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Monday, 16 September 2013

Satisfying a craving

It's no good, I can't last any longer without a fix of fresh steamed vegetables. Most of the food I ate last week was snacky, grab it and eat on the go, picnic in the room type, which came in a cellophane wrapper or a box. I had a breakfast almost every morning when it was available and most people would say that was a good start to the day, but let's just say, it kept me going. To be honest, I missed my porridge, and I'm not a fan of baked beans, tomatoes, and eggs every morning. I ate it though because I needed to put fuel into my body. Of all the places I had breakfast, the best choice was at Whitby Youth Hostel. There was yogurt and fruit available, and I had a serving of fresh mushrooms with a veggie sausage and hash brown.
Forgive me for giving you too much information here, but I didn't like the look of my waste matter. I can certainly tell the difference when I don't eat any vegetables. Anyway, I'm getting back to normal, I've been to town today and called in at Aldi. Tonight's dinner was potatoes, courgette, and runner beans from the garden, with carrots and broccoli from Aldi. This should get my innards back on the right track, ha ha.   
Still tackling the glut of courgettes. For my lunch yesterday I chopped some up, I say some, it was actually a piece from one very large specimen, and cooked it in a splash of sesame seed oil.
Then I boiled the kettle and added some hot water to the mix, and a cheap 12p packet of noodles. Chuck a bit of seasoning in, and I had a tasty, cheap and filling lunch. To save washing a plate, I ate it out of the pan. Call me a slob if you like, I don't care.

I'm glad I'm back home now, the weather is turning colder, wet, and windy. Think I got that walk in just in time. This morning was Craft and Chat club, there was eleven of us, so numbers are rising. I took the patchwork again to work on. The next row I add will need eighty squares, still a lot more to do, but I'm pleased with how it's looking. By the way, I took another look at the dusky pink stage curtains, and decided I will not be having them. They are filthy and will probably need two washes. I don't want to put them in my washing machine, it would take ages to clean them, a lot of soap powder and electricity. They need to go in a heavy duty industrial  machine if they are to be used, but will probably get chucked.

I spent £6.65 in Aldi, got some cheese, yogurt, bananas, lettuce, and onions, as well as the carrots and broccoli I mentioned above. Don't need anything else this week. I spent a bit in the cash and carry, cartons of fruit juice, tartar sauce, and veg stock cubes, all out of date and all cheap. I will add them to the shopping list above.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. How is your ankle? Your walk was fantastic.
    Well done.
    Dianne - Hereford

    1. Hi Dianne. It's a bit better, but still a little swollen. Have tried frozen peas and aloa vera gel.

  2. I know what you mean about craving fresh vegetables if you don't have any for a couple of days. I'm eating from my garden every day now, and it's just lovely to pick my veg and cook and eat it only minutes later. Can't get fresher than that!

  3. Hello Ilona,
    Just out of interest, because I don't live near you, what is your cash & carry called?

    Enjoying reading all about your lifestyle.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Angela. It's called Barnes. They are local, have outlets in North Lincolnshire.

  4. Yes, me too Ilona, sometimes if I'm a bit down I tend to eat rubbish, then go all out for salads and veggies.

  5. I know people who don't eat vegetables, I don't understand how that is possible. Vegetables are so good!

  6. I know what you mean about veggies - I always crave them when I am away as so often places I eat on trips away don't seem to serve many if any. I get the sense that I would eat grass if it came to it!! Glad you are getting your "fix" now and that you are glad to be back. You must feel very satisfied that you achieved what you set out to do. Hope your ankle will soon be 100% again.

  7. yes a few days eating food you would not normally go for, leaves us craving some "decent" meals. I was lucky to have a bag of home grown veggies from my brother, including yellow courgettes, orange tomatoes and round cucumbers (meant to be like that) I am in veg heaven.
    Hope your ankle is feeling better.

  8. We're both exactly the same Ilona, even taking snack foods to the house and having breakfast in the hotel we stayed at for one night didn't make us feel good. In future we will be taking lots of fruit and homemade meals made with lots of veggies.

    Our first meal when we got back was a great big plate of Caesar salad, we just needed that lovely fresh crunch you get from lots of lettuce.

    I'm glad you're back home safely before the weather gets any worse.

  9. A friend took me to a nice enough but madly over-priced French 'country style' restaurant last year. My fish came to the table in the pan.

  10. Shame about the curtains .. seems such a waste. Could you take them and 'weigh them in' at one of these Cash for Clothes places .. bound to be a good weight... the money you get could be given to your cat rehoming charity for catfood etc. Just a thought ...

    Vicky x

  11. Self-appointed chocolate tester; a dirt job but somebody has to do it. LOL!!! I'm the same as you though, if I eat badly for a day or so I start to feel pretty ill and have to get back on the good stuff. I never used to be like this and would stuff my face with all manner of rubbish(and wonder why I always felt so lifeless and headachy) but since losing weight on an eating plan that emphasises eating fresh, healthy food I really do feel awful if I stray for more than a day or so. Its as if I'm poisoning my system. Hope you didn't suffer after eating all that chocolate.


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