Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fran, my trucking friend

I switched the computer on this morning and found an email from my old trucking buddy, Fran. She was one of the first few women that joined the Lady truckers Club in 1986. A smashing Yorkshire lass from Huddersfield. Fran used to come to all the parties, and all the truckshows when we had club get togethers. Always the life and soul of the party. A lady with loads of trucking experience, she often put the men to shame with her 'can do' attitude. She would have a go at anything, even the dirtiest jobs would not faze her. I class her as one of the all time greats, she worked hard and gained respect from her truck driving colleagues.
I remember this party we had at Penrith Truckstop. We had a competition for the best dressed table, and as it was close to Valentines Day, Fran chose red hearts to decorate her table. Of course she won.
Today, we got all the photo's out, the magazine clips, all the trucking memorabilia, and had a right good natter about the good old days. And they were. We remembered all the fab times we had, all the laughs and tears, all the people we met, all the trucks we drove, all the jobs we had. I am so glad that Fran called in today, we will keep in touch, and I hope we can meet up again soon. We spoke about having a Lady Truckers reunion party. That's something to think about, you never know. Maybe, possibly, might do that. 


  1. I'll bet that was a fun time with you girls together. Have a ball!

  2. The bonds you lady truckers had sounds like the bonds the wrens had in the Navy!

  3. Sounds like fun times and a bit of mischief too.

  4. You look a lively bunch of ladies with lots of get up and go!

  5. Hi Ilona, I remember seeing you and your Lady Truckers Club in the truck mags, you seemed to be in nearly every month.
    It makes a change hearing about Fran and her hard work ethic, a lot of drivers are always complaining about the work they're given when only 5mins earlier they were telling yarns about their european work.
    I remember you telling me that when you were loading LHH jobs the workers were amazed to see a woman humping timbers, chains and sheets around your trailer.
    It always looked like you had fun at the Lady Truckers so maybe you should have a get together.

  6. She sounds an incredible lady, just like you!

    Sft x

  7. Danneke looking in after being away , Fran looks good in the pictures Ilona she certainly was the life and soul of the parties and truck shows. Even her wedding was different, and full of fun in USA with Julie as one of the bridesmaids. Like you I have a wealth of photographs from various "DOs" from YHA at Ironbridge to posh frock DOs with Edwina Curry. We even had a Mr Trucker competion (our mascot hehehe). Penrith Truck Stop was a good do as we had it all to ourselves after they had closed . I have some pics of Pita-Pat when she was thinking of giving up driving and going to push trollys for Tesco, think they were taken at Shepton just after Tesco openned there. Just away to my bed, I have been north for some time seeing my foster brother who is not at all well and I am just whacked tonight.