Sunday, 5 May 2013

I'm back, job done.

Oh dear, I've just read your comments, so sorry for the very short post, hope you weren't too worried. I am home now, walked all the way, and perfectly fine. The reason for my lack of words was that the bluddy internet connection kept disappearing. I must have tried to connect more than a dozen times. I managed to get some pictures on, but it kept going off the minute I tried to add the words. Then I thought, stuff it, I'm going to have to give up, at 11.30pm, and go to bed, so all I could post was a few words before it went off again. The following night, no signal at all, so I watched Britain's Got Talent instead. Thought it was quite good actually, ha ha. Did you see those two blokes dressed as crazy women, singing in high voices, and wasn't that young lad with specs amazing who also sang in a high pitched voice?

Anyway, now I've got to play catch up and fill in the last three days of the walk. Keep yer eyes peeled here for the rest of the story. Toodle pip.


  1. Glad you are home safe and sound after your epic trip. A big well done to you.


  2. Good to hear from you; kudos on completing your journey!

    Sharon in Alabama

  3. I assumed that a dodgy internet connection was what you meant, but I just read the comments and see some people were worried about your "struggle" - oh well, it's nice that so many folks are concerned about your welfare, Ilona. Looking forward to reading more about your travels :)

  4. Me too, am so pleased you are home all in one piece. Would love to know what your total walking mileage was for the whole trip.

    Bet your pussycats were pleased to see you!

    Linda xx

  5. Well done! Look forward to the next lot of pictures!

  6. Welcome home Ilona from House fairy

  7. Looking forward to the were the kitties when you got back? Miffed or excited?
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane, The Kitties are chuffed that I am back. They were so happy to see me, they keep coming back for more cuddles, and to check I am still here. Janet does a great job of looking after them for me, she loves them just as much as I do.


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