Sunday, 24 August 2014

We have a winner

Hiya peeps, The broadband is acting up tonight, everything is running soooper
s-l-o-w. I've been busy sorting stuff out for tomorrow, the car is packed to the roof with stuff, we've got far too much chuffin STUFF. I've only booked a 6 foot pitch and that was £21, no reduction for charities. It's an early start so I've made my sandwiches, boiled two eggs, and made a diluted fruit juice drink tonight. I am not looking forward to unloading that car, where are we going to put all that STUFF. I hope we sell it all, don't want to bring any STUFF back.

Whilst sorting stuff out I decided we had no room in the car for an office chair, it was recovered from the house clearance skip if you remember. I don't want it here cluttering the place up so I put it outside on the pavement with a note on it, Free to good home. When I looked half an hour later it had gone. Glad someone can make use of it. I can't be bothered to do Freegle, would rather pass large things on locally. I've seen a few people put 'free to take' things at the front of their house.

Anyway, it's just a quickie tonight. I have a winner for the wonky bag. There were 30 names, I wrote them down on a big piece of paper then cut them up into small pieces. Turned them over, shuffled them up, and picked one out. Sorry to those who weren't lucky, the winner is.......


Please send me your postal address, either in an email, or in a comment, which I obviously won't publish. Well done. 
Thanks for popping in, I'm off to bed now. Goodnight


  1. Hope all goes well tomorrow, fingers crossed for good weather for you. Debbie

  2. Night night Ilona. Have a good day tomorrow. We put things out for people to take too.A small bookcase, folding garden chair and other things too. If its decent stuff someone will want it. I got a nice clock and some placemats that a near neighbour put out on the gatepost.

  3. Thinking of you tomorrow, hope you sell everything and that it is a sunny day.
    I am surprised at the price of a pitch, it used to be $5 or $10, ( Make that a Pound sign, I do not have one on my keyboard).
    You have to sell a fair amount to make it worthwhile and break even.
    Good luck.
    Pam in TX.xx

  4. Good luck for today and well done foreveryoung

  5. Well done Foreveryoung enjoy your llona bag.
    I wish we could put stuff outside of here for peeps to pick up. Yobs would either trash it or the council would consider it fly tipping.
    It's a great idea tho I cant get to the local tip as I don't drive so we are charged by the council at lot to take each item away. They sometimes have an amnesty day where you list your items for free takeaway I am in freecycle but I really don't like strangers coming to my door the British heart foundation will pick up stuff though.
    I got a great freebie this weekend. My friend was telling me about a gadget she she got to 'julienne' her vegetables. Unfortunately her hubby ran it along his thumb ouch! So it was flung I said well I will take it so after sterilising it from the accident I stuck a fork in one end of a carrot to save fingers and it worked a treat. It's a good grips make so not flimsy shaped a bit like a y shaped potato peeler. It's very sharp so cation needed. You get thin strips of veg like courgettes carrots ect. Ready to steam or eat raw I love it

  6. It feels good to get rid of stuff! You could always ;eave the left overs on your car and take it directly to a charity shop tomorrow.

  7. Well done forever young! I think free to a good home is great idea, nobody does it around here. Not even the people with fruit trees in the garden, where they have so much fruit that their garden is covered in it and it's just lying there rotting. But they still won't share it with those that might want it. Good luck with the stall today Ilona,xxxx

  8. Isn`t it amazing how quick things will be snapped up once placed out for anyone to pick? We were doing the same with a perfectly good wicker table and two matching chairs last year as we had bought a two seater sofa and two armchairs from a charity shop. My unwanted items also went within minutes. A nice lady from around the next road corner came with her two daughters and they took it away with them. It makes me glad if I could help someone living locally. They were chuffed to bits about the table and chairs as they needed it for their kitchen, so that the girls could sit properly at a table to eat their meals. Stories like that warm your heart.

  9. Hope you sell everything!


  10. Hi Ilona. Thank you for picking my name out of your 'hat'. I am chuffed to be the winner. Hope your sale went well and you didn't get rained off. It is pelting down here today. So its computering or sewing today. Will email you my details. Ann x

  11. We call it curbside recycling here and anything we have put out has disappeared quickly. That included partially used, but still good, cans of paint. I happened to be outside and a professional housepainter stopped and asked if he could have them. He said he often needs to mix just a small amount to touch up existing paint and could use it.

    Hope you sell everything and have an enjoyable day doing it.


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