Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Radio GaGa

Well after a very confusing phone call from Radio Humberside yesterday, I turned up at the Civic Centre at the arranged time, to be shown to a small studio by a very nice North Lincs Council lady. It seems the facilities in this council building are often used to link people up for interviews. It's like a mini version of a bigger studio, I sat there with headphones on, talking into a microphone to the chappie at Hull. It wasn't the usual Burnsy, it was some bloke called James who was standing in for him. 
I was ready for him with my notes in front of me. He fired off a few questions and I answered as best I could. I wasn't happy with how the interview went, and wasn't happy with what he was asking me. I remember this happening the last time I was on. I get the feeling I am being used for entertainment value, rather than making a useful contribution. It's alright being jovial and cracking jokes, up to a point, but it is a struggle to get the serious message across.
I much prefer to be in the same room as the person I am speaking to, prefer to make eye contact, picking up signals from their body language, it all helps the flow of conversation. There was far too many erm's littering my words, that was because the interview didn't go in the direction I thought it would. Why he asked me about my artwork I do not know, as it had nothing to do with the previous interview from an organiser of an event in Grimsby. My piece was supposed to tie in with what was going on there. 

You can decided for yourself, by listening to it via this link, sorry it might only be available in the UK. Move the slider across to start at 1hr 21 minutes, this is where the lady at the exhibition starts her interview. It wasn't one of my better interviews.

Toodle pip.


  1. I thought you sounded fine in your interview (starting at 1:26) but the interviewer wasn't doing a very good job - not really listening to what you were saying, and prodding you from topic to topic in a rush. It's hard to be a polite interviewee when things aren't going in a comfortable way, but you did alright, IMO.

  2. And toward the very end, you did manage to get through your list of make/boot sale/thrift shop/shop - which I think may be very helpful to listeners! - without the fellow interrupting and derailing you! Well done!

  3. Yeah, he was taking the micky a bit, but I think it's because he didn't have a clue about frugality and probably didn't know what to ask you and had no interest in the subject whatsoever (thats the way it came across). But I don't think there was any maliciousness in him, he was just playful. I liked it when you said "I don't care" at the end me and my OH smiled at each other - that's the right attitude, good for you. Enjoyed hearing your voice, wish it had been longer. Debbie

  4. hi ilona, enjoyed your interview. I was able to hear it here in Canada. Love your blog! Robin

  5. I thought you sounded very good, very clear and you kept on with your message. He sounded ok imo - he admitted he didn't know much about money saving and he did let you get on with what you wanted to say.

    I thought it was great actually. I have done lots of interviews on all sorts of environmental /frugal issues - you got a pretty fair treatment from him compared to some I have experienced, but I can understand the feeling that you didn't do "well enough" but that is more about us feeling we didn't get across and say what we wanted to, rather than us actually failing to say it!

    You did really well Ilona and I am sure that you inspired a lot of people to do a bit, at least, of what you do.

    And it was great to hear you talking :-)

  6. Yes, he was not at all comfortable with the subject and if he knew what he was doing, he would have let you take the lead. You did, however, make your points and give a very good interview despite your host. I am in Florida, USA and that link was perfect. I loved putting your voice to your face and your written words. It will be so different from now on.

  7. I thought you did well. Mr. Piekos was rushing and clearly could use a lesson in manners. I heard the whole thing across the pond and it was nice to hear your voice.

  8. I just listened to your interview from US and thought it was good. You managed to get quite a few points across.
    Maggie from US

  9. Glad to be able to hear your interview here in Kansas. I think you did very well! Martha from Kansas

  10. Radio presenters like their own voices too much!
    Jane x

  11. I listened here in Dallas TX Ilona and enjoyed hearing your voice. I thought that the interviewer did not do a good job and that you coped well. He took you from topic to topic and hardly gave you chance to reply. Well done on your part.
    Pam in TX.

  12. We enjoyed your interview and thought you put your message across very well. You were clear, articulate, pleasant and unfazed by the interviewer's vacuous manner. Good job Ilona

  13. Hi Ilona
    Me and hubby have just listened to your interview. You came across very well, I think the interviewer was a typical local radio presenter and he sounded interested in what you had to say and had a bit of a josh with you.Your voice is exactly how I expected it to sound, how spooky is that?
    Well done
    Twiggy x

  14. Loved the interview and we agreed that the presenter was rushing too much and not listening properly. At least he had your blog in front of him and seemed to be referring to it. You sounded so confidant and friendly. I loved the fact that a lot of your fans living in the US etc were able to hear you.
    Wendy (Wales)

  15. Hi Ilona,
    I just listened to your interview while drinking my morning coffee. Too bad his wife (who sounds somewhat frugal) didn't interview you rather than him but I think it still went well.
    Nancy from Northern California

  16. Ilona, you are too hard on yourself. I really enjoyed it and you showed that frugal can be fun as well. I think he was a bit in awe of you.

    Linda xx

  17. Ilona, stop beating yourself up, the interview was fantastic, you got a lot of points across to the interviewer and the rest of Humberside and beyond. I changed my chanels on the radio just to listen in to your broadcast. So pleased the friends over the pond could hear you also. Well done.



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