidays, where I live is so beautiful, I don't feel the need.
    Where do I go shopping ? what's shopping ? ha ha - seriously, anywhere I can find a yellow sticker.

    1. You lead a very similar life to mine. Tightwads unite, YAY.

  6. The scientitsts studying Richard 111's remains were working on a hunch

    Ann marie

    1. Ha ha, It took me 24 hours to work that one out. I'm a bit dim sometimes.

    2. I have a very corny sense of humour. It was emailed into radio 4 early morning programme by about a million people.

  7. Hi,Jan here.Enjoy your day off.I've cut my hair this morning!Sort of out of desparation,ready to be offered jobs as a crop scarer!Haven't done this before(except for fringe)but way over due.Hard for me to make appointments in advance at the moment and I seemed to remember you doing yours sucessfully so thought it was a good way to save both time and money.I used nail scissors as they were the sharpest available!Couldn't really see what I was doing but made sure the 'trimmings' were roughly the same length (up to about 4inches).I think it looks better now,no one else seen it yet,except my old dog,who appreciates the fact that I won't book an appointment incase she's having a bad day when the time comes.Fortunatley,she's doing well at the moment.I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself,even composted the trimmings,no waste here!What can I do next,I wonder?!!Thanks for your ongoing entertainment and inspiration.

    1. That's fantastic, Jan. Don't worry if the back is not straight, you won't be able to see it.

  8. Yesterday was superbowl Sunday here. I'm not a big football fan (American football) but my husband is. So we had one of my sister in law's over last minute kind of invite. I made spaghetti sauce and some pasta and a salad. I wasn't prepared for the usual "superbowl food" (crap in plain English) but we had a nice time.
    Not sure if we are going on a holiday this year. Don't know if we can afford it or not. Would have liked to go away from here this winter for a couple of weeks but it didn't happen.
    I shop in two or three different supermarkets and in Target (discount store) where they have added a food section to the store. The prices are very good and sometimes so much cheaper than the supermarket prices. So whatever I can get there, I buy it.
    I don't do crafts any more. Used to sew alot but have no patience for it lately.
    To save money, I don't buy prepared foods but cook from scratch usually. I try and wait for sales on essentials and stock up.

    1. I'm not a football fan either, blokes kicking a ball around, yawn yawn.

  9. Yesterday I got up late did some sewing and watched the Super Bowl and did some knitting and played Scrabble - try Words with Friends !
    Today; gym for two hours this morning; necessary as it it was -27C wind chill this weekend. Pay 6 quid a month which is a good deal and I try to go everyday in the winter.
    I do my main fruit veg oatmeal milk butter flour shop at Aldi s - cant beat it especially as we dont have yellow stickers here in the u.s.
    I spend my money on my grandchildren mostly as they need things and I dont although I did buy a gorgeous Jos.ABanks cashmere sweater on ebay for 10 quid including postage. That will be my only clothing purchase this year I think.
    I am knitting three little hats for my latest grand-daughter out of my stash and have made her two little tops for the summer.
    I made baked potatoes for supper topped with chili, soured cream, guacomole and cheese with an orange for dessert.
    I save money by leading a frugal life and although I am comfortably off I never waste money on "stuff."
    My local cinema does Live from the Met every week during the opera season and I go every Wednesday evening. I have never seen any opera and I am a complete convert. It is truly wonderful and as I live 1,000 miles from the Met and probably could never get decent tickets this is great alternative.
    Dont really have holidays as my life is one long holiday really if I m honest and I am going to enjoy it as long as possible.
    I have everything I need, a home, good food, loving family, clean water, the use of my legs.................I am grateful for everything.
    Cant wait for Spring though, we had 3" of snow last night so just going out to plough. I am also enjoying Frugal in Derbyshire blog, that woman is amazing !

    1. I admire your positive outlook on life, lizzie. Sounds like you try and make the best of every minute. I am looking forward to spring as well.

  10. Today I had an interview for more work. I have my fingers crossed. I wasn't at all frugal when I got home and we had takeaway pizzas for lunch. Soup for supper though.

    1. I have my fingers crossed for you as well, FD

  11. Yesterday, hauled chopped logs to the house...hauled unchopped logs to the workshop.
    Today,have to take three of the cats to the vets for their annuals (wish us luck).
    What I do to save money...don't go out except to chop logs and take cats to the vets!
    What I spend my money on...we have 13 cats...enough said.
    What crafty things I have made...scarves,grapevine wreaths,halfway through a cardi which will take me forever to finish (booooring),oh, and a blanket for the animal shelter.
    What did I make for dinner,last night was pizza with spinach,toms,tofu,onion, garlic,olives...will have leftovers for lunch today.
    Holidays...we don't have holidays.Too many things need doing on the house to justify spending money on holidays.
    Where do I go shopping? Our nearest store is 40 mins drive away,so I go as infrequently as I can.
    Are we done yet?..No more questions?
    Jane xx

    1. 10 / 10 for that Jane, and a gold star. Now, your homework for tomorrow is........compose a 1,000 word thesis on feline health, and the life span of an oak tree, ha ha.

    2. Only one thousand words? You are too kind!
      Jane x


    1. Is this a spam comment, ha ha. I will allow it Dan, your blog is delightful, full of pics of Yorkshire, and you are not trying to sell anything.

  13. This weekend I've been reading the blog of a girl called Jack. This is someone who has VERY little money and cooks amazing food that costs incredibly little. She costs out all her recipes to you can see exactly how she arrives at the price per portion. I'm going to pinch some of her ideas so we'll be saving money. Have a read:

  14. I'm just back from a weekend on the Lincolnshire coast. Enjoyed every moment. Snow, wind, rain and shine !
    Today I've cleaned the house and done all the laundry.
    Roast pork chops, Mash and veggies for dinner.
    I've counted my copper penny stash and its just over £14.
    Menu planned my week and listed five items I need to get to complete the weeks meals. I'm roughly spending about £8 per week topping up my stores, with a monthly main shop of £100. For 3 adults I'm comfortable with that. Stepping off the consumer treadmill has brought me so much more satisfaction and sense of achievement in my life.

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying life. You do very well to feed your family on so little.

  15. Oh dear! You all make me feel so humble :-(
    I try my best but not in your league.
    OH recently retired so having to try to cut back as much as possible.
    We live up in the West Yorkshire hills so have wonderful and dramatic surroundings. This helps as I love home so much I rarely want to leave it.
    Just built kitchen extension and new kitchen. DEFINITELY not frugal but means to an end, we now have the warmth and space to enjoy our retirement and to entertain friends rather than going out.
    I finally got my lifelong dream of an Aga so am one very happy bunny.
    Some ways that I save pennies -
    9 months ago, gave up on colouring hair and am now almost grey and loving it. Feel so liberated!
    Love spreadable L**pack butter but too expensive so buy pack of hard L**rpack when on offer and blend it with 200ml sunflower oil. Pour into butter dish and pop in fridge to harden. Just as good.
    Buy a sack of spuds at a time and enjoy all the potatoe recipes I can find.
    This year, instead of buying solid fuel for our woodburner, we are burning all the wood from our old kitchen and old door and window frames. Cosy and free!
    Trying to convert OH to my vegetarian meals but having limited success. He is having some so a saving there.
    Making up 1 pint of milk from dried milk powder and adding to milk in fridge. What OH does not see does not hurt him ..... but he insists he would never drink dried milk ;-)
    Make own yoghurt, bread, cakes, soups
    Have 5 ex battery hens and an ex battery cockeral (he sneaked in through the sexing process and survived in cognito for 18 months till liberated). Loads of gorgeous eggs!
    Just discovered a blog by Shirley Goode (don't know how to insert links). used to read her years ago and have just re found her on a new blog. A very canny lady with the pennies. Loads of sensible ideas.
    Great follower of Martin Lewis and his money saving web site.

    Thanks for all your inspiration Ilona. Love reading your blog. Enjoy your day off :-)

    1. Well done for rescuing the battery hens. I learn a lot from Martin Lewis as well.

    2. That is amazing about the cockerel. Sorry for butting in.

  16. Hi MQ. This is a lovely idea.

    1) Worked 5.5 hrs, then watched Stuperbowl, I mean Superbowl
    2) Finish cleaning jobs not done on Sat/Sun due to working more than anticipated, then go for hair cut
    3) Staying out of stores unless necessary purchase, then tracking money out
    4) Cross-stitcher and sewer. Working on a cat picture x-st and planning to sew soon on p.j's for GD gift.
    5) Left-over spaghetti, tomato sce with veggies & cooked bratwurst
    6) Contemplating a vacation to Ottawa around 1st of July
    7) Shopping for food? Freshco, No Frills and other as required, depending on item. Thrift for some things.

    I listen to a fellow who does a Friday Free for All also.

  17. I think I'll go through your whole list of topics.............

    What I did yesterday.

    I always visit my local pet sanctuary on a Sunday - They are open to the public on Sunday afternoons. I go there to practise my craft as I am a professional animal hugger. So all the cats get a hug whether they want one or not. Actually there is one beautiful all white cat there who in spite of being treated badly by humans always gets out of his nice warm bed and trots over for a cuddle. They also have chickens there as well but I've never successfully hugged one of them. I finish my visit by having a coffee with the owners and I always leave with my faith in humanity restored by the love they show all animals.

    What am I going to do today.

    Post out the craft orders I got over the weekend and get my crochet hook out and learn a couple of patterns that have been taunting me for a while now. I was going to spray a brown cane chair I got in a charity shop. I want to paint it white but the sun has disappeared, it's windy and I'd end up painting myself instead. A job for tomorrow.

    What I do to save money.

    I ask on Freecycle if I need anything (got my freezer and cutting out table from there) and I don't go shopping. I also mute the sound on the ads on tv.

    What do I spend my money on.

    My cats.

    What crafty things I have made.

    Clutch bags, a wonderful 3d floral afghan blanket (out of scraps of wool), loads of embroidered stuff too

    What did I make for dinner.

    Courgette and potato soup from the slow cooker with home baked bread from the breadmaker. My favourite!

    Where I am planning to go on holiday.

    No formal holidays this year, but I plan to be a tourist in my own county and turn the car down the roads that bear all those little quirky signs that I promised myself I would investigate if I had the time

    Where do I go shopping.

    Online for cat food, local greengrocers for wonderful quality fruit and veg, the animal sanctuary for eggs and if I really have to, I go to the ugly building normally known as Tesco. Oh and the odd charity shop, but I am trying to cut down on the 'bargains' I bring home.

    Signing off now,


    Linda xx

    1. Wow, you are so busy Linda. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon,you can't beat cuddling a furry animal.

  18. Yesterday? Went to Wetherspoons
    Today? Work on my website and sort out the stock I'm selling at the fair on Saturday
    Saving money? Today it's been to renegotiate my internet/telephone package
    Spending on? Travel, socialising, music festivals - things that make memories rather than possessions.
    I've made? Clothes from curtains and bedding, patchwork curtains, vegetarian food, customised furniture found in skips.
    For dinner? It's Jon's turn - spaghetti with roast veggies and home made rocket pesto
    Holidays? I'm just back from 23 nights travelling around Goa, that's my lot for a while, I can't be too greedy.
    Shopping? For food? The market and Lidl. For clothes? Charity shops and jumble sales.
    A joke? The people who run this country! xxx

    1. Hi Vix. I've read all about your Goa trip, it was most interesting. Also love your fashions. You write a smashing blog.

  19. Yesterday I dyed yarn for a special project, and blogged about it...not sure which of those two things feels like more of an accomplishment!
    Today I'm forcing myself to deal with some paperwork and phonecalls that are guaranteed to cause a headache. Hope I can get it all finished and cross it off the list.
    Are you having fun on your day off, Ilona? I hope so :)

    1. Loving my day off, thank you. Pottering about the house and going for a walk.

  20. Hi Ilona, love this idea of you making us work for you for a change!
    Yesterday I baked a pumpkin pie, blueberry cheesecake and had a lovely lazy day otherwise.
    Today I phoned a friend for a chat, cleaned the house and cooked for another friend who came for tea.
    Saved money by saving a marg tub full of sausage pasta from tea and froze it for another day.
    Spent money on the sausages from our local butcher as they're a rare treat.
    I'm half way through a ripple crochet blanket and i'm off to craft club tonight to work on it even more.
    Holidays - can't really afford to think about that for another month or two :-(
    A joke? I won't attempt that as I always forget the punch line!
    Love Lizzie-Tish x

    1. I like chatting on the phone. I had a chat with my sister today.

  21. Great idea, Ilona. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

    As for me, I've had a rare day in today, pottering around, doing laundry and some writing and I didn't spend anything.

    Dinner was macaroni cheese with peas and sweetcorn for 6 of us - cost about 50p per portion as the macaroni was from Approved Foods, the cheese and butter I buy in bulk and freeze in portions, the milk I got reduced in Asda and the flour was Aldi's at 52p for 1.5kg ( I only used 100g). Peas and Sweetcorn were frozen and also from Aldi.

    Things I've made lately include tote bags and cushion covers from 50p fabric and pillowcases I got in the Age Concern shop.

    Things I spend money on are too many still...but I'm trying to cut down drastically. I do always hunt for bargains and hate paying full price for anything, but I still buy too much stuff. I have a real penchant for craft magazines and can't seem to resist them even though I know there's likely to be only a couple of projects I'll try in each. Clothes etc are from charity shops, though.

    Holiday this year is Scarborough in 2 weeks time. A Shearings coach holiday for me and DH booked just a week ago as one of their special offers. 5 days (4 nights) dinner, bed and breakfast plus coach travel from Dover and back, 2 included excursions plus 4 drinks vouchers each per day and all for £109 each. This is the third holiday we've been on with Shearings and although they're nothing posh they do us and by booking just a couple of weeks before the trip we aleays get great discounts and get to go places we might not consider otherwise. If we drove from here to Scarborough it would probably cost us in petrol what we're paying for the whole holiday. Last year we stayed home because at the age of 55 we got our first car, a 12 year old VW Polo.

    That's about it.

    Hope you've enjoyed your day off from blogging.

    1. Good choice of holiday, helen, you certainly have a bargain there. Good scenery around Scarborough as well.

  22. What I did yesterday.
    Went to church, took my dogs to the park, met friend for coffee, sewed some curtains

    What am I going to do today.
    Go to work and stop off on my way home to visit poorly friend, walk my dogs,

    What I do to save money.
    Buy mainly charity shop clothes, use washing up water for the loo, make my own bread, shop around for bargains, try to walk more than use my car, don't put central heating on, very rarely drink, never smoke, recycle things

    What do I spend my money on.
    Rent, bills, car, dogs, food, occasional holiday, occasional meal with friends

    What crafty things I have made.
    Curtains, painted some furniture, framed some pictures, made coats for my dogs etc

    What did I make for dinner.
    Bean chilli and brown rice

    Where I am planning to go on holiday.
    A cottage in Suffolk-in less than 4 weeks!

    Where do I go shopping.
    Tesco, B & M, Home Bargains, charity shops, local ethnic shops

    Great idea Ilona!
    Ruth x

    1. You're a bit like me in the money saving department, Ruth. You talk a lot of good sense there.

  23. Evening all from House fairy.

    Yesterday was Sunday and the family were at home. Still chores though! washed up several times, Reboot washing machine and then on line.Cleaned out fire grate as used the day before. Craft - knitting. Exercise - walked the dog.

    Today - usual chores - washing up, reboot washer, then on line.
    Trying to declutter AGAIN! I got the laundry basket and sat in front of a book shelf. Filled the basket to overflowing with books and dvd's that are never used. Only task to stop the family taking them out again before I can bless them to some one else's home. Ha ha...

    Saving money - asking myself if it is a need and not a want.
    I have been working on cutting back my spending, not that I was spending a lot anyway.
    Nice to see the lines on the bank statement shrinking.
    Tesco reward vouchers came today £23.50

    What do I spend on? I need to order some more rechargeable batteries. Slowly the house is changing to rechargeable AAA & AA ones.

    Crafts - I am knitting my second ladies cardigan. have given both away by requests of "can you do one for me?". Much happiness in giving as in receiving. Maybe I will be able to knit one for me? one day?

    Dinner - Last week I did a large beef casserole in the slow cooker and then froze half for this week. We had it tonight with some mashed potato. Money saving on cooking.

    Holiday - nothing booked. I would like to think we have a mid week break in Devon with our dog. Plenty of dog walking and sea views...

    Shopping for food - can be diffrent supermarkets. I do like to money save and look for yellow stickers.

    Any more questions?

    1. You're always so cheerful, House Fairy, a delight to read your comments. Have you thought about writing a blog, you would be good at it.

  24. Yesterday - Cut OH's hair. (scattered it around the veg patch in the effort to stop foxes - doesn't work). Sorted paper work. Stacked wood and killed spiders. Emailed tree surgeon to ask for scraps for kindling. Cooked dinner, made lunches for 3 days. Ironed clothes for the week.

    Today, went to work, so paid tax man, lost some brain cells, day dreamed I was somewhere else. Came home cooked dinner of left overs. Read blogs.

    Saving - not going in shops helps.

    What do I spend on? Naughty things like magazines or house p@rn as it is known in my house

    Craft? not right now. Does planning the veg beds count?

    Shopping? Sainsburys this week but after the shock at the till will be back at aldi next week.

    1. Sol, you are funny. Yes, Sainsbury's is a bit of a shocker, I can't afford to shop there.

  25. Love the idea of getting us to post for a change. i'm a long term lurker but never posted before...

    What i did yesterday: very little as it was my only day off work last week. Did some batch cooking just to keep me in dinners for the week ahead

    What i did today: 8am-8pm in the office, very sad! Home now, so a quick dinner and a rummage round the internet before i go to bed

    What do I do to save money - batch cook, menu plan, grow my own veg

    What do i spend on - apart from day to day expenses, I like to spend my money on events, things I'll always remember doing. i'm not materialistic so I dont buy a lot of 'things' but I like to go to have life experiences.....rock climbing, sailing, trips away, that type of thing.

    What crafty things have I made - absolutely none! I'm hopeless at anything practical,I cant even wrap Christmas presents without stabbing my hand with scissors :(

    What did I have for dinner - batch cooked vegetable curry, few minutes in the microwave and job done. Ate it out of the plastic container so no washing up either.

    Shopping for food - no set place, I like to have a look around and pick things up all over the place - my local Sainsbury's is good for yellow stickered things so I tend to hunt there of an evening...

    holiday plans - luckily, my parents kindly emigrated a few years ago to Italy, so holidays have been sorted ever since. I just pay for flights and then impinge on their hospitality for as long as I can LOL. They're close to Verona and Venice so a few euro for my train fare and I can wander round all day for free soaking up the sun and the atmosphere :)

    1. Welcome long term lurker, pleased to meet you. I went to the Amalfi coast once, it was beautiful. I loved the Isle of Capri and Sorrento. Funny you should mention batch cooked veg curry, that's what I ate last night, with a potato cooked in the microwave. I think I'm going to make another pan of that.

  26. What did I do yesterday?-Just got done with a 60 hour work week. I have today and the next two off!
    Today: After I get done with this coffee, I'll get off the computer and go grocery shopping. I also want to stop by and visit my MIL. I just invited my Mom and brother via Facebook to come over for coffee on one of my days off.
    Saving Money: I don't spend it and I make sure to tuck a little away each payday that I don't mention to the hubby. I like to keep an emergency stash of cash should we need new tires, medicine, etc.
    Spending Money: Lately, just groceries. However; I really do like to shop. My brother, cousin, one of my nephews, and I went thrifting not too long ago. I found a nice comforter, two shirts, 2 pairs of pants, ashtray, a Crossfade CD, and two old dolls to make over for next to nothing. I love anything mid-century, but won't pay the crazy prices people charge for 'vintage'. The ashtray I've seen listed on Etsy for $20!!! I got it for $1. It matches the pattern on my 70's dishes. It's also nice, big, and heavy for my smoker husband to use. Another reason I buy older items is they are sturdy and built to last. Everything made now is cheap and flimsy.
    Crafty Things: I wish I had more time, but I like restoring/making over old forgotten toys/dolls, latch hooking and crochet.
    Dinner: I'm thinking fish and chips. Easy and delicious.
    Holiday: I love to travel, but I'm content to do it on line these days. Last place visited was Canterbury. My father's side of the family moved from Canterbury to Ireland, and finally to the States. I really enjoyed viewing the historic city in present time. Someday I hope to see it all in person.
    Shopping: Aldi's, Save-A-Lot, Dollar General all very frugal stores here in the States. Sometimes I go to a neighborhood grocery 'SunFresh'. They are very friendly and have good sales. They will also mark down items that don't sell quickly. My Boss gifted me with a $30 gift card for 'Target' mentioned by Kearnygirl, so I'll be checking it out. We had three months of no accidents at work, so everyone got the gift cards.
    Joke: Here's a cute one.
    'My parents recently retired. Mom always wanted to learn to play the piano, so Dad bought her a piano for her birthday. A few weeks later, I asked how she was doing with it. "Oh, we returned the piano." said my Dad, "I persuaded her to switch to a clarinet instead."
    "How come?" I asked.
    "Because," he answered, "with a clarinet, she can't sing."
    I hope you've enjoyed your break from blogging, but after this it's back to work you slacker. LOL!

    1. Thank you for that joke, it gave me a giggle. 60 hour work week, eh! A distant memory for me.

  27. Haha, I like this idea MQ! :)

    What I did yesterday - washed car inside and out getting it ready to sell. I also put an ad online aaaand...
    What am I going to do (did) today - today I sold it! :) Got a fair price for it too, which was good! (I also went to Uni and did lots of work for my meeting with my supervisor tomorrow morning).
    What I do to save money - selling the car will save us a lot. Yesterday I bought a railcard, which saved 1/3 on train fares, and I even got 11% off by googling for discount codes! BONUS! (They never usually work for me!!). ALSO yesterday I saved us another £60 by paying a full year's line rental up front! :D
    What do I spend my money on - I am planning on going on a holiday with my sister. She's found a good deal to Turkey from Newquay (which is very close to my parent's place so I won't need to pay for UK accomodation before flying!).
    What crafty things I have made - I made a draught excluder for our flat. Read all about it on Tuesday! :D It works soooo well, and it's quite pretty! :)
    What did I make for dinner - well we were waiting all evening for some people who didn't turn up to view the car, and then took the other people out for a test drive, and THEN rang my parents, so I ended up bunging a pizza in the oven! Tomorrow's a healthier stir fry though, I promise!
    Where I am planning to go on holiday - I already gave this one away! Turkey!
    Where do I go shopping - I do the weekly shop at Tesco. Well, I did because it was convenient. Now I'll need to look up which is cheapest to get home delivery! I don't really go recreational shopping, but if I do I guess Bristol city centre has most of what I need. Gloucester Road is near me and has lots of cool independent shops and charity stores though, so I would probably go there first (if only to avoid town on a weekend!).

    Haha, more than you ever wanted to know! Have a nice evening off! :D

    1. Pleased you sold your car so quickly, it must have been a relief. I was wondering about getting a railcard, I have enough Tesco vouchers for one. I am thinking though that if they keep increasing ticket prices, would I still be able to travel even with the third off. Have to think about it.

  28. What I did yesterday - all day long I searched for my lost car keys.
    Today - they were found! (Oh for a memory)
    What do I do to save money - Go walking to get warm; keep the heating down low and drape myself with wool blankets for shoulders and legs. I live in a tiny village miles from any shops, so I keep a good stock of food in, to save lots of journeys by car (I shop only once a week, or even fortnight.)
    When I use my car, I do all necessary jobs and errands while I'm out.
    I buy my clothes either from charity shops or sales, but just once a year.
    Crafts? I paint pictures of the Cornish seascapes or landscapes & sometimes sell them instead of decorating my walls. I make my own cards & notelets, either painting them or using photographs on coloured card. Sometimes I sell them too.
    I sell on eBay - recently I sold my large size clothing because I have gone down 2 sizes and don't intend putting it on again. With some of the proceeds I bought a new Vax vacuum cleaner - brilliant at gathering up my dog's hairs, fur and fluff balls! Foe 18 months I have been sweeping with a stiff brush, so my new Vax is sheer luxury.
    I always cut my own hair - have done for 40 or more years.
    Dinner? Tonight I had a fillet of salmon with a stir fry of veg plus thin noodles and chilli sauce. Banana for afters - I love bananas.
    Holidays? I go camping. I live in Cornwall and usually camp in Cornwall; there are so many beautiful quiet places to explore. I have a small tent and a large one. The small one is for a weekend but for a week or more I use the big one for the extra space and height. My camping companion is my Border collie; he's 10 years old now and a seasoned camper. All my dogs have been campers!
    But I am really looking forward to March 23rd when my dog and I are going to Cadgwith to spend a week in a railway carriage called Henrietta! After that I shall sort out the next camping trip.
    I do my shopping in Lidl, also in a local market garden or the stalls outside houses in the Tamar Valley near my home. Tesco occasionally - but I begrudge them every penny!
    I don't live a completely frugal life but I do live simply and economise where I can. Thank you, Ilona, for all your tips and recipes; I avidly follow your blog.

    1. Hi Rambler, sounds like a lovely life you have there. Border collies are so clever and loyal. Enjoy your camping, I hope to be doing some when the weather picks up a bit.

  29. Cor, took ages to read that lot!
    Today I started on the phone sorting "stuff" that turned out easier than expected, nice surprise.
    Chatted with my lovely mum - she was at her friends 101st birthday party yesterday, was nice to hear about.
    Sorted some bills out.
    Washed up.
    Prepared the veg for dinner.
    Ate dinner!
    Washed up.
    Listed stuff on eBay - one item was a buy it now and sold within four hours of listing so can send tomorrow! As I am decluttering, am very happy with this.
    Typed up pages of family tree stuff and filed properly, now have four relations finished and in order, only another 500+ to go!!
    Did my online shopping at Sainsburys, taking time and reading properly I have found them to be as economical as any other supermarket and the quality of their produce is brilliant! I love my Sainsburys!
    Tried on three pieces of clothing I got from eBay - total cost for a new skirt, new dress and used tunic blouse all in cotton, pretty and practical for me....£6.47
    Put the clean laundry away.
    Ummm......think that was it for today.
    Love your blog!

    1. The family tree sounds interesting. I wondered if I should find out where my family came from. Dad's side wouldn't be too difficult, but mum's German side would be quite a long drawn out affair due to me not speaking the language.

  30. Well you asked what have we been doing on the wrong days for me as I am not quite myself and have been taking it easy. Yesterday made some cards did a bit of housework (minimal) and some cooking. Same today but also looked after 2 of my grandchildren for a short time this morning. Had a brief "Nana Nap" this afternoon with my cat curled up on my lap. See what I mean, very lazy couple of days.
    What do I do to save money ? Dont waste anything. Make use of my freezer particularly for the reduced yellow sticker items.
    What do I spend money on ? Essentials only and too much on electric. Only heating one room but still my meter rolls on and eats money. Soon be spring then I wont need fire on.
    Made a cottage pie (?) using cooked veg in cheese sauce then topped with potatoe and grated cheese. Yummy!.
    Craft wise I will happily turn my hand to anything. I love to make things. I am making cards at the moment but I also have sewing and crochet projects on the go. I have a big piece of hessian waiting for me to make a rag rug but I wont allow myself to start it until I have finished something else. I am far too easily side tracked.
    Holidays ? Hey I am retired, life is one long holiday. I can get up to the lake district on my free bus pass. Flask and sandwiches = free day out.
    Where do I shop ? Where ever is cheapest. That includes Sainsbury. Their Basics range is really nice and very cheap. I am lucky to have all the major supermarkets close by so I check out the prices of my staples on mysupermarket before I go shopping.

    1. Sorry you have been a bit out of sorts, but I know from previous comments that you are a very busy lady enjoying your retirement. Lucky you being close to the Lakes. I think I need to get up there once this year.

  31. What a great idea Ilona, and you needed a well-deserved break. I had much fun reading other people's replies.

    What I did yesterday - work, work, more work. Being a workaholic probably doesn't help.

    What am I going to do today - see above.

    What I do to save money - bring my own ground coffee and plunger to work. Some colleagues spend $10 each day just at "cafe meetings". Avoid shopping malls like plague.

    What do I spend my money on - books and toys for the cat.

    What crafty things I have made - alas not an arty bone in me.

    What did I make for dinner - my husband and I do cooking and washing up jointly - it'll be Indian mince curry (kheema matar) with vegetables and saffron rice.

    Where I am planning to go on holiday - we are going to Lisbon in July

    Where do I go shopping - online for books and clothes, local markets and independent stores for groceries.

    1. There are coffee shops sprouting up all over the place here. People don't seem to care about how much they spend on it. Buy five a week and the cost is astonomical over a year. Good to see that you have worked that one out.

  32. Hi Ilona,

    It's me Noor who wrote to you about my mother. Sorry I took some time to get back to you. Thank you for your advice. I have a lot to plan I suppose, and it will take a lot of effort to change the way we spend, but I think it will be worth it. So here's my part of your Monday Magazine!

    What I did my office trying to write 1000 words a day for my thesis. Did not go out of the building until 6 pm.
    What am I going to do today....the same, except I have got some food and I would probably go to my colleague's office later.
    What I do to save money....have NO-SPEND-DAYS (NSD). So far this week I have 3 NSD already.
    What do I spend my money, medical expenses. I also look after my nieces who are in colleges and need money so sometimes I give them some pocket money or buy food items for them.
    What crafty things I have made....birthday cards,
    What did I make for dinner...last night was Tom Yum Soup
    Where I am planning to go on holiday....local highland area, Cameron Highland
    Where do I go shopping....small village meat/vegetable stalls, farmer's market. For canned or bottled stuffs I go to value supermarket

    I admire you Ilona. You take care of the nature, the cats and dogs, and even though there are many out there who scorn at your frugal living, you take it with an open mind. When I started reading frugal blogs, then only I realize how wasteful I was. I promise myself I would not ever waste any food and plan my spending carefully after that.

    Take care Ilona and stay healthy!

    1. Hi Noor. Glad to see you are making the most of your money. It is so important that we stay in control, and not let money rule our lives. Keeping within budget and never getting into debt is the best way.

  33. What I did yesterday.
    Car MOTed it passed!
    Did not feel well Sunday, cold on its way, so Monday felt even worse, so quite lazy, Monday, crumpets with butter for lunch. Drove a friend for her dentist appointment, went in Waitrose while I waited, because it was very close, bought, cheese and crackers, for Tuesday. Did some clothes washing. And general tidying around.
    Spent some time working on my crochet blanket. Made chili for dinner, with rice, froze enough for more dinners. Drank lots of tea and water. Did the dishes. Watched TV and looked through free magazine, given to me by friend. Bed. Ginny x

    1. I hate the nail biting MOT time, will it pass, won't it. Always such a relief if it goes through without too much bother. Thumbs up for crumpets here, love them.

  34. Been soaking up the sunshine in Benidorm since Friday, heading off homewards later today. 450 miles today, 1050 miles tomorrow, good job my other half loves driving :0) Not looking forward to the cold and snow that seems to have returned since we came away.....

    1. I've seen your pics, Kate, lucky you. Still freezing cold here, stay where you are, ha ha.

  35. Morning, had a friend round to look at wedding photos. Rang MIL. Lunch was a wholemeal scone and coffee. Went out and bought a wholemeal loaf. Dinner was a ready meal cottage pie with fresh veg - leeks, turnip, beetroot. I shop locally mostly. Did birthday invitations. Kids rang. Watched Blandings. Day gone!

  36. Visited two friends who I hadn't seen for about 4 years. He's just started a photography business so I went to the studio. I baked a marble cake before I went (you remember Ilona?) as I like to take a gift if I visit, and he took some photos of me and his wife, some of which were funny as we were being silly and some were good. I made mistake of wearing a long baggy jumper so look a bit fat. Unusually we had a meal in a pub which was fairly cheap, as we got two for one deal. I don't normally eat out.

    The studio of is what were the old railway building sheds and there are very old pictures along the walls of the corridors, very interesting, as the works made shells during the war and did some work on tanks too.

    Had a really lovely afternoon and felt better for seeing them.

    Drove the 20 miles home from Horwich in blinding snow, it's very close to the Pennines.

    1. Yes, I remember your lovely cake, scrumptious. The railway sheds sound interesting. Glad you had a nice time with your friends.

  37. So many wonderful responses Ilona. So interesting to take a peek into lives in other villages, towns, countries. How about a once-a-month guest response blog? :)

    1. Yes, I am chuffed with the response. It sort of sticks two fingers up to the troll who rubbished the idea. What do they know anyway, chuff all, ha ha.

  38. I have only just read this as i was travelling back from Wales yesterday, 4 days with the grandchildren, wonderful. The eldest has chicken pox, not so wonderful. The baby is teething, even less wonderful. We were booked into a local B&B, we packed son and daughter in law off there and took over for a while, both of them were kn...exhausted. When we got home i filled the washing machine, had what seemed like pints of tea and fell into bed. Today I got the washing dry on the line and ironed WOO HOO, tidied round and cooked for tea and the freezer. No sewing or reading, except for blogs, until tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed your day off.

    1. Oh gawd, chicken pox and teething, not much fun, but good of you to help out.

  39. Am I too late?

    What I did yesterday.

    Not a lot, really. Had a bad tummy, so spent most of the day on the sofa, cuddled up with the cats!

    What am I going to do today.

    Much the same as yesterday! Doing the occasional job around the house. Thanks to batch cooking previously, I don't need to cook this evening.
    What I do to save money.

    Scour the internet for the best price of what we need to buy.
    Study the prices in the supermarkets, to ensure we're getting the best deal per 100g, etc.
    Have started saving £2 & 20p coins in a jar.
    Have savings jars for several small 'funds'. Interest rates on our current account don't make it worthwhile to keep it in the bank & I like to see how it's growing.
    Re-use & re-purpose everything as much as possible.
    Make my own washing powder & cleaning products.
    Cook & bake from scratch.
    Bulk buy.
    Do without.
    Reject loans & credit cards.
    Overpay mortgage.
    Scrimp on electricity & gas use.
    Look out for free entertainment.
    Use the library.
    Drive as little as possible.
    Make gifts & greeting cards.
    Eat seasonal fruit & veg.
    Don't waste food.
    Buy second hand.
    Use Freecycle.
    Use slow cooker.
    I'd best stop now!

    What do I spend my money on.

    Not a lot! Obviously the household money gets spent on needs, but my personal, 'pocket money', which is very small, is spent on clothes, a little make-up, 'date day' every other month, when it's my turn & anything social. I have £28 a month to do all that, which works out £7 per category, per month, so is a challenge!

    What crafty things I have made.

    Not as much as I'd like, as I'm only just learning, but I've made greeting cards for many years.

    What did I make for dinner.

    This evening will be home-made leek & potato soup & home-made rolls, all made last week.

    Where I am planning to go on holiday.

    We're eloping this year, so will be having a 'weddingmoon' in Devon. :)

    Where do I go shopping.

    Mainly Tesco, as it's cheaper for us, for what we buy. We also have a fortnightly organic fruit & veg box delivered to us & from this month, will be having a organic meat box delivered most months, for my other half. I don't eat meat.

    Great idea for a post, Ilona. Nice to be able to give back to you. :)



    1. No, you're not too late, SGC. Thank you for your comprehensive list, looks like you have got your finances well under control. Weddingmoon eh! sounds a lot of fun. Thanks for adding your bit to this post.

  40. Wow-what a great idea of yours this was Ilona!
    Ruth x


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