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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Need a kick start

I seem to have gotten into a bit of a rut, my days are all a bit samey. Sewing, gardening, cooking,  nothing much to write about. Got to think of more interesting things to do. Don't like routine. Need to do more interesting stuff. Life is passing me by and I am standing still, not doing much. Get up, eat breakfast, put computer on, surf net, sewing, mow lawns, sewing, check forums, have lunch, trim hedges, read papers online, sewing, weeding, sewing, make dinner, more reading online, sewing, watch catchup tv, go to bed. I'm bored. Need to move about more, need to get on with stuff. Need some excitement.

Studying maps. Three ideas for long walks. Looks like it might be Newcastle to Hull, from the Tyne to the Humber. Easy to get a train to the start, then walk back home. Some coastal walking. Should be good. Need to kick myself up the backside and get on with things. Will do that.


  1. Go for the walk. You take such fabulous photographs. I feel I have walked with you.
    Great blog.
    Thank you. Dianne - Hereford.

  2. LOL, your days sound a lot like mine except you are probably busier. I am not bored but I don't think I can make it sound interesting enough for my readers. You have yourself a great week ahead. If you plan a trip, you will probably get your excitement going. I know when I plan my travels, I have something to look forward to and get my juices going again but first I have so much to save. Happy planning.

  3. For me, work, sleep, work! By the time the weekend comes we're both so tired can't be bothered to do much. So frightened by redundancy all the time I become obsessed with saving money and use it as an excuse not to do anything when could just go for a walk, even locally or anything, really that doesn't involve money! You're such a free spirit and motivate me and give me inspiration so c'mon, lovely lady..get out there and do that walk!Will look forward to the fantastic photos, as ever.Look at your favourite photos slot of all the experiences you've had : ) My partner's colleagues been diagnosed with motor neurones disease. If anything kicks us up the backside to start living a life and make the most, hearing that news did. You do make the most and life such a full life already. Keep up the blog! We all love reading : ) A big thank you, Louise

  4. Ps. If you ever come to your brewery town of old, let me know and maybe we can go for a walk together :) You're welcome for tea anytime

  5. You could have taken these words right out of my mouth today. I will do the same and kick myself and get on things. Tomorrow's Monday and I will be in a child's world with my granddaughters. Oh boy! I'm getting excited thinking about playing grocery store in the back yard! Martha from Kansas

  6. Unfortunately is that not how life is, boredom and drudgery? I'd say you're lucky being retired and in good health but theres only so much that can be done without spending money, even driving somewhere localish is going to cost.
    As Louise above says its all work and bed and these uncertain times make us think twice about spending.
    If i didn't have to work i could do my house up. My car needs putting back on the road and i also have a motorbike to play with if only i had the time and money. Theres also loads of places i'd like to visit. Thats life though.
    I'm sure something will happen for you out of the blue Ilona.
    Your walk plans sound good, i used to do a North East run that finished in Humberside every week and theres some great places to see. I'd love to see the Tees transporter bridge.

  7. I just work part time now after working as a PA to disabled people. Its amazing how life can change suddenly so my motto now is if you really want to do something save up the money and do it while you have the health and strength. Have recently bought a cheap caravan (its very old but useable) as I have always wanted one so I just went and got it. My OH came around to the idea (he had previously been dead against it) and now he really enjoys the weekends away. If you really want to go somewhere or do something do it now while you have your health and strength is my motto. Love the blog all the best Sally x

  8. Yes, yes, yes, go out there and do it Ilona. Would love to read all about it.

  9. Did you see the story about the retired couple who traveled the length of Britain on the bus?? Get out on one of your walks,make something happen, you usually do:) and we enjoy reading about it.
    Twiggy x

  10. It's an easy trap to fall into, I wonder how many people just slide into oblivion just doing nothing?

    Some good walks up here in our part of the world, Hadrians Wall's a popular one, and the Solway coastline, that's apart from the Lake District.

  11. I do enjoy reading your blog, even the things you consider boring, i love to read about.
    You're off in a far away land doing so many of things I just love to do, but the location,
    AH; there is such a draw. Take us with you when you go, looking forward to your walks already!

  12. Trying each day to do something useful and make a difference.
    Time passes so quickly, here we are heading into Autumn and the close of another year, so no time to lose, seize the moment.
    We enjoy you taking us along on your walks, can't wait for your next one, thanks for the inspiration Ilona.
    Pam in TX.xx

  13. You may find that after the kick start you end up doing the same things. I agree with you a kick start is renewed energy. Your writings keeps me in touch with things of yesteryear and of course the now.

  14. Looking forward to your next walk pictures - Suffolk is a good place to walk!!

  15. Woohoo...another armchair trip,can't wait!!
    Jane x

  16. Birdwatching? I don't mean becoming a twitcher, just casual stuff, get out those binoculars and a bird book...

  17. Look forward to your new trip, and the fab pictures you usually bring back.


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