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Friday, 20 December 2013

A little bit more to do

I was hoping to have something to show you tonight. This pressie project is not as simple as I thought it might be. A simple idea initially, but I keep changing my mind and it is growing and changing by the hour. Linda guessed that it is going to be my friends name, she is right. I visualised how the five letters should look, what colours to use, how big they should be. Would they be free standing or attached to something. Sewn on, stuck on, joined together or separate.

I am looking at it now and it is quite amazing. Tomorrow it will be finished, and you will see it. A little bit more to do, that's if I don't think of something else to add to it to make it better. Oh no, I have to stop now, my fingers are sore from all the hand sewing. I think my friend will like it. I would like it, if someone made me one.
Toodle pip



  1. I'm enjoying your blog. We are living with less, too! I'm learning a lot! It's a great life!


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