Monday, 26 August 2013

At Epworth Show

 It was a glorious day for the Epworth Show today. This show is well established, it first started in the 1940's, and every year it gets bigger and better. The funfair was there of course, plenty of entertainment for the children.

And this one is for Dave. Every time I see a funfair I always look around the back to see the lorries used to haul the equipment to the site. Remember the old Foden Dave, weren't they just pigs to drive, eh. Ha ha, those were the days, twin splitter gear box, sounded like stirring a box of nails. I played many a good tune on one of those.  
The Bernese mountain dogs were there. They each have a wooden cart decorated with flowers, and go walkabouts on the showground.

 Here's one getting hitched up to it's cart.

There are a lot of horsey people in these parts and pony clubs for the youngsters.

 I love to see Alpacas, aren't they lovely, would like some of these in my back garden.

 The hobby of restoring old tractors is very popular in this farming community.

 Here is Janet looking after our stall, while I go walkabout. We were in the shopping marquee, boy was it stifling hot in there. It's a good job I took two tables, we were able to double up on the depth.

I had a look around the produce, handicrafts, and horticulture tent next to ours. Lots of home baking on display. Delicious pastries, made my mouth water.
 Lovely flower displays.

 A fruity piece of artwork, melon, small apples and red currants.

 My favourite colours.

 Someone has been busy making a miniature garden.

And a miniature kitchen.
These are fabulous.
 Gorgeous colours.

We had a smashing day. When we first arrived we realised we had rather too much stock, but as the day went on and things were sold we were able to fill the gaps from the boxes underneath the tables. Eventually all the boxes were empty. It was great to take back a lot less stuff than we brought, and a very full cash box.

I spotted a famous lady ambling through our tent, and she stopped to look at our stall. 'Hello Lesley', I said. Epworth is the home town of Lesley Garrett, the opera singer, she likes to come back and visit. I told her I remembered the time when she bought a salt and pepper pot from my stall at the Christmas Market, ten years ago. I admitted to her, that I didn't know who she was at the time, until someone told me later. She remembered, and said the salt and pepper pot were a gift for her music teacher. Blimey, Lesley Garrett has a music teacher, who would have thought it, she has a lovely voice. Check out her web site here.

There you go, edited to add a video of Lesley.

After the show we took the stock we had left to Sue's house, for storage till the next event. The cats we have in are lovely, we could do with some kind new people to give them a home. Hopefully now the holidays are coming to an end, perhaps people will think about adopting a cat. We'll keep our fingers crossed.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. the dahlia's and mum's are just gorgeous, my favourite photo.

    Looks like a good day was had by all.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Happy you made some money for the kitties.The opera singer is very glam,isn't she?! A beautiful voice to match her face.
    Jane x

  3. I should like an alpaca too- not quite sure what Psychocat would make of it though!! Aren't people clever with the things they make and grow! My job is to admire them!

  4. You lucky thing, getting to meet Lesley Garrett. For a rare birthday treat, we went to see her at The Lowry in Salford (new home of BBC Media City) when she performed 'La Voix Humane'. It was just her on the stage throughout the first part of the concert, then there was a performance of Dido and Aeneas. I knew the story but could not make head nor tail of the interpretation. Even with subtitles!

  5. Aw shucks, a piccy of a truck just for me. I've never drove a Foden. ERFs, seddon atkis and roadtrains, all with twin splitters or roadranger boxes where i worked. I wasn't too bad after some practice but its always easier if someone explains.
    I always look at the fairground trucks with the old Gardners chugging away running the generators. Old tractors there as well, i'd have been in heaven.
    I like the Burmese mountain dogs, i saw them at a steam rally once. The alpacas are great too.
    Glad your stall did well and a visit from Lesley Garett was good. I like to see famous people remembering their roots.

  6. It looks like you had a lovely day. Your pictures are beautiful thanks for sharing.

  7. It looks like you had a great day out Ilona and well done on selling most of your stuff too. The animals are gorgeous and I love the displays too.

  8. I would love an Alpaca too - but we have no garden, so I don't think it would be happy in the house!!
    I'm glad your stall did well - and that you had serendipidously taken extra stock along to sell!

  9. What a lovely day! I'm glad you took us for a tour of the show :)

    Those flowers are just beautiful.

    Most importantly I'm glad that your stall did well and raised money for your great cause.

    Lesley always seems down to earth, despite her career.

    Sft x