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Monday, 10 February 2014

A new scrappy quilt, with a difference

It's been a glorious afternoon, the frost melted away and we had sunshine, so I had a walk in the park. The birds were twittering and the sun was streaming through the bare branches of the trees. The ducks were gathering around mums and toddlers as they tossed their seed onto the grass. Everyone was smiley and saying what a lovely day it was. Glad I got out, tomorrow is another day and we may get more rain.
Twas crafty club this morning. I decided not to take the rag rug as it is getting too big and taking up too much room on the table. I took a new project with me.  
I have been given a load of fleecy offcuts, my friend was given them from someone who makes soft toys. Some of the pieces are quite small, most people would throw them away, but I thought I would try and make something from them. 
I started with a piece of old cotton bed sheet, 20 inches square, then arranged a few random pieces on it, in a mosaic fashion.

I hand stitched them around the edges. These pieces are very small. This was a test piece to see if it might work. My idea is to make a small soft mat for cats to lie on, which can be moved about the house, or put in a cat bed.

Next I decided to start another one, make it bigger, and use the bigger pieces before the smaller pieces. This one is a piece of flannelette sheet, 25 inches square. 

My plan is to back it, and run the machine across it in zigzags, a bit like a fleecy quilt. This will make it stronger to stand up to machine washing. It will be like a mini fleecy quilt.
A George update. He is spending a lot of time in his cat basket which has a small cushion and a towel inside, making it snug. I think he spent time in this before, to get out of the way of the dog he was living with. He is using his litter box, and eating well. I keep going into the room so he gets used to me. He was quite confident when he arrived, but I think that was because he was hungry. Now he has gone a little bit shy, because he knows he doesn't have to look for food, and comes out of his bed when it suits him. Hopefully it won't be too long before some kind person comes along and offers him a home.
Catch you tomorrow, toodle pip.


  1. It looks like the Victorian crazy patchwork except they added random buttons, bits of ribbon infact anything that caught their eye really- great way of using all the fabric up!

  2. Great idea! Fleece doesn't fray, so it would likely hold up quite well. I enjoy seeing all your ideas for making crafty things from bits.
    Barb from Canada

  3. What lovely colours, that's going to be a beauty!
    So pleased to hear about George, I'm sure he'll find his forever home soon. xxx

    1. I'm betting George has already found his forever home!!

  4. This reminds me of the tortoise pyjama cases my friend made for her boys.

  5. I make pads for the animal shelter occasionally. Mine aren't pretty like yours. I just take some fabric, put leftover batting or part of an old blanket inside, sew up and then I sew across a few times to make sure the filling doesn't shift. I'm going to make a nicer one for my own cat, though. Having a fabric clearout. Look forward to reading your blog every day.
    Maggie from US

  6. Any kitty would love, love, love to have such a pretty, soft mat for napping!!

  7. What a great idea. Love the bright colours.


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