Wednesday 22 May 2013

And another winner

The rest of the shopping bags have gone off in the post today so look for the postman if you are a winner. I had a couple of old bubble wrap bags left over from when someone sent me something. I always save any packaging, you never know when it will come in handy. Anyway, I had a look around to see what else I could use. I don't believe in buying new bags, or envelopes, I always try to reuse and recycle where I can.
I've got some old dry dog food bags, been saving them, they are so strong, a shame to throw them away. This is what I did. I flattened one out, and cut the bottom off about an inch from the end.
Then I turned it inside out.
This tape is useful for all kinds of jobs, I got it from the Scrapstore.
Pull a piece out and lay it sticky side up on the table. Put one of the open ends half way over it, and cut it to the right length. Then fold the other half over to enclose the end. 
Both ends are sealed now.
Next to put the address label on it. I found that sellotape doesn't stick to it, so it really needs something super sticky. I used a slightly narrower blue tape, a very strong and very sticky tape. The labels are cut up old Christmas cards. I put a blank label on as well, so the lady in the Post Office could stick her stickers on it, although she did say that they would stick on the bag itself.
 I finished off by putting a smaller label on the back for the senders name and address.
There you are, a good way to use up what you already have. A strong parcel that will stand up to any amount of throwing about by Parcel Force, and should still be intact when it lands on the other side of the pond.  

Ooooh look, I've made another shopping bag, the colour is not quite right on the pic, it's more of a dusky pink. Another giveaway, so I have drawn another name out.
This time the winner is.........Claire. So, if you are reading this, please send me your name and address, and I'll get it off to you pronto. You can email, or put it in a comment, which I won't publish and will delete as soon as I have made a note of it. Well done Claire, hope you like your posh shopping bag.
Toodle pip.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha...just imagining the customs office drug sniffing dogs when they get that parcel!!!
    Jane x

  2. Great recycle and gorgeous bag. I hope you are having a good week.

  3. The customs dogs will be disappointed with the contents but not the new bag owner. Very swish.

  4. Great idea for mailing bags, Ilona! Definitely one to add to my frugal bag of tricks (not that I have ever actually bought packaging materials--I always find a way to make do with what I have).

    Have you ever made tote bags out of pet food bags? The cutest one I've ever seen was made from a chicken feed bag. Very retro. The person who made it set grommets to attach the handles. Over this past weekend, I saw a woman carrying a bag made from a C&H sugar bag--very cute! It was smaller than pet food bags--and a surprise to me, because I didn't know sugar even came in woven plastic bags.

    1. Hi mikemax, yes I have seen those. I made a tote bag out of one of these dog food bags, put a lining in it and attached handles. It's amazing the ideas that people can come up with to re use rubbish, especially in other countries where they can make money from it.

  5. great reuse!
    congrats Claire!
    I have actually seen tote bags made from critter food bags, being sold online!

  6. Address received, Claire. The bag will be with you soon.

  7. Yet, another lucky winner ..... we'll all be bumping into each other in the shops and smiling with our Ilona Originals, well maybe not bumping into Jane unfortunately !!

    That's a brilliant way to use up a dog food bag :-)

  8. Good morning Ilona, from House fairy
    Good idea with making the bag for the parcel.

    I love the pink shopping bag! I am def. a pastel colour girl. Please could my name go into the future draws for a bag.

  9. Good morning House fairy. I will let you know when another bag giveaway comes along.

  10. Thank you so much everyone and Ilona I look forward to using it very soon and am loving the fact it is pink my all time favorite color xxx

  11. Great bags! Can someone who's behind on her blog reading get her name on the list?

    1. Hi Karen Carol, There isn't a list. I decided to make extra bags for this latest prize draw, and pulled the names out of the same hat. I don't know when I will have the next giveaway, things are unpredictable on this blog, anything can happen. It depends on what I fancy making, and when I can afford the postage. It doesn't depend on people having to read all the posts, people signing up to follow, or joining anything. I don't expect anything in return.Any winners are just lucky that they were in the right place at the right time. Hope that clarifies, and best of luck for the next one.


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