Saturday, 26 April 2014

Forgotten something?

I started this post an hour ago, boy do I get distracted on this computer. I've been on yoootooob, and you know how it is, one thing leads to,another. Anyway, I'd better get on with this. What was it doing this morning, raining, and did I do the Parkrun, yes I did, in the rain, must be bloomin daft. There was a decent turnout, I thought people wouldn't be bothered, but they did, 250 or thereabouts. Sad to say though that I got a stitch, and didn't get a personal best, I finished on 38 minutes 12 seconds. Oh well never mind, at least I made the effort. 
I had an hour in town after, needed a few things from various shops. Aldidly are having an extension built and some of the car park has been dug up to lay new foundations. It was busy with shoppers and I sat in my car for a few minutes wondering if I could be bothered to go in. I hate it when it's busy, queue's at the checkouts and you get zapped through at breakneck speed, hardly have time to get your money out of your purse before she is thrusting the change into your hand. I needed a few food items so I had to go in, I haven't got much left. Fridge and freezer nearly empty, and only a few tins. Not enough to last until I go away. 
This afternoon was spent in the garden, it brightened up and was quite warm. Planted out more broad bean plants, and a few runner bean plants. Then I got a chair outside and sat and had a can of cider, and fell asleep. 
Guess what I had for my dinner tonight, yep, veg, this time with rice. I fancied rice today. 
Remember the three final gas and electric bills from British Gas, with  nothing to pay. Guess what, I have had another one, in the words of Victor Meldrew 'I DON'T BELIEVE IT'. This time they want a whole 32p from me. I really can't be bothered to go through the whole rigmarole of phoning them so I have gone for the easy option and paid it. There was a bit of confusion over the opening reading for the electricity, maybe that's what has caused it. The computer can't cope with common sense and spews out bills willy nilly.

I forgot to get a tub of spread for my bread, never mind. Last week I bought a pack of butter for a change. I never usually buy butter, but I fancied some. I won't be buying it again, it's very moorish and I soon got through it on toast and crackers. Not good to eat too much butter. In my case it comes under the same category as chocolate and crisps and fresh cream, and cakes and biscuits, I try not to buy any.

I usually forget something when I go shopping. Take a list I hear you say, no, I can't be bothered to make a list, because there is absolutely nothing that I can't live without. My shopping is made up of a few items I buy regularly so easy to remember those, and other things I might only buy once every few months, it's those that I forget sometimes. And if I forget something I can't have wanted it very badly, or I would have remembered.

I don't have to put spread on my bread, I can use something else. I have soft cheese that will do, or I can put some lemon curd on it. What I am saying is that if I have forgotten something it means I haven't spent any money on that item, and I will make do with whatever I already have. A cheap way of shopping for me, forget half of what I went for, ha ha.

I can't understand why people have to run to a local shop because they have forgotten something from the supermarket. Why not just manage without it and save money. Chances are you go for the one item and come out with half a dozen others that you didn't really need. Best to try and keep out of shops if you want to save money :o)) So next time if you have forgotten something just say stuff it, and try and remember it next time. Then you might forget something else, but that doesn't matter because you won't spend so much.
Toodle pip.


  1. Shows the increased popularity of Aldi because ours is also being extended. Yes they do whizz you through the checkouts but at least that means the queues go down faster. Ours should have 3 extra checkouts when its finished and although they're extending out into the car park they reckon they'll only lose one parking space.

  2. Our Aldidly is pretty good. If queues get long they open another till. I only buy a few things from there, but its near enough for me to walk so worth saving a few pounds. I definitely change the menu if I have forgotten something, there are always substitutions in the cupboard. It makes DH laugh when I make a meal then tell him what I have used in substitution, it reminds him of Baldrick in Blackadder goes fourth. Debbie.

  3. I think people sometimes just get into a habit of "run out and get it" when they find themselves out of something. I live quite a distance from the nearest shop, so it's not something I ever got in the habit of doing, thank goodness. If there's something in the cupboard, then I've got something to eat - that's my approach. If it "doesn't appeal to me" than I am not hungry. A few hours later, that same thing will seem very appetizing indeed.

  4. I agree with you about making do. We are in Australia and a neighbour drove 37 klms this week to buy ONE LETTUCE. Could not manage making a salad without one. 37 klms each way for one lettuce. I know friends who go to the little local shop for things like vanilla essence which costs nearly twice as much as supermarket because they could not make a cake without it. Mad.

  5. that food looks good!
    the lemon curd sounds good!

  6. If we run out of something, we make do with something else. My Dad was a chef, he said that when you think there is nothing in the cupboard...look again,there is always something to make a meal from.
    Jane x

  7. Our Aldi car park is always a nightmare. People just abandon their car and there's always someone having an argument. Hopefully it will be a little better when they finish building one on the other side of town.

  8. You'll never keep your money if you go shopping in a supermarket - that's what I say too. I don't like any supermarket at all - I merely use them to my advantage. I never pay full price for anything - always yellow stickers or very good offers. I never follow a recipe either - I just throw everything in - my "bung it in " recipes. Natalie

  9. I like our local Aldi. Their fruit and veg section is great. Good quality produce with great prices. I have this shop right on my doorstep, just 5 minutes walk away. I tend to do my main shopping there now and then top up from Tesco, another 5 mins walk away, if there are some items Aldi doesn`t have.

  10. Another post about not using the local shop. We make our living from people popping to our shop because they forget to buy it at the supermarket.
    We sell at RRP and work 55 hours a week, and we are well past retirement age.

  11. Danneke here, I often run out of things that were actually on the shopping list, Only thing wrong there is I often set out and leave the list on the table, I bet many do the same. I shop at Sainsbury as its the closet to me and Aldi is the other 2nd closest and I like Aldi for certain things. I did fancy a change last week and made a journey out of town to Morrisons, , I love their home baked granary bread. and its a treat now and then. This week is my Mother Hubbard week, I eat everything in the cupboards to use all the bits up and its surprising just how tasty some thrown together meals can be. I have a little local shed shop near me but one gets over charged there & I do not like getting ripped off by them., I will pay the going rate for everything but greed is not in my book.

  12. Had a laugh at your name for the german supermarkets.
    We call them Lidaldi.
    Wendy (Wales)

  13. I must just have a particularly awful Lidl near me! Stocked with biscuits, cakes, alcohol & loads of other unhealthy things - but not much turn over in fruit & veg; consequently all a bit wilted or dried out. I wonder if what they stock varies with the place they are sited?

  14. That's how Ceasar salad was invented. Not much in the pantry and people who needed to be fed.


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