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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blown away

The wind is battering us tonight in North Lincolnshire, it almost sounds as if it could take the roof off. We have had heavy rain this afternoon. I was out with Lady dog, she normally would walk for hours, but today she dragged me back after twenty minutes. Graham, Lady's owner, was out on a ramble with his pals, must be mad, ha ha. He leaves me the TV programe magazine out to read and do the crossword, so I sat in his conservatory listening to the rain on the roof.  I had to dash back home through the rain. Best to stay indoors with weather like this. 
Tonight I have made a big pan of Tuscan Lamb, well that's what it said on the packet of sauce mix. Thought I would add new flavours into my stews, so picked up five x 20p packets from the Cash and Carry. Potatoes, carrots, onions, frozen peas, chick peas, and red kidney beans. plus a handful of Quorn pieces. It was chuffin loverly, four meals in one pan, just need to warm it up in the microwave tomorrow. Beats cooking :o))   
So, it's been a day of sewing again, and playing with George. He is getting used to me a bit now. He has to stay in the room by himself, it wouldn't be right to let him wander around the house. No point in going through the stress of him meeting my cats and them seeing a new cat in their territory. I don't want to have to separate any punch ups. He is fine in the room, he can sit on the window sill and watch the comings and goings on the road outside. One of my lovely readers has offered to send a donation towards his food. A very kind gesture indeed. Thank you.

That wind is not giving up, glad we are snug inside. I saw some pictures of the wind and rain in the papers. Can someone tell me why people are struggling to hold on to their inside out umbrellas in 90mph gusts of wind? Isn't it obvious that an umbrella is not going to last very long? Why are they trying to use them at all? And also, why do women insist on wearing the shortest skirts and the flimsiest ballerina type shoes in such atrocious weather? Are they nuts? Why don't they travel to and from work in trousers, boots and a warm jacket with a hood, and carry their day clothes in a bag and change when they get there? Makes sense to me. Just wondered.
Anyway, less of the pondering. It's Dragons Den tonight while I rack up the miles on the cross trainer. Best give it ten minutes to let my dinner go down first though. Toodle pip.

This made me titter.


  1. It's been pretty damn scary today weather wise, have never seen it so windy. The power kept flickering, all the fences are smashed and next doors greenhouse has gone for a burton. I dress for the weather rather than follow any flimsy fashion, a few years ago when we had a lot of snow that had compacted and turned into ice, I saw women on the way to work complain about how bad the weather was, I'd look down at their feet and they'd be wearing high heels !!

    Elaine, Oldham

  2. The weather is severe all over the world, it seems. First terrible drought in California, now so much rain there are landslides.
    Then we have tons of snow in the Rocky Mountains thanks to what they call the "Pineapple Express" from the Pacific Ocean.
    Severe ice storms in the south east of the US, and all that devastating rain in the UK! I think I could deal with rain better than deep snow, although it is beautiful. I have to remind myself that snow is two things, WATER and JOBS in the ski areas.
    I am happy at home by the woodfire sorting old papers, photos, and so forth and cooking.
    Pray tell, what are quorn pieces? Is that another way to spell corn?

  3. My mother used to say "Pride must abide" when she she saw people ( mostly women) in unsuitable clothing.
    So glad that George is okay and that you find him a forever home soon. He's better where he is with this weather. My Dixie has left the house only for the quickest toilet today. She doesn't like the wind in her fur. I was just a little p****d off when she stomped all over my fresh bed linen though!

  4. It's been bad our side of the country too, M6 closed, M62 as well. Airports closed. I was invited to a works get together but didn't want to go really, don't see the point and didnt want to have to de-ice my car, however, no ice but absolutely wasn't going to go out in this!
    Girls at work used to sit shivering in mid winter in strappy vest tops and turn air con off, saying they were cold! Grrr. Me in sweater, jeans etc.

  5. From Margie in Toronto - with the wind chill factored in it was minus 27C when I left for work this morning - and that's not even close to the coldest this winter! I know this is Canada but Toronto usually gets off easy compared to the rest of the country - not this year! Here we say you're officially a grownup the first winter you don't give a damn what you look like as long as you're warm!
    I've been watching all the storms from over your way - just incredible - I would find it so depressing - rather have the cold and snow - at least also get sunshine, Stay warm!

  6. People are in the warm all the time now. Home,car, office and back home again so they wear indoor clothes.
    I prefer to wrap up because you never know. Luckily i wasn't working yesterday but if i was i could have been stuck.

  7. The weather has been rather bad sofar, but I`m afraid there is more and worse conditions forecast for tomorrow here in the south. Severe weather warnings are in place for the south coast. Gusts of 90m/hr are meant to hit us tomorrow and until Saturday morning. And they say that this has nothing to do with global warming. Who do they think they are kidding? Experts have also predicted more severe weather patterns for the coming years, so prepare yourself, hunker down, button the hatches and hibernate with plenty of stocked up foods until it all blows over for another year.


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