Friday, 14 February 2014

My lucky day

Hey, look at this, I have flowers, lots of them, aren't I lucky. Somebody must love me :o)) In keeping with my keen eye for spotting a recycling and reusing opportunity, I came across these pretty artificial flowers in a rubbish bin, as I was walking through the churchyard. Oh dear, isn't it a shame that people throw things away when they still have a bit of life left in them. Well I couldn't just leave them there, could I. 
People are throwing Christmas wreaths away at this time of the year, but how silly when they could be saved and brought out again in December. The totally artificial ones could be made to last three or four years, if the weather hasn't battered them too much during the month they spend outdoors. But no, people round here bin them and buy new again next Christmas. This one, on the right, cost £5 from a garden centre. I have stripped the mushrooms, ribbon, baubles, and stars from it, and will use them, along with the flowers, to add a touch of colour to my own garden. I love free stuff. 
Another lucky surprise, I received two bags in the post this morning, a lovely gift from a lovely reader. Thank you very much. These have been crocheted by Patricia's dear mother, aren't they fab. A handy size peg bag.  
And a pretty pink bag which will come in very handy indeed. I am chuffed, thank you.

As I write this we are again being battered by storms. I can see the rain heavy clouds scooting across the sky at a rate of knots, dropping their deluge as they go. I'm glad I popped to town yesterday, because today it's horrible outside. I am listening to the five o clock news and again the people in the south are suffering the most. All we can do is sit it out, take each day as it comes.

We thought we had found a new home for George, someone saw him on our web page, and made an appointment to come and meet him. He sounded a very nice man, a retired couple living in a quiet area. Unfortunately he hadn't realised that they live 60 miles away, so a 120 mile round trip. Not really practical, because they were going to base their decision on whether George took to them or not. They might have had a wasted trip. Hopefully they will find a cat from a rescue much closer to where they live. Never mind, someone else will come along. I'm just off upstairs to sit with him now, I'll take my can of cider with me. Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. I've had my Christmas wreath over 30 years now perhaps nearer 40! It's still going strong in spite of the battering it took this winter!

  2. My home made wreath I had made 2 years ago has been torn to shreds by the winter storms we had, so now I`m on the look out for more useful materials that I can use to make another for next Christmas.

  3. I too have had my door christmas wreath for years and years, it gets replenished and tarted up a bit every year. A shame the couple didnt take a chance on George, I am sure he would have loved them. It takes cats a few soft words and lots of nice food etc and next you know they are wrapping themselves around your legs and purring. He is a lovely cat and deserves a lovely home. I will be glad when all these storms subside as I worry so about the cats that live rough up on the park land, at least they are still calling into the yard for food a couple of times each day. I am having to mix Sainsburys own mix with the dearer Purina mix I buy as they do not like just Sainsburys food, Talk about spoiled ferrals being choosy. Off to do the night feeding dishes then bed myself to listen to the radio.
    Danneke in a Wet and Wild Scarborough

  4. Yes, even our Christmas wreath is around 10 years old - something I do not want to get rid of, even though we have got rid of most of our other stuff!! We are now being battered again by storms on the south coast, the campsite is flooded (not really flooded like Somerset) but I am not sure we will be able to move the motorhome on Wednesday to take it to be repaired. I hope George is rehomed soon, one day (when we are properly settled) I will be more than happy to give a good home to rescue cats and dogs again. Take care,

  5. I love your finds. Wastefulness is very annoying. Our wreath is an old one I think I found somewhere, it is so pretty I still have it up. If it fades a bit I just wrap another layer of ribbon over the faded bits. Still their wastefulness is your gain, so that's great.

  6. I dont know why they dont donate them to the charity shops, just lazy and wasteful I suppose.
    I get made when I see what folk in my neighbourhood put out on the curb. Computers, kids toys etc. They just cant be bothered to take them to the Goodwill and dont seem to care about filling up the landfills.

  7. I still have a wreath my mom made in 1984. Still in good shape. My mom has a wreath my brother made in grade 2 in 1973. If you take care of stuff it can last forever.

  8. It's hard to believe people will throw money away by buying a new wreath every year. Especially where I live since they are so very expensive. I bought a nice one on sale last year at half price and it was still quite high but I will have it for many years to come. It doesn't get battered since I keep in on the inside. Another year I tried to hand stuff on the outside of my door (I live in a multiplex, not single dwelling) and someone tried to steal it the very first night. They were caught in the act, so I now keep it indoors.

  9. I used to walk the dog everyday through the cemetery and see quite a lot of wicker baskets in the caged bins there. The bins are supposed to be just for dead foliage so they often just get dumped at the side. They are type you see in garden centers, lined with plastic with pot plants in. The plant has died and the whole thing gets chucked! They always looked in pretty good condition, particularly in the summer, it seemed such a waste when they cost so much to buy. Debbie x


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