Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Him Bugsy, me slave :o))

Told you it would rain today, and it did. Twas chucking it down all morning. This is where I spend a lot of my time, with the sewing machine and computer close to hand. My desk light is handy for lighting the area I am working in. 
Bugsy has to be right up close to me, if I didn't put his bed here he would be crying to sit on my knee. As my legs are under the table this would not work. I have to keep stroking him, and whispering in his ear. He rests his chin on the cushion and purrs contentedly. Every so often he gets out of his bed and I lift him down. He could jump off but I prefer to help him, don't want him overdoing things at his age. He strolls across the room to the other table and climbs up with the help of a chair. His food is on that table. So all day he goes backwards and forwards from bed to food, and back again. With the occasional stop off at the litter box. He has a wonderful life. I am honoured to be his slave.

This afternoon I did an hour on the cross trainer while watching Mr Selfridge on the itv catchup. Another hour of sweating. I like that programe. There are a few decent programes on at the moment. Lunch today was a portion of frozen carrot soup and a slice of wholemeal bread. Cheap 'n cheerful.

I've just scoffed a mega portion of steamed veggies for my dinner tonight. Potatoes, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and onion. A splodge of tartar sauce helped it down a treat. Sorry no picture but you know what it looks like. I am using the heating very sparingly, only putting it on for an hour when it is very cold. Sometimes I just put the gas fire on for an hour in the living room, sometimes that's all that's needed.

Time to go and sit with George for half an hour. I went round to the mother of the lad who dumped him, to ask for a donation towards his food. She wasn't in but the sister was, so I asked her to pass on the message. Don't expect anything to be forthcoming, I felt I had to voice my disapproval on what he had done.  
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. George is very lucky to be looked after by you. My heart goes out to him, and I hope he gets a new forever home soon. He is the spitting image of my cat Powie.

  2. I wouldn`t hold hopes too high on any donations forthcoming. Folk that dump animals usually are not the type to have any regrets, shame or feelings towards their dumped charges. I`m just glad this lad decided to dump George at your front door, not somewhere out where he couldn`t find his way or any food.

  3. I am amazed that one of your readers have not sent you a begging letter asking to have George. If there wasn't a damned lot of water between you and me I would be straight on that phone.!! I know you will make sure he goes to a good home. He looks like someones very best friend.

  4. A smack on ther bum wouldn't go astray to the dumper...

  5. Everything is 'throwaway' to a lot of people thesedays, when you've had enough you just get rid of it.
    Thats sort of ok with most things, although they end up in landfill, but poor animals have feelings and it seems so wrong to get rid of an animal when it loves and relies on you.
    I can't understand why people spend £hundreds on a puppy at christmas and decide they don't want it a few days later.

  6. Good for you for speaking up. Not wanting to defend the person in question too much, but maybe he knew how well you would care for him, maybe he was very worried about the cat being mauled by the dog and was desperate and didn't know what to do. He should have offered pay for his keep, it would have been the right thing to do, particularly when you said you couldn't afford another cat. I couldn't sleep at night not knowing about how my pet is, and the thought of that poor cat being trapped in a box :(. I get very attached to my pets, very quickly, they become one of the family - it's been nearly a year since we put our dog to sleep and I still get a bit choked up thinking about her.... Anyway fingers crossed for a new home soon. I would love to have him but the journey may be too long for him (?). Oh and btw I am just getting into Mr Selfridge - it's a good one, totally hooked! Debbie x

  7. I love the title of your post today. Our animals have a way of us being their willing slaves. I have a little plaque which reads " the dog and her housekeeper live here."
    Thank goodness George is with you, regardless of the right or wrongs for being left on your doorstep at least the lad knew he would be safe with you.

  8. omg......... look at bugsy's face!! love that scowl