Saturday, 2 August 2014

Surprise yourself with a made up recipe

How do you use up a glut of courgettes, apart from giving them away to the neighbours. I am just about keeping up with them, it's amazing how many six plants will produce. I am eating them every day, freezing a few in soups, and handing them out willynilly to anyone who wants them. The fridge is bare apart from a piece of brie cheese and some soft cheese, and of course courgettes. The good thing about growing veg is that I don't have to go shopping so often, I haven't been at all this week and made do with what I have. 
Yesterday was pasta with grated cheese on top. Today is a make it up meal. In a mixing bowl I have broad beans and runner beans from the garden, chopped up finely with a gizmo. Two grated carrots from a bag I got at Tesco over a week ago. One large courgette grated, and two medium size potatoes grated. A handful of  mixed nuts which I buy ready chopped. Throw in some garlic powder and black pepper. 
Mix it all together. Break two eggs into a small bowl and beat them, add them to the mix.

Then form into balls and flatten them. Put them under the grill on a low heat so they cook through. This is about half the mix.

Grill on both sides. These are tasty, they are a bit crunchy because the beans are still a little bit raw, and of course the nuts are crunchy. I didn't bother adding anything to the plate, these are enough. 
The other half of the mix I was going to save till tomorrow, but as I might be going out, weather permitting, I won't be here for lunch. So I decided to cook the mix in a pan first on the hob, then divide it up, and put it under the grill. The texture was not quite so crunchy. I have eaten two out of this batch, they go down lovely with a can of cider, and the three are in the fridge to take with me to eat cold for lunch.

I like playing with cookery, trying different home made recipes. I can never remember how I make some of the meals, I don't bother to write things down. I like surprises so use up whatever I have to hand. Thanks for calling in, I hope you have a nice Sunday. If it is not raining I will go out. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi Ilona. Those looks absolutely delicious. I've asked hubby to (finally) finish making my first garden bed (out of six) for my birthday. I can't wait to plant all our favourite veg in it!

    Also wanted to share a link with you, that I came across just now. It reminds me of what you're working on at the moment.

    I don't work for them in any way, just to clarify. I love mixed media and am simply a subscriber to emails. Anyway, thought you might enjoy the article.

    - Cynthia from Oz :)

  2. That's my kind of cooking, they look scrumptious.

  3. These look really tasty - and so simple. My Dave cooks like you - chuck it all in a pan, add herbs and spices and end up with some tasty concoction. I'm not good with food, I'm lazy and stick to what I know so I rarely experiment but you've inspired me with these as they sound great!

  4. This looks delicious! Did you grate the veg by hand? I find that a bit of a chore and always cut my hands.

    1. Yes, grated by hand. I have a food processor but don't use it very often because I can't be bothered to wash it.

  5. Burgers look tasty. Might have ago at something similar

  6. They do look delicious! People often forget that every recipe was 'made up' by someone. Some of our favourite dinners were things that originally happened when the 'proper' ingredients were not to hand. I do now tend to write down what I've thrown in, just in case one is a 5 star recipe. Then I find little lists on the back of envelopes and wonder what they were - like a squirrel hoarding nuts!

  7. Yum your made up recipe looks so delicious ! That's the way I like to cook too just using up whatever there is in the fridge and pantry. I am so looking forward to Spring - we now have a screened verandah where I plan to grow some summer vegies in pots and they will be safe from marauding kangaroos, feral foxes, rabbits, pigs and even our cows !
    AussieCheryl : )

  8. My friend had a recipe for jam made with zucchini and jello. And it did taste just like the flavor of jello you used. Peach, strawberry, etc. I have that recipe somewhere, should find it. With so many courgettes, can't have too many recipes. She also boiled up her zucchini till it was soft and used it in her meatloaf instead of milk or stock.

  9. That sound really tasty! I like how you just make recipes up and then also forget them. Nothing wrong with that. I keeps things interesting!
    A friend gave me some giant zucchinis. I do not like them well enough to figure out what to make with them so I have to admit the pigs really enjoyed them. I AM going to make a Mexican recipe called "calabacitas." with the smaller ones. It's really simple, too.
    Chop the zucchini into small cubes, add same amount of sweet corn cut off the cob or from a frozen packet, some jalapeno or other chili,
    one chopped red sweet pepper. Saute all in some butter until tender, add salt and pepper and eat hot or cold.

  10. I shall add this to my courgette recipe list. My courgette today was sliced up with onions, peppers, corn and cooked with tinned toms, garlic and spices. There's enough for tomorrow and if I get fed up it will be whizzed into soup.
    Love from Mum

  11. This looks delicious and healthy too. We have a vegetable garden and especially like using our 3 basil plants, one each of Italian, Greek and Lime basil.


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