Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A decision, a cheap fix, a disaster, and two more winners

Thanks for all your comments on yesterdays post about BG and Smart Meters. I think most are in agreement that the best course of action would be to do nothing. After reading the bumph they sent me, and perusing the Smart Meter frequently asked questions and answers web page, I hereby declare that I will do nothing. My decision is based on these points.
From their web site.
Do I have to have a smart meter?
No. Smart meters are progressively replacing traditional analogue meters, which means that from 2014 to 2019 they will be rolled out as standard across the country. There is no legal obligation on individuals to have one, but anyone refusing would miss out on the benefits. Suppliers are required to install smart meters, and in fact at British Gas we are committed to upgrading all our customers by taking steps to reach everyone. (miss out on what benefits exactly? I can't see any for me at all)

Will the upgrade to smart metering make meter readers redundant?
Smart technology transforms the way we take meter reads and will mean an end to pedestrian meter reading. However, our dedicated Smart Team are hiring around 2,100 people to install our customers meters and we will continue to conduct periodic safety inspections of all meters. (of course they will be made redundant, eventually, when all houses have the meters. Also, meter readers retiring or leaving to go to another job, will not be replaced, so jobs will be lost)

A bit taken from their leaflet.
Once you've got a Smart Meter you can still change supplier, your rights haven't changed. Not all suppliers use Smart Meters yet so your new supplier may not be able to support some aspects of it. You won't need a new meter, it would automatically change back to a 'standard' meter and work in the same way they do today. (I think this is going to create a great deal of confusion if all suppliers are not moving forward with new technology at the same time. I can see this making it even more difficult to change suppliers, and creating more problems)

We're committed to giving you more choice and control.
If you don't want to have a Smart Meter installed yet, just tell us. (thanks I will, when you ring and ask me)

Right, moving swiftly on, I have no more time for this topic. Noodles, what do you think of them? I used to like Super Noodles, I think they were a well known brand, but they went up in price so I stopped buying them. Also, they are not a particularly healthy type of food, so consumption should be limited. I popped into Aldi the other day for some fresh veg, and picked up a packet of their super cheap Instant Noodles, 18p I believe, thrown the till receipt away.

I had them for lunch yesterday, took a photo of the meal, but I seem to have deleted it  :o( Anyway, I had them with watercress and raw mushrooms. I must say, they weren't too bad, as a cheap and quick to prepare filler. The seasoning wasn't very tasty though, a bit wishywashy, so I added some of my own to perk it up a bit. I will get them again, just as a standby in case I come in late and want something to eat quickly without too much messing about in the kitchen.

Here's what happens when I multi task, ha ha. I zip around the house like something demented sometime, six jobs going at the same time. Half a tin of rice pudding in a mug, zapped in the microwave. I never set the timer, always just guess how long it needs. Got distracted, oooops, scrape half of it off the glass plate, ha ha.
Now what have we got here? Yep, two more shopping bags made. So if you thought you missed out on the first lot, you were in with a chance for these. No need to comment again to win them, I used the names still in the basket and pulled out two more.

I will not put you through the same agonies as before, so drum roll please, here are the winners.


Congratulations. Please send me your postal address and I will get them off to you. You can email me, or put it in a comment which I will not publish.

I sent two bags off yesterday to Jess and Markdebby, but I have not been able to send the third, because I don't have an address. So, Elaine near Philly, you requested yours to go to your friend in Lincolnshire. I have sent you two emails, but not had a reply. Perhaps you could put the address in a comment for me. Thank you so much. A note about postage. If I say I will post anywhere in the world, I mean it, at my expense, I budget for it. It's very kind that people offer to pay for postage, but, don't send me anything, not a bean. Too much hassle, I don't do Paypal, and I don't need it. I just enjoy giving.
Toodle pip.


  1. (jumping up and down) We won an Ilona designer bag!!!!! Woohoo...wait until they see this at the grocery store!
    Oh, thanks so much Ilona...can't wait!
    Jane x

  2. Ilona, I received my bag this morning and VERY please with it. It is a big treat to receive it.
    Thank you. I am a giver to and enjoy doing things for others.
    Once again thanks

  3. I've had many a microwave mishap, and have figured out the easiest way to clean the interior: put a bowl of water in and microwave it for a few minutes. The steam loosens up all the horrible bits that would otherwise require contortionist scraping!

  4. Wow, it really is me. There are sooooo many Sue's around I went back to the original post to see if any other Sues had left a comment and nope I'm the only one.

    Does a little jiggy dance around the room......sits back down and says


    And to win alongside my lovely blogging buddy Jane even better, can it get better than a Ilona design original, well only a titchy bit :-)

    Happy days.

    Thank you. xx

  5. Thank you for your comment Elaine near Philly. The bag will be posted in the morning. Don't know why I didn't receive your emails. I have a junk folder, but even so, I check emails before I dump them. Never mind, all sorted now.

  6. Good decision re the meter. And congrats to the 2 new lucky bag winners. Very generous of you Ilona to post overseas as that's not cheap!

  7. I like your thought process about the meter and you are most generous with those gorgeous bags.

  8. I would wait & let them come to you, you did enough just going through all that getting no where phone time waster. Congrats to your readers on the great bags!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Treelover, I think it's a bit cheeky to copy and paste from someone else's blog. If anyone wants to go there and read what Arthur has written about Smart Meters, they can.

  10. I DID give his link and also explained that he was up to date on all technical matters and very informative - I didn't pretend that I had written it. So I think you have misrepresented my intention.

    1. I KNOW you didn't pretend it was your work. I checked the link, and didn't think it was right to copy and paste his words into my blog, without permission from him, that's all.. I didn't say you passed them off as your own. Sorry if you thought otherwise.

  11. Smartmeters sound like a good idea but if you pay DD what difference will it make apart from the inconvenience of the meter reader coming in. The noodles are a keen price at 18p and just need a drop of worcester sauce or a concoction of your own etc. to add some flavour.


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