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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Saturday Scribblings

Reading the news this morning whilst drinking my coffee, I saw that Simon Cowell has become a dad for the first time. I'm not a fan of his, neither like or dislike him, but I suppose along with millions of others, I wondered what they are going to name the little fella. I thought it's bound to be something really odd and immediately felt sorry for the little mite being saddled with a crazy name. But no, when I read that they are calling it Eric, after his dad, I thought brilliant, fantastic choice. I laughed out loud, it really cheered me up. A good strong and solid name. Welcome Eric.

Something else made me smile this morning, while driving through the village to go to town. Mums with toddlers in push chairs are often seen around here. My friend up the road walks past every day with her small child, and Dexter the beagle pulling them along. Today was different, Dexter was out pulling daddy and the pushchair along, accompanied by another daddy also with a small child in a pushchair. It's nice to see the chaps doing their duty and giving the mum's a rest. Made me smile, one up for equality, YAY. I wonder if we are going to see Mr Cowell pushing little Eric about, ha ha.

I picked up a few items from Aldi, as a top up shop for this week. Walnuts, I need to eat more nuts. Broccoli, lettuce, button mushrooms, eggs, crispbread, chicken for Bugsy, and I had a 23p packet of rich tea biscuits as a treat. Junk I know but I haven't had any for months. After dropping a bag of stuff at the Hospice Shop, I had a look at the prices in the Asian shop. To buy 12 tins of chick peas would have saved me 50p compared to the 3 tins for £1 at Home Bargains. As I didn't fancy carrying them from one end of town to the other back to my car, I didn't bother. Instead I bought couscous, bulgur wheat, and garlic powder.

I haven't put any petrol in my car since the beginning of the year, so it's lasting well. The gauge has just dipped below the quarter full, so I'll need to get some soon. I paid the refund I received from British Gas, into the bank, and when I got home I found yet another final bill. How many flippin final's do I need? It says I have nothing to pay. Hallelujah, at last the account is closed.

Another nice surprise in the post this morning, a donation towards George's food. Thank you so much Liz, your kindness is much appreciated. I will be checking Sainsbury's web site for the special offers. George was very pleased to see me this morning. He is gaining more confidence as he gets to know me. Janet came round to see him while I was in town, and she reports that he was pleased to see her as well. He did show a little bit of aggression, but I think that was because he had a bad time with the dog he was living with. Now he knows that that threat is no longer there, he has relaxed a bit and let his guard down.

Right, things to do, must get on. Catch you tomorrow. Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip


  1. I love your observation and chitter chatter posts.

  2. they are calling it Eric, after his dad,

    Did I get the wrong end of the stick, or is Simon Cowells name really Eric?

    Glad George is doing well, can we have some more photos please :-)

    1. Sorry, should have said, 'after Simon's Dad'. Will get onto the photo's tomorrow.

    2. There's me thinking I had missed a revelation ha ha
      Actually I saw it on the front page of someones paper today. Eric Phillip, As you say, could have been worse!

  3. Hello there, I am very new to your blogs and I couldn't help but stop by and ask if you are the lady from the channel 4 show made a few years ago? I feel awful asking but I recognised you (I think) straight away! I have enjoyed reading your blog so far and taken a lot if tips from you.

    1. Hi Anon. Yes, you remember rightly, that was me. I was in 'Hunt for Britain's Tightest Person', and the first series of 'Superscrimpers'.

    2. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I thought you were wonderful on the show a real inspiration!

    3. Are those episodes available online? I would love to watch them.

    4. Hi. Superscrimpers are online.
      You need to scroll down, click on Series 1. I am on programes 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 Only short clips, sorry I can't guide you to the exact spots.

      There is a two minute video of me on Hunt For Britain's Tightest Person, on youtube.
      The whole programme is not available.

  4. I used to take the kids and the dog to the park at weekend sometimes when they were young. Pushing buggys in all sorts of weather and as they got older taking scooters and bikes. I must have ran a few miles when i was teaching the kids to ride their bikes. I'm glad i was younger and fitter then, i wouldn't fancy doing it now.
    I wonder weather Simon Cowell will be running round the park all afternoon teaching Eric how to ride a bike at his age.


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