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Monday, 19 August 2013

Food fit for a Queen

That's better, feeling more positive today. Been to craft and chat club, given away a few courgettes, had a good old natter, and all is well in the world. Thinking about my trip next month, must get on and organise it. Not that it will take much organising. Pick a date, check train times, print maps, and go.
This morning I got my recycling boxes ready for collection. Tins and glass in one, been a good girl, only one empty wine bottle and two empty cider cans. Quite good for one month. Although it's collected every two weeks I only put it out when there is enough in it to warrant the bin man stopping his truck outside my gate, which is usually once a month, or sometimes it goes to six weeks. The other box is for paper recycling, I don't have much of that either. Junk mail, the odd directory when a new one comes out, that's about it. I had a sort through it making sure there was nothing in there to identify me and where it came from. A bit paranoid about identity fraud, you can't be too careful.
They don't like it if you put envelopes in there, because the recycling process can't cope with the glue or the plastic windows. I usually put those in the waste to go to landfill. Checking through it I found an envelope, it was junk mail so I had tossed it in the box unopened. On opening it I found ten money saving vouchers for forty pounds each. Oh my, have I thrown £400 away? They have been lying there since March, well past the expiry date. £400 down the drain, chuffin heck.
I checked the wording on the letter, hmmm, it seems it was a promotion for dfs the furniture people. It says, and I quote, 'You'll get half price savings off the striking Spring range and you can save up to an extra £400 when you use our exclusive DFS vouchers'. These vouchers can be used against every footstool, every chair. every sofa. and every individually priced seating unit. Every lamp table and coffee table. You can use them for dining, bedroom, and outdoor ranges. Blimey I could have got me a whole house full of new furniture.
Now lets get down to the small print, there is always small print. A £40 discount can be claimed on any individual item over £149. So, to use all the vouchers you have to spend a minimum of £1,490. Who on earth is going to be able to use all the vouchers, unless it is someone furnishing a whole house, and why would anyone get everything they need from one store. Nobody I should imagine. I bet this promotion didn't get many takers. Someone might have used one or two vouchers at the most, maybe someone splashed out on a new bed, or sofa. If they shopped around at all stores, they might have got a better deal elsewhere. I wonder if anyone would notice if I tried to sneak one through the self service till at Tesco :o) £40 off a £40 shop, ha ha.
My lunch today, My goodness I'm eating well at the moment. Salad, cucumber, tomatoes, scrambled eggs with yellow courgette and mushrooms. Food fit for a Queen.
A bit windy here, but quite mild. Cats dozing on the window sills, and all is well at Tightwad Towers.
Toodle pip


  1. FrugalatChristmastimeFrugalalways19 August 2013 at 17:33

    You are lucky that you get so little junk mail - I am plagued with about 10 items every day and I can't make it stop! (mainly catalogues).

    Just wondering if you could make another video exploring more rooms in your house - the crafting area video was great!

    1. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I am a little bit concerned about the security implications of publishing photo's and videos from inside my house, so I like to keep it to a minimum. I will give it some thought though.

  2. Those coupons look good at first don't they, I had some about 18 months ago, exactly the same, just a different expiry date.

  3. I had words with Sainsbury's store re their offer of 10p a litre off fuel if you spend £60. I explained no elderly person spends that amount of money on grocery shopping in one go and by making offers like that it was being a bit discriminating against pensioners. Like many more of you I get far too much junk mail especially the leaflets etcthat the post office gets paid to deliver to every household.

    1. Someone I know tops up their shopping with clothes to get the £60 spend then get the petrol voucher. Then the next week they take the clothes back when they go back in the store to do their shopping. Good idea maybe if you a/ got the money to buy the clothes and b/ time and inclination to take the stuff back.

    2. Oooh, that does seem a teeny weeny bit dishonest. Don't think I could be bothered, I don't use a lot of petrol, and I don't go to Tesco every week.

  4. The only coupons that I get through the door are like yours and they go straight into the recycle bag. Even if I had that sort of money to spend it would not be at DFS, I prefer something a bit older and well made to last.
    Your dinner looks great.

  5. So glad you are feeling a bit brighter today. Your lunch looks great. Where I live, the re-cycle bin is adjacent to the rubbish bin, so if I've got junk mail, it goes straight into recycling.

  6. Tightwad Towers, i like that, sounds very grand. I have to rough it in Tightwad Terraced House.
    Will the DFS special offers and sale ever end? The coupons look tempting but the biggest danger with stores like that is the dreaded finance, usually said to be interest free but someone somewhere is making money from it.


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