Monday, 16 June 2014

Still bimbling around Birmingham

Hello, a few more photo's from my day in Birmingham. After lunch we had another walkabout. There seemed to be a carnival atmosphere in the air. A heavy downpour had sent people running for cover, but the sun was soon to break out again and we found ourselves in front of the Council House. Stalls had set up outside, mainly for entertaining children with a variety of games and arts and crafts for them to try out. There was live theatrical performances inside a marquee, comedy and entertainment for anyone who wanted to enter. 

This contraption is operated by squeezing the foot pump, which set the moving parts in motion, and played fairground music.

The fountain at the front of the building was not working.

The Council house was built between 1874 and 1879, and is used for all council meetings. If you want to know more details please look at the web site. On it you will find a link to a Virtual Tour of the inside of the building. Using the buttons you can view several rooms. If you want to go straight to the tour click here. Best seen on full screen. 
Here are a few of my photo's, I particularly liked the amazing ornate ceilings.

This is a banqueting room, it has been set up for visitors to take afternoon tea and cake today. 
This is the Council Chamber where all the meetings take place.

The ceiling in the Chamber is lovely.

This is the Glass Corridor. At the far end, above the door is a mirror giving the impression that it's a lot longer than it actually is.

This is the Lady Mayoress's room, note the pink chairs. There was a past lady Mayoress in attendance, she gave us a fascinating insight of the work she did during her year of official engagements. It sounded like she rarely got a day off, 1500 events to attend, and she loved every minute of it.

There was a craft fair on, so plenty to look at. The fudge stall proved too much of a temptation to the little ones, and they each got to choose which flavours they liked best. 
We walked a little further and came across more free entertainment. An open air slapstick comedy show was taking place, the performers were clowning about. 
I'm going to have to leave the rest for tomorrow, I didn't realise I took so many. So if you want to continue my virtual tour of Birmingham, drop in tomorrow.

Today it is dry and a bit breezy. I've been to the Craft Club, made some more shopping bags, and now I'm going to do an hour in the garden. Toodle pip, see you soon.


  1. They don't make them like that anymore.........I'm sounding more like my Nan every day lol. Beautiful and what workmanship x

  2. The only place in this country (USA) that I have seen such old buildings is in New Haven, Connecticut. I was in awe of the magisty and beautiy of the workmanship. You are fortunate to have so much beauty around you. It's good to see you enjoy it.

  3. What a gem the inside of that building was. Natalie

  4. Birmingham has more going for it than people think.
    Jane x

  5. Birmingham's ace but then I'm biased! Good to see the floozy in the jacuzzi! xxx