Monday, 5 August 2013

Don't get shirty with me.

And here is supermodel Liona, modelling the very latest in Next Fashionwear. This powder blue striped shirt is made from luxury yarns, and is available in all Next stores. But if you don't have access to a store, just look in a car boot sale, where you can probably pick one up for next to nothing. This possibly almost new shirt was discovered amongst a load of tat and was snapped up for the amazing price of 20something pence.
I don't know if I have the heart to cut it up, seems such a waste of a good shirt. I have finished the red border on the patchwork, now I am cutting more patches in random colours for the next border. Do I give this shirt the chop or not. I don't think people wear shirts anymore, they are so old fashioned, and such a pain to wash and iron. Maybe it's time to sacrifice this one.   
So today has been taken up with sewing. First the craft and chat club this morning, then more when I got home. Then cutting more patches. The sunflower plants have taken a bit of a battering in the wind, but they are all still standing. I have lashed them down with a length of rope. I think they have stopped growing, I should think so at nearly eight feet tall. There are now three flowers in bloom.
Both lunch and dinner had courgettes in them today. I fancied pasta tonight. I have some packets of wholemeal pasta bought from the Cash and Carry, at three for £1. I put a small chopped onion in a pan with some broad beans and chunky chopped yellow courgette. Cooked them in a little oil, threw in a teaspoon of veg gravy granules, some dried mixed herbs, and the last drop of tomato ketchup. I don't usually buy ketchup, it was an experiment to see if it could be used instead of tomato puree. At 30p for the Value range it is a lot cheaper than the real thing. I have to say it was fine for me, I will buy some more, though I think it might contain too much sugar. Anyway, I simmered it gently adding a little water, and then added the secret ingredient, a chunk of  Danish Blue cheese. Then just before serving, a dessertspoon of plain yogurt. I must say, it was bloomin lovely. I scoffed the lot. A filling and tasty dinner for at a guess 30p. Bring it on, I'll have more of that.    
I'm going to be on Radio Humberside in the morning. They've asked me to meet the radio car at the Civic Centre in town at 10am, where I will be talking to Burnsy. Not sure what it's about as the researcher wasn't very clear on the phone. Probably about money saving or some such nonsense. As if I know anything about that, I ask you! Think I'll be live at about I'll put a link to the catch up in tomorrow's post. Better go and do some research on the subject.
Toodle pip.


  1. David says can you say to Burnsy to wish Steve and the lads "Good Luck" for their first match against Chelsea :D

  2. Lovely shirt, I bought a couple of rather nice men's shirts from CS which I use for gardening, on their own if warm, the sleeves and collar protect me from stings and scratches and with a T shirt under if bit cooler, they are nice and long and don't ride up when bending and stretching. Don't iron, just smooth out with my hands when I hang on the line. Simples.

  3. Yay! Meanqueen's back on the radio. I would keep the shirt as a nightshirt if it was mine. Great find and your meal looks lovely, I need to buy more broad beans - are they tinned/fresh/frozen/dry? I always use tomato ketchup instead of tom puree its nice and sweet so the kids like it (bad mum lol). Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie. The beans are freshly picked from my garden. They are doing very well this year, still lots left.

  4. Hi Ilona, I have bought mens shirts to use for patchwork, but ended up saving them to wear! I had a feeling when I saw the title and picture on the side of the blog that this post would be about you wearing men's shirts!! (Just to let you know, I am still wearing the mens pants too - but don't tell anyone!!)

  5. I wear mens shirts as nightshirts also :-) You look great in that shirt Ilona :)

  6. I hope you didn't take Nellie to the radio talk with you that would have been interesting lol. Chuffing Hell :)

    Sue R

  7. You are ROCKING that shirt,sistah!
    Jane x

  8. I found a Pinterest site that shows many ways that men's shirts can be repurposed ~


  9. My vote: Don't cut up the shirt. It looks too good on you. You could wear it for a layered look on cooler days. Good luck and have fun on the radio tomorrow. :)

  10. You look lovely in that shirt - truly a supermodel figure!!

    I have a brushed cotton mans shirt that I wear a lot for working outside, never iron it though just wash and smooth and then onto the line, I have more than enough men's shirts to iron with my Lovely Hubby working in an office, roll on retirement day for him is all I say!!

  11. Lookin' good in the shirt Ilona. I agree with the other comments about keeping the shirt. It looks too good to cut up. Enjoy your spot on radio.


  12. Looks one of the shirts I've been collecting for a patchwork bed cover - all blue/white (in my world there's no such thing as too much blue!). Charity shops in this part of the Surrey Hills have become very expensive but I found some more reasonably priced on holiday in Cornwall and also at car boot sales. I've discovered that you can get plenty of patches off the sleeves and front, while the back provides a piece larger than a fat quarter that can be used for something else. Men's cotton pyjamas are also a good source of fabric. Don't forget to save the buttons too.

  13. The shirt does look lovely. When my uncle died, I used his shirts and underpants (crisp cotton ones) in a variety of cushions and in a light lap quilt. I always use tomato ketchup in my recipes.
    Best wishes Natalie

  14. Meanqueen, Queen of the catwalk. Nice shirt and ooer a bit of leg. I quite like shirts but we dont bother ironing them.
    My old friends Next, another great firm to drive for. They like you going the extra mile to help the job along but they have a points system where if you are late for a delivery etc. you gain points. Its run so close to the minute that it can be difficult to comply with tacho rules and regs. Anyway they booted me out for 5months so i must've really racked 'em up.
    Good luck on the radio. I've heard the subject is the high value that artists value their work at. Haha.

  15. People aren't wearing shirts over there? Maybe you should save it then. It's soon to be a collector's item! I prefer men's shirts as they seem to have stopped making practical clothes for women. Everything I find has 3/4 length sleeves and they stop around the navel. Not practical for a cold office or for modesty's sake. Do what you want with it, Ilona. It's YOURS and I'm sure you will find another one.

  16. "I don't think people wear shirts anymore, they are so old fashioned"

    Of course people still wear shirts, that one looks quite smart and good quality as well, you'll get loads of wear out of it, notice the sleeves a bit long so just roll them up. When it starts to look tatty, then cut it up and use the good bits.