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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bimbling around Birmingham

Happy Fathers day to all daddies. My nephew pictured below, is dad to the two little girls. Also in the photo is my sister on the left, and my late brothers wife. We all met up yesterday for a day out in Birmingham. It was a very long day for me, I left home at 7.15 am to drive to my sisters house, then we got a taxi to the station and finished the journey by train. After walking for miles, we got the train back, and before I left to drive home I met up with Louise. It was lovely to meet her, she dropped everything at short notice and picked me up at the station, and we went for a drink at a pub I used to frequent many years ago. The Sump on the side of the River Trent made a nice setting to sit in the sun and have a natter. I managed to get a quick visit in to Uncle and Aunt, before I set off for home, arriving 15 minutes before midnight. I was pretty shattered by then. 
Forty years ago I used to live in Birmingham, and I don't think I have been more than half a dozen times since. I don't remember much about it, but I did like the Bull Ring shopping centre. Now it is all different, updated and new.

Let's go in and have a look around.

Shopping is no longer in my system, I step inside one of these places and want to run away shouting 'get me out of here'. Saturday afternoon is not the best time to visit a big city, it was crowded and noisy, and I spent the day dodging shoppers who were wandering around in a daze. Oh boy, I am sounding like an old grouch.

S'funny but I don't like the inside of shopping centre's, but I do like the outside. Modern architecture fascinates me, especially when it is so innovative. I wonder about the creative mind that comes up with these ideas. 

A little bit of the old has been left here with this church. 
Looking down from the balcony next to it.

Waterstones bookstore is inside this beautiful old building. 
More views of the wide shopping streets. I much prefer wandering around the outdoor streets rather than be trapped inside a glass and steel modern structure, and herded around like cattle.

Birthday presents for the girls, and Daddy is reading the instructions on how to make the dolly sing. Eventually it was sussed, and an hour later daddy was trying to work out how to stop the dolly singing, ha ha.

There are more photo's so I have split them, I'll post some more tomorrow.

I'm having an easy day today, pottering, sewing, bimbling, reflecting, relaxing. I hope your day is enjoyable.
Toodle pip.


  1. Love your trip. Its ages since I've been in Birmingham. The centre is very architectural and I love the mix of old and new. Only horror is finding your way into the car park which still brings me out in a sweat remembering trying to find the entrance.

  2. My home city, it's not very often that I venture into the centre of Birmingham these days, too many rude people. Not sure if you already know but the Waterstones building used to be a bank many years ago, it is lovely inside with a marvellous staircase.
    Looks like you had a lovely day. Xx

  3. What a nice family outing, though I agree about the crowds and shopping malls...

  4. I always think that the Harvey Nicks building looks like a particularly sparkly evening handbag! x

  5. Love reading about your life. I live in Washington state in a small town that is very near larger cities. Your area looks beautiful, rural and green, with lots of history in the buildings. Here a house built in 1900 is considered to be very old.

  6. WOW! The Bullring HAS changed since I was last there!
    Jane x

  7. What an attractive family! Long day for you, but fun too.

  8. Looks like a nice family outing. I also hate busy shopping centres/malls. I've never been to Birmingham and at the moment foresee me ever going so thank you for sharing the pictures, it does look like an interesting place to visit. Your sister looks very much like you.

  9. Happy Father's day to everyone.

    I couldn't think of what to get my dad this year so rather than browse the Sears catalog I decided to write him a letter instead. In it I told him about what being his son has meant to me and why I can now understand how hard it was for him to be the great father he was in light of him not having a father himself when he was a boy.

    He almost cried as he read it.

  10. Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing your day with us!

  11. Glad you had a great day, be it a long one. If your this way again give me a shout. I bet the bull ring was manic! So nice to see your family having a great time.

    X x

  12. Such a lovely day in Birmingham with family.I had no idea that Birmingham had such amazing mix of old and new architecture.Your sharing photos and info is appreciated.Our historical buildings here in Canada are just infants compared to the ones over there.Have a good one, regards, Destemona.


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