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Friday, 23 August 2013

Saving a few £'s on cat food

Shopping day today, not a lot needed, in fact I won't need to buy hardly any food for myself for the next few months, I am well stocked up. I went in search of cat food. I only buy this when it is on offer, the supermarkets seem to take it in turns and play one off against the other. I see 2kg bags of Whiskas dry are two for £7 in Morrisons, but across the road I got four bags from Pets at Home, for £12. All three of my cats eat it so I get through a fair bit, and if I can save a few bob by shopping around I will do.
I checked various web sites before I went out to see which shop has the best prices. Couldn't find a special offer which was cheap enough on Felix pouches. Some places advertise two boxes of 12 for £6, not bad, but still not the cheapest. There is a big box of 44 pouches, used to be 48, and these are sometimes on the shelves at £10, but the shop that was advertising them had sold out. I happened to look in Wilkinsons, now called Wilko's, on the off chance. I find this shop quite expensive for most things, I very rarely buy anything there. Worth a check though if passing. I found some boxes of 12 Felix foil trays for £2.50 each, that's more like it. There isn't much difference between the pouches and trays, product wise, and the size is the same, so a good buy. I bought as much as I could carry. Didn't take the shopping trolley, because I usually buy from places where I can park my car close by. Wilko's is in the town centre, so whatever you buy from there has to be carried.
Next I called in at Poundstretcher. I've been stocking up on cat litter, ready for the winter. They have some clumping litter at 99p a 10kg bag. I've got fifteen bags in my downstairs lavvy. Just wait for the cold wet weather when the cat's won't go outside, ha ha. I shall be ready for it.    
I called into Aldi as I was passing, to see what veg and fruit they had on specials. I got seven bananas for 68p, and a head of broccoli for 39p, which I thought was a very good price. In fact that's all I bought, that's all I needed.
A quick eyeball in the Cash and Carry on the way home, nothing much in there, sometimes they have reduced cheese, but not today. I picked up eight of these Maggi noodles for £1. The little packet of spice mix inside is too hot for my liking so I add my own flavourings.  They are quite nice, a bit like Super Noodles only a lot cheaper, and handy to have some in for a quick lunch snack.
I will update my food diary, not that there is a lot to put on it. Have a nice Bank Holiday weekend.
Toodle pip


  1. Hi Ilona,

    I have been following your blog for some time but never commented so think its high time I did.
    Its a good idea to shop around for the best pet food offers and also to stock up on litter. I remember needing litter one winter and it had completely sold out as people had bought it all to use as grit. My two generally get Butchers Classic in tins although sometimes I buy pouches as a treat. Love reading your blog.
    from Elaine

    1. Yes, I remember that Elaine. The price went sky high, and it was flying off the shelves. I'm not leaving myself short this winter. Thank you for your first comment, nice to hear from you.

  2. Ilona,
    I know that having pets is not inexpensive. Would you say that you have to spend as much if not more for your cats' food and litter than you do for your own food (you are so frugal with the latter) ?

    Ann in Canada

    1. Hi Ann, one cat would not cost a lot, but three cats do. I don't buy the most expensive cat food, can't afford it, but I do get them treats. A little bit of cooked ham, or chicken, or the odd tin of tuna fish. They can be so fussy at times, I throw some of their food out on the lawn for the birds and hedgehogs when they have left it to go smelly in the dish.

  3. That is a really good price for the cat food I will tell my friend, she will be very pleased. Thanks

    Also a good price for noodles. I am currently trying to replenish my cupboards that is an excellent price, although I personally wouldn't have bought them as Maggi are a company owned by nestle. I avoid their products if I can, no hagen daz ice cream for me! lol

    I bet they taste nice though.


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