Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 8. Kirkby Stephen to Culgaith

Nearly finished but not quite. My intention today was to get as close to Penrith as I could. I even wondered if I might make it all the way, but as the day went on I realized it was just too far. So tonight I am in Culgaith, with just eight miles left to do tomorrow. 
The decision point was at Appleby, should I press on, or should I ring on ahead and book a bed I found on the internet. I had marched all morning making good time, it was dry, and I was feeling great. I was ready for stopping at 6pm when I arrived at Shepherds Croft B & B. I'm glad I did, I have a lovely room, and to have the last night in a comfortable and warm place, with my feet up watching tele is a treat. 
I said goodbye to my hostel pals this morning, they are doing the official Coast to Coast walk, and are about halfway through it. I took a photo of the hostel as I was leaving. 
Close by is another church that has been converted for a different use. This one is an art gallery.

A few pics of Kirkby Stephen.

Then on to Appleby. There is a wide tree lined street with this monument at the top of the hill, and a similar one at the bottom.

Someone has put a lot of effort into the flower display at the front of their house. 


I love the different coloured stone of the church, and the flowers along the edges of the path.

This is the view of the back of the church taken from the other side of the river. 
My lovely bed for tonight.

Please excuse me if I don't write any more tonight. I have walked 20 miles today. I will be going straight to Penrith Station tomorrow to get a train back home. Goodnight. Catch you tomorrow.


  1. So happy for you Ilona- and proud of you too!
    Glad you have such a comfy bed for the last night!

  2. Hi Ilona

    I have really enjoyed your walks as usual. Such fun to 'walk' along with you :)

    Enjoy your last day


  3. Looks like you've had a wonderful trip. Just wanted to tell you I received your bag yesterday. It's beautiful and I appreciate your sending it this far. I'd send a picture but have never been able to on my computer. Need a new one. (Just read that over and meant I need a new computer.) I'm reading your remarks and looking at your pics every day. Thanks again, Ilona.
    Maggie USA

  4. Very proud of you Ilona, extremely well done.
    Nice that you can enjoy your evening with your feet up.
    Look forward to catching up tomorrow.
    Sleep tight.
    Pam in TX.xx

  5. You're an inspiration.

  6. Mary in Perth Australia9 May 2014 at 04:18

    Great job and so sensible to stop when you did. Tomorrow will be a breeze for you.
    I love the look of the church at Appleby, and the avenue of trees in the street photo. You have visited some lovely places.
    Sleep well in that cosy room.

  7. What a wonderful and hard journey you've had. Very impressed and inspired by you!

  8. Fantastic walking area...I used to live in Lazonby overlooking the River Eden. Just 2 minutes from the station on the Settle to Carlisle line. Have a great day...hope it's not too wet!

  9. Hi hun,
    *Thank you* so much for sharing your amazing walk with us :) Well done for finishing such a mamoth task - you have shown such determination (even when being soaked to the skin)!. Enjoy your train ride home - you deserve it. Take care, *hugs* sue :)

  10. Well done Ilona - you've done brilliantly, visited some beautiful places and found some fantastic accommodation. Makes me want to visit that area sometime - we've only driven past it before but never had time to stop. Safe journey home x

  11. Think your amazing, bet you will be glad to get home. happy for your comfy bed.

  12. you've had a beautiful walk but now a little rest please :) You've done a great job!

  13. Ilona what lovely pictures you have shown us this trip, Kirby Stephen was a happy memory for me as I used to do the vintage lorry run to there every year. The last B/B room looked so welcoming, &that looked a bed to snuggle into for sure. Have a safe journey home, Cats will no doubt give you a great welcome home.

  14. 20 miles is great going! And at least you had a dry(ish) finish?

  15. Well done Ilona, enjoy that comfy looking bed

  16. Welcome home dear Ilona. Well done.


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